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Two People Prophesied To Me

Two people prophesied to me on two separate occassions that God was going to restore all that I lost. Only thing I know that I no longer have is a person that was in my life. Could this be it?

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 ---Aretha on 2/26/07
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If you have to pin a title to your shirt, you have already lost your authority. Prophets are recognized, not titled like a car. The Samaritan woman recognized Jesus as a prophet after He told her everything she ever did. He didn't say, "Woman, come over here. I am a Prophet and I have something to tell you that you must listen to." In regards to restoration, that is the truth. Acts 3 says that heaven must receive Him (Jesus) until the restitution (restoration) of all things.
---Linda on 10/22/07

Jesus was a Charasmatic,
Miracle working, Mystical in nature, Strongly Prophetic. I would not credit Satan, for What God gives to us that ask for one of the nine gifts of the person Holy Spirit "prophecy". Devils, and Satan are attributed to witchcraft, please, I beg of you, never grieve the Holy Spirit by coining, prophecy.......charasmatic witchcraft. For this is a lie from the prince of devils.
---Whisper on 10/22/07

Be careful, personal prophecies can be used or twisted to manipulate others.
That would be charismatic witchcraft.
God does not control and make demands on our hearts. Personal prophecies should not either. You may want to make this a good fit, wait for years, while hoping it will come true. Release the person. If the prophecy is in error, causing you to stumble, release the prophecy. God can bring restoration. Allow God to do it without forcing God's hand to make the prophecy fit.
---Michelle on 10/22/07

If you read the book of Joel chapter 2 you will see that God made that promise to His children,and we are His children. He also says His sons and daughters will prophesy not maybe but WILL. God is the Restorer, He restored us back to Himself and so restoration is ours.
---Cathy on 3/5/07

Cynthia--- You know what, you made a very good point. People who has the gift of prophecy, doesn't get in trouble. Prophets gets in trouble.
---catherine on 3/3/07

You, and me, and all of us SHOULD prophecy, It does not mean that all who prophecy are a PROPHET, OR A SEER, which some are born with from babyhood, however, it can be, and even should be inherent part of every singled christian, as far as I know there was 78 prophets, and prophetesses, listed in scripture, 1 Corinthians 14:5... I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, , that the church may receive edifying.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/3/07

Oh my goodness. As different as night, night, Day, Day, YES sir. Mercy Me. GOOD night.
---catherine on 3/2/07

Propheic word or word of knowlege (biblical) is entirely different from fortune teller of christian mediums. Mediums use RC icons or idols (familiar spirits) and sometimes bibles when they are fortune telling. They are abominable in the eyes of God. Christians are warned going to them (Matthew 24).
---agnea on 3/2/07

I just want to explain that I do believe that Christians can give Word of Knowledge to other Christians which are always confirmed by others. Sometimes this is given after a person has been given a Word of Knowledge within their heart and they want to be reassured that it is of the Lord. I have seen this happen many times. But, today the charismatics go around expecting so-called prophesies from every other person they see.
---Susie on 3/2/07

Susie== If they are like me they are far too busy holding on Jesus for dear life. And that is the truth.
---catherine on 3/1/07

As a pentecostal, I am offended by all these people going around saying they are prophets. They all use the same line by saying that God is going to restore what the Devil took. They are trying to manipulate you and manipulate God. If God wants something restored in your life, it will be done.
---Susie on 3/1/07

BEWARE OF ''christian'' Mediums, We found out recently my sister had a friend that went to mediums to have her future told. She would go directly from there to my sisters home before long my sister experiences a spirit that took two days to pray and remove! women at church kept going to supposably prophetesses whom would prophecy over them now years later all are living estranged lives and without God. (Remember I said TO ((((BEWARE))) of them.)
---Caela5754 on 3/1/07

I'm pretty sure if you know the people are people of God, and they dont know each other but you Got the same prophecy that its probably most likely confirmed words from the lord
---mark on 2/28/07

While prophecy may be coming from God, don't forget that the devil knows a lot and can deceive you, too. So test the spirit. Make sure it does not contradict the faith that is in the scriptures.If it causes you to covet or lust in your heart, beware.
---Hasher on 2/28/07

I believe that prophecy is on condition. In other words it is how you do in your life.Prophecy can be for now or years later. Nobody really knows but God. You want proof read 2Kings chapter 20:1-11 Hezekiah was sick and the prophet Isaiah came and told him thus saith the Lord to set his house in order because he was going to die. Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed. God added 15 years to Hezekiah's life. So a lot of times it is something we have to do also.
---Monica on 2/27/07

A good rule for prophecy....first and foremost does it line up with scripture, and does it build up and encourage, not strike you down. If so, then pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal what it means to you.
---sam on 2/27/07

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(i)If any one speaks anything into your life, seek and see if what they have spoken to you is in-line with the word of God? If it is not rebuke it and turn away; but if it is in-line with the word of God, then come into agreement with that word as soon as possible! Always remember to think spiritual and not worldly.
---Shawn.M.T on 2/27/07

.(ii) God is looking to strengthen Spiritual things first because from them comes the worldly; but only after Gods word is in our hearts and we work that faith by speaking it into the world. Those two people are right; the Lord is looking to make everyone whole through Christ.
---Shawn.M.T on 2/27/07

Andrea, I'd recommend you get on with your life and ignore any "prophecies" you might here.

Look ahead and try to put the past behind you.
---Caring on 2/27/07

2 Titus 3, Are scripture all women should memorise knowing that these are perilous times, when man/woman becomes so wrapped up in themselves that they believe a lie instead of the truth. God has never sent a prophet to benefit one person only. But His people so that they can progress in him. How tired are you of hearing the same OLD connotations and how long have you been in Church, been to many women conferences?......... always the same thing!
---Carla5754 on 2/27/07

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God will not reveal anything to you through another person that he hasn't already been dealing with you about in your heart and spirit. He will use others to confirm what you already feel or know inside of you. Don't live your life looking for Word's of Knowledge/Prophesy to come through others or even bother to try to figure it out if it does. Let God lead you by what he tells you first.
---Darlene_1 on 2/26/07

To restore all that is lost could mean many things. Things that you lost by misplacing them. Things you lost like your teeth or hair due to natural causes. Maybe people who have died. And things that have been stolen from you. The prophecy you received was quite vague. Ask God for more revelation on it. I'm sure if He gave it He can make it clear.
---john on 2/26/07

That's right, Jack. Let everything be established by two or three witnesses. I understand personal prophecy and how it can appeal to the flesh. A prophecy about a lost inheritance is quite different from manipulating people through the spiritual realm. Side note, did the inheritance prophecy have confirmation? It did, yes?
---Michelle on 2/26/07

Michelle, I want you to be very careful here. I personally do not attend a charismatic church, but there are works of the Holy Spirit that you seem not to be aware of. I believe there are prophesies today, but of couse we must be extremely careful because there are counterfeits, also. Prophesies must be backed up by the Holy spirit and the Word, and it's usually through other Spirit filled Christians, too. If you don't understand or believe, say nothing, you will be better off.
---JP on 2/26/07

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Once I had a serious decision to make. I took counsel, prayed over it, made my decision, and was at peace with it.

A self-appointed prophet (read "busybody") came up to me and said, "Jack, God told me you should do so and so." I replied, "That's strange, Ella. God just got through telling me the exact opposite."
---Jack on 2/26/07

Aretha, this is strange, because two different people prophesied the same thing to me, on two different occassions in two different churches, and they did not know each other. They said that I was a mighty man of valor. I almost laughed to myself because I feel that I am anything but that, but that's what they said. I also had prophesied to me that I was cheated out of my inheritance, which I was, and things are going to change. They couldn't have known this in the natural. All I can say is trust God.
---John on 2/26/07

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