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Is Narcissism A Demon

Does a person with narcissism need a deliverance from demon spirits, or is this a medical deficiancy?

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 ---Cynthia_1 on 2/26/07
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It may be classed as illness, but so is alcoholism. Scripture has a category called pharmakeia, which posits a portal for spirits, under certain circumstances. I think of narcissism in this way when I am dealing with it.
---todd_mahaffey on 5/26/19

Demons use our natural psychology to dupe and distort us. So somebody exhibiting narcissistic behaviours may be disordered, or may be being disordered by demonic forces. So I suggest that narcissists MAY need deliverance. However any deliverance ministry should be preceded by an in-depth examination by a Christian psychologist. I used to exhibit signs of co-dependence and found out eventually, after many secular psychologists could not help, that this was due to demonic control. A Christian psychologist finally figured this out. Some people with narcissistic symptoms may need deliverance, but it is complicated and definitely not a job for the amateur, or even for a pastor who is not specially trained and qualified.
---Alistair on 2/14/11

narcissism is not from some type of external influence such as demons. Narcissism is of the flesh.
---Ryan on 9/21/07

Jody: Your post is an excellent explanation of narcissism, and the need for Spiritual and therapeutic intervention.
---Madison1101 on 3/19/07

As a Therapist, I say niether. Narcissism is an ingrained ,learned, impaired, way of perception and behaving which is unlike selfishness. There is no chemical imbalance. The individual has been treated from early life in a way that he precieves that everyone feels,thinks,desires what he does. A complete inability to think beyond self and without awareness. What needs to happen is acceptance by the narcissist and then Biblical counseling, Bible study, prayer and support. A 12 step program might help. Jody
---Jody on 3/19/07

"significant deposit of knowing God "

I like what this little phrase says. Praise the Lord! Our deposits are spiritual and not financial.
---Susie on 3/17/07

I was engaged to someone with Nacissism, she is a professing, church attending Christian.
It was an horrific, devastating experience that seemed to be set on destroying my ministry. Had I not had a significant deposit of knowing God I would have been totally destroyed.

Whenever there were meetings where the anointing was moving she was somehow always kept from attending Church.
It was definateley a trap.
In hindsight, there was definately demonic activity at work.
---Tim on 3/16/07

Jack: It is understandable that one would confuse BPD with NPD. People with BPD can be extremely selfish and behave in a narcissitic way. They often act like spoiled children who do not get their own way. But there are clear differences between the two.
---Madison1101 on 3/2/07

Jack: BPD is one personality disorder. There is also Narcisstic Personality Disorder, which is a different diagnosis from BPD. Both are personality disorders, but they are totally different diagnoses, and have different criterion for diagnosing them. **

I was under the impression that BPD was the preferred name for NPD, but I stand corrected.
---Jack on 3/2/07

My ex-brother-in-law was an abuser. Everyone pitied him and said it was because he had low self-esteem so my Dad paid for a Psychiatrist for him. After diagnosis, brother-in-law bragged that he actually had extremely high self-esteem (confirmed by psychiatrist). He maintained that he is so smart he will argue his way into heaven and God will have to let him in! Definitely not a medical deficiency but he either needs serious repentence or deliverance from a spirit.
---Mary_Ann on 3/2/07

"Narcissists have odd religious ideas, in particular believing that they are God's special favorites somehow; God loves them, so they are exempted from ordinary rules and obligations: God loves them and wants them to be the way they are, so they can do anything they feel like -- though, note, the narcissist's God has much harsher rules for everyone else."
---Forest on 3/2/07

"Want to be associated with authority figures. They cling fanatically to the opinions of people they regard as authority figures -- teachers, doctors, ministers. They get their authoritative opinions from TV, movies, books or dead geniuses/saints/heroes. If they get in trouble, they'll blame the source -- "It was okay with Dr. Somebody," shirking of responsibility will seem dishonest but it's really an admission of weakness: they're trying to borrow strength."
---Forest on 3/2/07

"Run for cover when they start acting normal, maybe expressing a self-doubt or even acknowledging some little fault of their own, such as saying they now realize that they haven't treated you right or that they took advantage of you before. They're just softening you up for something really nasty. These people are geniuses of "Come closer so I can slap you."
---Forest on 3/2/07

"Narcissists (a) extremely sensitive to personal criticism (b) extremely critical of other people. They think that they must be seen as perfect or superior or infallible, next to god-like (sitting on the right hand of God). There's no middle ground of ordinary normal humanity for narcissists. They can't tolerate the least disagreement. "Please don't do that again -- it hurts," narcissists will turn around and do it again harder to prove that they were right the first time;
---Forest on 3/2/07

If the narcissist can find within themselves to love others as they love themselves, that would be a beautiful thing. I would say vanity is only a problem for the insecure & the vain themselves. It is more of a psychological condition than medical deficiency. A demon spirit? Well, if it leads to a inclination or tendency to degrade, mistreat or disrespect others, than yes. Narcissism is an error in thinking that will lead to extreme mental & emotional pain when the narcissist becomes physically marred.
---joseph on 3/1/07

The Narcissist says, "I am not a Narcissist because I am the one who is always right. Nobody can tell me anything. Why would you ask me that question? Don't you know who I am?" Sounds like a demonic spirit to me.
---Susie on 3/1/07

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The Bible does speak of the spirit of pride. But not every one who is proud has a demon. Although I have cast several demons out, I find that repentance is by far the most reliable way to fix ungodly character and behavior.
---john on 2/26/07

Jack: BPD is one personality disorder. There is also Narcisstic Personality Disorder, which is a different diagnosis from BPD. Both are personality disorders, but they are totally different diagnoses, and have different criterion for diagnosing them.
---Madison1101 on 2/26/07

No, such people need to stop being in vain and get over themselves.
---Rebecca_D on 2/26/07

Are you referring to the personality disorder formeraly called narcissism, now called BPD, or just plain old every day vanity, which is a form of pride?
---Jack on 2/26/07

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Hi; it falls under the category of mental illness and related problems. There is good treatment available; I take medication for other problems and it does help. :) God bless. :)
---Mary on 2/26/07

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