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Wear Pants And Earrings

My dad is a paster and I'm not allowed to wear pants or earrings and in April I will be 14 and my parent's said that if I didn't find anything in the bible that says I can't wear pants and get my ears done then I can. Please help with scriptures.

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 ---delisha on 2/25/07
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For now it is best if you are obedient to your parents. Women are not to wear mens clothes. It's true however that there are PANTS that are made for women, and for those that wish to argue that pants were made for men to begin with ask them what men wore in Jesus' day. The thing is, men are not to dress as women and women are not to dress like men. The earing issue is entirely another subject. Bottom line here is Honor thy father and thy mother. Don't let the TRADITIONS of others close your heart to God. When you are older and on your own then you can follow God's lead and not man's traditions.
---evangelistjerry on 5/27/09

Mary the writer of OLGA'S dream was a russian and had russian ideas. up to today a prostitute in russian is recognised by wearing western dresses stretch Jeans, and skintight dresses that leave no imagination, usually deeply centered. so to emphasise the typical woman parts. it is normal that Olga saw that as a dream since it is that which is prostitution. nothing to do with wearing a decent womensuit or a nice ensemble with panta.
---Andy on 5/25/09

Tonia, the bible does NOT forbid women to wear earings, and evenb noserings where in Isaak's days a sign of marriage. women are marked in the bible xwearing juwelry and even God dressed his bride up in the parable of oholia anfd her sister.

The bible likewise does not forbid women to wear pants.
The bible does say that you should obey your parrents AND that one should do nothing to offend his fellow believer. and i rather give this advice Love and submit to your parrents decision in such matters and God will bless and honour you for it. PS Tonia,
---Andy on 5/25/09

your parents are very correct, it is biblical , book of deut. says women should not wear what belong women. the bible say they use open of ears for slaves ,if u are interesting write my email.i am a youth pastor, i gave my life to christ when i was 15years old.
---tONIA on 5/19/09

Funny thing. I had a dream myself. I had gone to Heaven myself and was having a wonderful time singing (tho I never sang well on earth) and praising the Lord. I met old friends, family members and a few folks I had shared the Gospel with on earth.

Though I'm fairly crippled with arthritis now, in the dream.. I was running and skipping like a child.

After a while, I happened to look back the way I had come and saw a bunch of women and girls huddled together in a bunch. Up to then I hadn't noticed what anybody was wearing, but they were all in identical dresses. I asked someone if they were in Heaven,too. Oh, Yes, came the reply, but they are so concerned about their clothes, they don't know it yet.
---Donna66 on 5/3/09

Personally, I think the writer of "Olga's Visit To Hell" needs something more to do with his/her time.
---Mary on 5/3/09

I found a story called "Olgas Visit to Hell" on the Internet. Apparently, a 19 year old Russian girl went to hell in the 90's. Satan accused her of wearing that which pertains to a man and she could not stand in front of Jesus and felt unholy wearing pants. Also, she saw many Christians on the broad road grabbing things from Satan ie., makeup, Jewelry etc., almost on top of each other to grab it. She thought it was a joke when she was told pants are wrong an never believed it, because church told her it was ok, and the girl in the choir sung in pants therefore, it must be ok...she said it was lies..
---Anonymous on 5/3/09

Ok, it says nowhere that you cannot wear pants.
Dueteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
It doesn't say jack about pants. It says don't cross dress. Believe me, it is possible to be saved in the holy spirit and not have to be confined to skirts all the time, regardless of what some old-testament fanatics will have you think.
---Tony on 3/29/09


If I had christian parents that cared enough to love and care for me and at least trying to do the best for me The last thing I'd be doing is looking up scriptures to dishonor them.

I had unsaved parents who did their best to encourage me and I did everything through the world to dishonor them, wore not one but two sets of earrings, wore the shortest skirts,make up, gold, went to parties, attracted the wrong attention pregnant at 19 raped at 26.

I wished I'd listened to my Parents ALL THE WAY.

Got saved at 26 married At 34 but the scars never leave.

liSten To yOur ParenTs!

no on else knows best.
---Carla3939 on 1/9/09

I stumbled onto your blog by accident, but felt the need to reply. I was seventeen when I became a Christian and I faced those two questions breifly after. Then, one night some members of my church came to Sonic when I was working and I found myself trying to hide and couldn't understand why. Then God spoke to me and said look at your self you are wearing your Sonic hat and Sonic pants because you are representing Sonic, now represent me in holiness. I wear skirts to glorify God. It is a small sacrifice compared to what he has done for me. Glorify God in all things and he will bless you in it. Go to God in prayer and he will lead you to make the right decision.
---Marie on 1/8/09

Late but wanted to post. Continue to obey your parents in this area until you are 18 and on your on. I don't know if your parents considered the scripture in the text that it was written, the Canninates practice in the bible to hide their gender by cross-dressing. That is why it was told not to wear those things pretaining to men.
We as christians are to dress modestly. God looks at our heart.
---Evelyn on 12/4/08

Gen.35:1-7, Deut.22:5 both talk about God said don't wear them you can't argue with the word because it's settled in heaven. I know it's in the old testament but you know what Jesus said to the Devil (Matt.4:4) and thats we have to do no matter what. If he said it back THEN he means it NOW. Rememeber this Romans12:1 sure he looks at the heart but God dose't half do a job he cleanse you inside and OUT. God don't change.
---F.G.H.T. on 10/25/08

There shouldn't be any problem with wearing pants, provided that they are feminine, conservatively cut (no belly-buttons or rear cleavage, and not tight), and kept clean and tidy.

You might have to wear a top that goes past your buttocks with them, but that should be a reasonable compromise.

As for earrings, there are always clips, magnetic, and screw-back styles, if your parents won't let you get your ears pierced. They're harder to find than pierced ones, but you can buy adapters too.
---Nancy on 11/28/07

Delisha: Do as your parents ask you to. You are only 13.Hardly and adult. When you turn 18 you can move out and have more freedom. I grew up in a strict household. That is what I did. My father was a pastor also. It is not easy being a pastor's kid. I do understand. But that is the best thing for you to do,right now. Be obedient to your parents and God will bless you for it. You don't have but a few more years before you will be on your own. Don't resent your parents,either. Love you.
---Robyn on 9/20/07

Dearest in Christ...I am grateful for His Spirit in you which prompted you to want to 'search His Word,' for the truth.I've asked myself a couple of things I doing this unto the glory of God (as we do ALL AS unto Him) OR unto the glory of man? BY doing this, will I be tempted with even more vanity or ungodliness or perhaps become more occupied with outer appearance?
---Ledia_Elraheb on 9/19/07

Dearest in Christ...I am grateful for His Spirit in you which prompted you to want to 'search His Word,' for the truth.I've asked myself a couple of things I doing this unto the glory of God (as we do ALL AS unto Him) OR unto the glory of man? BY doing this, will I be tempted with even more vanity or ungodliness or perhaps become more occupied with outer appearance?
---Ledia_Elraheb on 9/19/07

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"the little gap ..... "
Talk about obsession!!!
---alan_of_UK on 4/22/07

Why do you want to wear earings? To glorify yourself or to glorify God. It's true that God looks at the heart instead of what you wear. But what is your heart saying when you first disobey your parents and second your heart is saying I want to look good - adorning yourself with earings to make yourself more pleasing in the sight of man.
---Steveng on 4/21/07

Jenny: "These things are just minerals and a waste of the money God gives us." So was Judas right after all when he whinged at the perfume a woman poured over Jesus, because that could have been sold and the money given to the poor?
---Ktisophilos on 4/21/07

I think the reasoning is legalistic nonsense, but while you're under your parents' roof you should obey them.

It should be OK to point out *with respect* that their application of Deuteronomy 22:5 is faulty logic. That's my next post :)
---Ktisophilos on 4/20/07

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The passage is Deut. 22:5. Deuteronomy is written as a suzerain-vassal treaty between God (suzerain/ruler) and Israel (vassal/ruled). It was not written for the US.

But suppose that it does apply today -- then vv. 11-12 of the same chapter must also apply.

So I hope that those who apply v to forbid wearing pants had better not be wearing cotton-polyester clothes, because that violates v. 11 against mixed fabrics. And they had better wear tassels on their garments, as v. 12 commands.
---Ktisophilos on 4/20/07

Finally, women's pants are NOT male clothing! A real man wouldn't be seen dead in women's pants; they are cut differently. So Dt. 22:5 can't be used to prohibit women from wearing *women's* pants!

When that was written, both men and women wore robes. The difference was that women had multi-colored robes and men had single-colored robes.
---Ktisophilos on 4/20/07

That is so sad. When my mom was little she could only wear dresses to church, and because she was overweight she could get a rash between her legs from them rubbing together, and even vaseline did not help. She would also get heat blisters.
---amand6348 on 4/20/07

Acheong your absolutely right. Trousers were worn right from the days of Christ and b4. Everyone were wearing the same clothing of caftans with trousers underneath..Why do we waste our time looking at how others dressed instead of concentrating on getting right with God and helping others to come to God?
---jana on 4/15/07

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I have to correct myself .. i found a couple other verses with the word pant(s) in it .. but all in the same meaning of the word (physical act of panting). I still wanted to correct myself. Job 5:5, Psalms 119:131, Isaiah 42:14, Jeremiah 14:6, and Joel 1:20 I'm sure there are more or less depending on the translations and versions. anyway.. yes.. my main point was stated earlier.
---craig on 4/14/07

If your dad is a muslim pastor.. and you're talking about the Quran then.. yeah theres tons of that.. Girls aren't allowed to wear pants stuff. The only verse in the bible with the word pants in it!!
Psalms 42:1 (The NIV Study Bible)
"As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God."
There you have it!
---Craig on 4/6/07

Lighten up people, she's 14!
There are a lot of opinions on this. These are reasons why Christianity is so divided, it's over stupid stuff. Now, this pants/earrings issue. Search the bible for yourself.. you will learn a lot. (Use the back!) But, he is your dad and you should listen to him. I know where that one is. Exodus 20:12 "Honor your father and mother,.."

But, I suspect that if you were honest, showed him what you learned while searching, and made your case... he might allow it.
---Craig on 4/6/07

Dear Delisha, ask God yourself and He will answer you by making your heart sure. I struggled with these same questions and some verses, common sense and Holy Spirit helped me with my decisions.About Jewelery,what do you like about it?Why do you want to wear it?After all, you will be walking on streets of Gold in Heaven and diamonds and gems will be used as materials for building our houses!
---jenny on 4/6/07

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These things are just minerals and a waste of the money God gives us.We are to adorn our characters and spend our time getting to know God and helping others.Jesus is our example in every way.Would He wear it or even want to?
---jenny on 4/6/07

When your focus and love is God,thing's like jewelery don't matter anymore.I would rather give that money to someone who needs more.Jacob asked his family to take off all the strange god's that were in their hands and on their ears.He buried them under an oak by Shechem.They were on their way to Canaan,they were purifying themselves.This example is given to remind us that we are to purify our hearts as we are on our way to the Heavenly Canaan.We can only do this with Jesus as the pilot of our lives.
---jenny on 4/6/07

What do you think about the 7th commandment?This commandment about adultery forbids not only acts of impurity, but sensual thoughts and desires,or any practice that tends to excite them.I personally don't want to make it harder for the guys than it already is.And it would mean that I play a part in breaking that commandment.
---jenny on 4/6/07

Part 2:About the pants.The fact is that pants reveal the entire form of the bottom and the little gap between the legs and bottom. This part is one of the most arousing parts of the body for men.The whole pant and jewelery thing may seem extreme to some. But I see God as caring about all aspects of our lives for our own good.Pray always and do your own scripture studies. God bless
---jenny on 4/6/07

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My parents are strong Christians and they let me wear pants, so long as they're not tight. And in the Bible, Rebecca got a nose ring as an engagment gift. So, I'd say earrings are a-okay. And even if you can't wear jeans, ask your parents to let you wear khakis or sporting pants. I mean, it's not like you can always be wearing a skirt! Most women today wear pants - at Christian colleges, youth activities, school, sports, etc. We're not in the 17th century anymore!
---Keri on 3/25/07

The one record on pants is Exodus 28:40-43 when God commanded Aaron & sons to wear 'pants' as says women should not wear men's clothing (a cloth here is a covering). God was telling women to be women and not the heads of households.Long Trousers existed from 18th century and man not God decided that they were men's clothing.Why would God give the gift of design if He didn't want us to wear pants?God does not want us to cause others to stumble so we must wear decent pants.
---Achieng on 3/23/07

How about reconsider going to that church.
---catherine on 3/23/07

Paul says that if a women prays w/ her head uncovered its a disgrace, and if a dude has long hair its a disgrace, and if we pray w/ our head covered than its a actually person who wrote this blog you could find crazy laws like this and see if your parents honor these laws, if not ask them why???(make sure you have good attitude)
---mark on 3/22/07

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Quote: "Many, if not most, of today's churches are changing decades of telling the truth to twisting the truth to accomdate or appease the sinful people of today"

An interesting perspective. In fact, we should analyze traditions in light of scripture. If they don't check out, reconsider following them.
---JohnE on 3/22/07

Part 2:
The New Covenant (Testament) doesnt deal with it unless you try to use the greek word that Paul used for apparel: katastole a common garment or robe worn at his time. (1 Tim. 2:9).
That would be a real stretch.
---JohnE on 3/21/07

Scripture does instruct us to obey our parents but that wasnt the question.
The task at hand is to determine whether or not wearing pants is scriptural:
There are no scriptures that say that you can wear pants.
There are no scriptures that say that you cant either.
The one old testament reference often used is Deut. 22:5
Unless you an observing Jew it doesnt apply. (along with over 600 other old covenant laws)
---JohnE on 3/21/07

I have to say this and sorry to those who wont like it. This is a generation of undisciplined children. They answer back, disrespectful of their parents, greedy and know it all...all too often, they want their own ways yet when trouble faces them, they blame mom n dad. Training begins right at birth. I have 4sons, none of them ever cheek back and they are allowed to speak their mind in a respectful way.Are well behaved, loving adults. Girl, listen 2your papa
---jana on 3/18/07

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Mary: I don't know you personally, but if you say is true, you will be a handful that will rise during the first resurrection for it is written that blessed are the people who rise during the first resurrction.
---Steveng on 3/17/07

FYI, the Hebrew word for man in Deut. 22:5 is "geber".
There are many hebrew words that translate into english as "man".
geber means warrior or a strong man.
Of course, the point is moot because we as Christians are not held to Jewish law.
That's all for now.....
---John on 3/16/07

"Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right" Col. Have a talk with your parents, ask them the principles behind the rule, do it respecfully.
as you get older study the scripture and let God help you develope your own convictions, and when you become an adult live by them. It's hard being a teen sometimes.
---Jim on 3/16/07

Steveng, you said I likely wouldn't follow Jesus if He were on earth today; actually I would be drawn to Him because He did not just go with the status quo--He dared to confront the legalists of His day! Love was His motive and I want love to be mine too.
---Mary on 3/15/07

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Kimbe: "...the bible is taken too literal..." It's not that, Christians don't know how to understand it. Most Christians adults today are just too knowledgeable to interpret the Bible the way God intended. They depend on concordances, novels, movies, and other Christian reference books to understand the Scriptures. Besides, it's better to take it more literal than symbolic (except for metaphors/parables). Symbolic interpretation only divides the church because of the many interpretations.
---Steveng on 3/15/07

Mrs._Hammer: "My church is in a crisis..." Unfortunately, yours isn't the only one. Many, if not most, of today's churches are changing decades of telling the truth to twisting the truth to accomdate or appease the sinful people of today. You are now witnessing the dawn of the great falling away as written in Scripture.
---Steveng on 3/15/07

My church is in a crisis because after 20 some odd years, our pastor announced to the church that there are no definitive scriptures in the Bible that states that a women should not wear pants, jewelry, and make-up. A lot of our members are talking about voting our Pastor out! God wants modesty in whatever you wear (pants, dresses, skirts).The line is crossed when you're not modest.
---Mrs._Hammer on 3/15/07

I came from a church like that dear. I disagree with their tradition, however,the Bible says, that children have to honor their father and mother so that they can live long in the land. So my advise is to hang in there and do not offend them and when you are old enough to get on your own then do it and go to another church that is a little less strict.
---Yolanda on 3/15/07

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I suggest that you talk with your dad and ask why you cannot wear pants or earrings. I think the bible is taken too literal at times with the attitude if it is not stated in the bible or in the bible then it's law. I would see if you could comprise maybe pants now earrings at some later point.
---kymbe8334 on 3/15/07

tell your father love is bigger than empty deeds. we are free to do everything and we can do anything. it is our freedom to choose what is best for us. the question is : is it wrong? if not and it is not wrong , then why not?
---Kasia on 3/15/07

In Delisha's second sentence she refers to her 'parents'. It would seem that they are equally against this unless she can 'prove them wrong'. Although I see no wrong in what she wishes to do I believe she should wait until she is older and, as a 13 year old, respect the wishes of her parents. If encouraged to defy them in this she may do so in other matters also.
---m.p.a. on 3/15/07

Why do you want to wear earings? To glorify you or to glorify God. Men wearing earings in the OT is a sign of a slave. Women adorn themselves to attract men. Godly women worn them in moderation (on the ears only that's why ear-ings as opposed to body piercings). As for dress, the 'robes' worn in Jesus' time by everyone were worn differently to distingguish between men and women. Men worn them tightly around their bodies using a 'belt,' and women loosly without a 'belt.'
---Steveng on 3/14/07

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Mary: "I agree she still has to respect her dad, but he is a fanatic;..." If Jesus was on Earth today, no doubt you would not follow him, you would call him a fanatic. Jesus is very strict. Concerning the law, he says even if you think about sinning, it's a sin.
---Steveng on 3/14/07

Does your mother wear pants or/and earrings? If she does you could make a point about that. Also, what people wore in the old times is different than today. Your father sounds like a stick in the mud and that he is a bit obessed with power over women. You may have to wait until your 18 if nothing else.
---Kyoko on 3/14/07

I say let her be a teenager within reason. Now don't make me angry.
---catherine on 3/3/07

When we moved to a new town a few years ago to start a church, it seemed as if everyone in that town thought the world of the man who built the church building while he was the pastor. We met his daughter who had a whole different story to tell about him. He had been a legalistic, overbearing father. It affected her greatly!
---Susie on 3/3/07

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If you live by the Law you will Die by the Law, the letter killeth, but the Spirit gives life, the word of God delivered by letter alone always kills and takes away. But the the words of Jesus the rhema words of life the words of the Spirit, they set the captives free, open blind eyes,they break the Law of Sin and death by the precious blood that was Shed so we can have life more abundant and be saved to the uttermost. live in the Spirit and you will be free.
---exzucuh on 3/3/07

Jesus wore a long robe (dress), not pants. True, the priests wore breeches (pants) but they wore tunics (short dresses) over them.
Our pants today are not cut out for men's bodies but are cut for women's bodies. Men couldn't wear the cloth cut out for us. Lovingly suggest your dad read a book called Wisdom Hunter by Arthur. It has changed many lives in this regard. I used to own a Christian Bookstore and I can vouch for the lives changed by the content of this book which addresses this very subject.
---Marlene on 3/3/07

Christ went through the same thing when He was in the temple at 14, He knew what He wanted to do, but out of respect for His earthly parents and also obedience to our Father, He listened to His parents and went with them, honor your parents so that you can be blessed, but also ask The Lord for His fashion statements and He will give you the truth, He wore an armani equal suit, He can help
---Stephen on 3/3/07

Good one, Caring! :) I agree she still has to respect her dad, but he is a fanatic; I feel so sorry for girls that grow up with men like that--ugh!
---Mary on 3/3/07

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Amen, Ms Morgan, God looks at the heart, not the outside. Be bless.
---winna on 3/3/07

Does your Dad drive a car? Ask him to give you chapter and verse where God allowed us to drive a car?

And you probably have a fridge, stove, vacuum, etc. They are not biblical, so???

Pants and earing are in the same category as above. Sorry, but your Dad is a fanatic.
---Caring on 3/2/07

The Galatians were told receiving faith by the Spirit they would not be perfected and those who desired to be under the law desired the curse of the law. We are priests and kings unto our God and priests wore breeches. (pants)
Still, honour thy father and mother and don't seek an occasion to be like the world which has no part in God. We are part of a spiritual kingdom and it is more important to please Jesus.
---Frank on 3/1/07

There is nothing in the Bible that says that you cannot wear women's pants. You cannot wear men's clothing as to appear a man. That's where the sin is. The verses that deal with jewelry say you should spend more time working on the person on the inside instead of the outside. Listen to your parents as it will be good practice for when you are grown and have a boss that you have to listen to. Your parents know much more at this time in your life.
---Susie on 3/1/07

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Aside from what scripture says, Your dad doesn't want you too. I would just look at it from that point. Its not that he is hammering down laws, he loves you and maybe its hard for him to let go of you as you grow up. If you don't do these things because you love him, you will never regret it. Dad won't be around forever. you'll have plenty of time to do what you want later.
---buttons on 2/27/07

How a person dresses is more cultural than biblical. Even if you find a reference in the Bible concerning dress, it's more general than specific. My rule of thumb when our daughters were young was, "be attractive but not an attraction."
---wivv on 2/27/07

"...I wore blue jeans and earrings to church today", Amen. It's NOT the suit that makes the man/woman holy, but rather the sanctifying Word of the Living God(John 17:17). Churches should focus more on getting the saving gospel message of Christ out, not on empty doctrines of men. Paul said this, "Preach the WORD..." (2 Timothy 4:2). All long as a person isn't dressing lasciviously or to impress others(show off),they are "okay". God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/27/07

*Correction , ...As long as a person isn't dressing lasciviously or to impress others(show off),they are "okay". God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/27/07

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Hi Delisha & welcome! A lot of people here aren't going to feel comfortable speaking against your parent's beliefs in rearing you, despite our personal opinions on the topic. Because it sounds like your parents seek to rear you by biblical standards, the best advice anyone can give you is to trust them, pray for them and to appreciate their concern for you...even when you disagree. When you're older, you just may appreciate the boundaries they set for you.
---AlwaysOn on 2/27/07

Bruce: The men knew their clothing and so didn't the women. Just like today, mens clothes are different than man's clothing. (but now-a-days it is hard to tell the sexes apart) Mens clothing back then was in different coloring and different material than the women's clothing. That is how they could tell them apart. I got all my information from my bible collection cd with their resources/references.
---Rebecca_D on 2/27/07

"both mens and womens clothing were marked so they could distingish them apart. "

Could you point us to even one source that demonstates that staement to be true?
---BRUCE5656 on 2/26/07

First off, how many OT laws do your parents follow? I'll bet they pick and choose which ones they do.

There is a verse that forbids women to wear "what pertains to a man", but women's pants are clearly meant for women.

Next, remember that Rebecca was given a pair of earrings (though some translations say "nosering") as an engagement gift.

OTOH, until you are an adult, however, you should obey your parents.
---Jack on 2/26/07

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I would not want holes putting into my earlobes but I have plenty of clip-on earrings. As for trousers, there is nothing scriptural against them just as long as they are made for a lady's figure. However, as you are so young I think you should consider your parents here and be prepared to wait until they either change their minds or you are old enough to be considered an adult and make your own decisions. I'm sure that when that time comes they will respect your wishes as you have respected theirs.
---m.p.a. on 2/26/07

hi! do you mean they never told you why they think you shouldnt wear them? anyway here are some of the scripture that i was told about considering pants they focus on Deut 22v5 and with reference to earrings they consider the verse in Gen 35V1 downwards. i hope i have answered you question GOD Bless u.
---sebaga on 2/26/07

People wore earrings in their ears and nose in the OT. About pants. Alot of people us the verse in Deu 22:5. This verse means that women couldn't wear mens ornaments and head-dresses. Both wore and under garment or tunic which was bound by a girdle. this does not mean pants. Because same now as was then, both mens and womens clothing were marked so they could distingish them apart. There is nothing in the bible that says you can't wear earrings or pants.
---Rebecca_D on 2/26/07

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