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History Of Christianity

Will the history of Christianity change with the discovery of "Jesus tomb"? Is this another attempt to discredit Christianity by denying the resurrection and Christ's glorified body?

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 ---John on 3/2/07
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The history of Christianity will not change with the discovery of "Jesus' tomb." It will rather strengthen or emphasize the death of Jesus. l stand to be corrected that they did not find anything in it that shows Jesus didn't resurrect. Jesus, after resurrecting appeared several times for 40 days and the Apostles and early disciples SAW Him!
---Theodore on 3/29/08

I reviewed the website that they created. There were video clips; according to the videos all of the recovery work was legitimate archaeology, but the original archaeologist are not making any of the claims that these film makers are claiming as the archaeological work is about two years old. The people who did the recovery work did not think any thing recovered was significant. Just one guy who does investigative film making trying to make hype for his movie that he has sold to the Discovery Channel.
---notlaw99 on 3/28/08

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---v.chandrashekar on 8/13/07

The devil is busy planting lies.
---Okebaram on 5/28/07

There will always be attempts to discredit Christianity. We need to remember that everything we need to know concerning Jesus is found in the Bible. The Bible is divine revelation from God. It is truth. Unsaved people don't see things from this perspective, so they will believe in ideas that contradict the Bible. Ironically, if they were to REALLY try to disprove the resurrection, they might well end up as believers!
---LL on 5/23/07

It may very well be an attempt to discredit Christianity as that is the trend. However, the bones of other major ancient religious leaders have been found by archieologists but noone has been able to find the bones of Jesus. I am confident as a believer that no matter whether or not they find a tomb or not, they will never find bones unless they are planted there.
---Jody on 3/23/07

well jack my words don,t mean what you are reading into them.jesus said in the endtimes not to believe people when they say here christ is ,and there christ is,thats what my words mean BROTHER.AND WE SHOULDN,T BE TAKING ANY HEED TO THESE BONES.
---tom2 on 3/21/07

don,t you just feel sorry for puffed up people?
---tom2 on 3/21/07

jack, maybe what I should have said is WHAT NON BELIEVERS SAY ABOUT HIM.
---tom2 on 3/21/07

jack, do you always take what people say or write out of text?read the entire blog what you write here about my statement is TOTALLY FALSE.AND rude.and wrong.
---tom2 on 3/21/07

**we are told by jesus not to pay attention or give heed to anyones statements about him **

Following your line of reasoning, tom2, we shouldn't be talking about Jesus or paying any attention to what's said about Him on these blogs.

That's what your words mean.
---Jack on 3/21/07

i don't think so, I wish i knew myself, but i will tell you this I will always beleive that christ was resurrected for our sins . and christ will always be in are heart. just keep the faith.
---ann on 3/14/07

run, run,run,from temptation.we are told by jesus not to pay attention or give heed to anyones statements about him ,because he himself will return and all believers will no him.these bones are not known by believers as those of our lord and in direct opposition to scripture ,so we should take no heed in them or the documentary about them.
---tom2 on 3/6/07

NVB::Money is to be made from sensationalism, A proven Fact.This is not about truth which we all know is IN HIS WORD End of Story: but if you look for diversion & have to spend Your money to salve your Curiosity !!!well!!Horse Puckies not feathers.
---Emcee on 3/5/07

NV Steve, good point. It is a highly competitive industry. Easter is here, after all. I did see some evidence of a demonic presence dancing through eyes on the critics corner afterward. It was there, alright. It is a demonic agenda.
---Hollyweird on 3/5/07

I just viewed the Discovery Channel Tomb of Jesus and the interviews after the Program.
The program lack credibility in many areas, use of docudrama, poor statistical inferences, making the assumption the the second Marys DNA did not match the family could only be a married relationship. Making a lot of assumption about name frequencies with small sample size and the list goes on.
---notlaw99 on 3/4/07

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I think its just a ego contest between James Cameron and Mel Gibson.
---NV_Steve on 3/4/07

Jack ... I meant the film-makers **really do beleive they have found the tomb of Jesus and his family**

---alan_of_UK on 3/4/07

Horse feathers! When Jesus arose from the dead, spent time walking this earth, MANY people saw HIM, why would HE go climb back in a tomb and die? Even if that were so, just WHO did people see ascend into heaven? I may watch part of it, but doubt that I could sit through the whole show of people trying to debunk my Savior.
---NVBarbara on 3/4/07

my point is from right after jesus,s accension the apostles preached the message.they were persecuted from day one ,and hunted and why if jesus was a lie would they profess his resurrection and accension ,and teachings?they wanted to be perscuted,arrested,put to death?stephen was stoned to death,paul arrested and had many put to death.there was no gain,if jesus lied and was still alive and everyone was lying what was the gain?they were all being arrested and killed.
---tom2 on 3/4/07

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they are trying to say that jesus was just a man ,he ddied and never left the grave.that he had a son,and I believe a wife.well sounds like divinci all over.may answer would be do you believe?why did the apostles die for their faith?paul a persecutor fell off his horse hit his head and dreamed jesus talked to him?NOT.let see have a great teacher he dies.
---tom2 on 3/4/07

part2. you want to keep his memory alive so you make up a story about healings and raising people from the dead, and his own resurrection, and accension,and miracle after miracle.same thing you would do today if you were an apostles and jesus had just died oh say yesterday,right?think people,what jesus did and said makes no sense to non believers ,even today. so why would the apostles and early christians tell these types of lies?unless they were eye witnesses to them and they are true?
---tom2 on 3/4/07

part3, if jesus were starting today and he raised someone from the dead and you witnessed it .would everyone you told it to believe?would you believe?if he feed thousands from just about nothing what would you think?if you knew he died ,and then came back and spoke to you what would your reaction be?the miracles,resurrection,the teaching ,the power in his life.these are so FAR ABOVE ANY OTHER MAN.AND TO SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT BEEN AN EYEWITNESS so hard to believe,why would the apostles even tell them?
---tom2 on 3/4/07

so why would jesus ,the apostles,paul,everyone associated with the new terstament writings lie?who died on the cross?since jesus never did know when you get into a senario like this saying everything was a lie,things come to light.people don,t believe. especially all the miracles and things that happened during his life and after his resurrection.people can,t make miracles happen with more lies down thru 2000 years of history.what were all the apostles to gain from such a lie?
---tom2 on 3/4/07

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part ? so do you get my point?if you are just a man, and you want to start a religion,you should tell the BIGGEST WHOPPERS AND LIES YOU CAN DREAM OF, then fake your death,all your miracles, and resurrection, and get everyone close to you to lie for you,and then fake your voice from heaven ,along with a blinding light so you can convert paul,blah,blah,blah,and then you will be assured your fake religion will succeed. NOT.
---tom2 on 3/4/07

**They really do beleive they have found the tomb of Jesus and his family**

As I said, these ossuaries were discovered in 1980. Real archaeologists (as opposed to TV ones like Simcha Jacobovici who clearly has an agenda) do not see any connection between them and the NT people with similar names.
---Jack on 3/4/07

Marlene, you gave a very interesting testimony. Sounds alot like Saul/Paul's conversion. Give thanks to God for that often because many actually feel they succeed in proving Jesus was a fake and they never get saved.
---Matthew on 3/3/07

Not to worry. Trying to prove Jesus didn't exist is exactly what caused me to get saved. Christianity can stand the test of anyone, anytime. The enemy, whose time is short, has recently tried desperately to draw people away; i.e. the DaVinci Code, etc. The more I tried to disprove Him the stronger was the draw toward Him. Pray for all involved and those who would be drawn into the lie so they'll not be deceived but saved. Christ is spiritually discerned.
---Marlene on 3/3/07

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I don't think it is a deliberate attempt to discredit our faith.
They really do beleive they have found the tomb of Jesus and his family.
Now IF they have, yes it would change the future (not the history) of Christianity.
But I think they have got it wrong.
---alan_of_UK on 3/3/07

Luke 24:39-53

"Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself. Handle Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have."

"Have you any food here?"

He took it and ate in their presence.

Once again, how many dried bones in a tomb can eat broiled fish and honeycomb?

Only the sweet Lord Jesus.

---Rachel on 3/2/07

No. Jesus left safeguards in place before He left this earth, so we would not fall for the 'lie'. (And further lies in the future).

Remember the breakfast?

"Children, have you any food?"

"Bring some of the fish which you have just caught"

Now how many 'dried bones' do you know in a tomb, that can stand on the bank, physically make a fire with hot coals - with fish and bread - for your 'children'?
John 21:1-25

---Rachel on 3/2/07

If I have to choose an answer, I'll choose the second sentence.

I've noticed that this sort of thing happens every year or so around this time, with greater frequently lately, I admit.

Remember DAVINCI CODE? Both book and novel have been debunked.
---Jack on 3/2/07

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Part 2:

Remember the "Jesus box"--an ossuary with "James son of Joseph brother of Jesus" in Aramaic? This was proven to be a hoax and the perpetrator is on trial for fraud.

Now this. All they have really discovered are a few ossuaries with names inscribed on them--names that are VERY common for first century Palestine.

How do they prove these are the ossuaries of Jesus Christ, or Joseph the Betrohed, or Mary Magdalene? Answer: they can't.
---Jack on 3/2/07

Part 3:

Correction: I should have written "DAVINCI CODE: both book and movie were debunked on TV."
---Jack on 3/2/07

New Posting:

If you go to Wikipedia and look for "Talpiot Tomb", you will find out some interesting things, among them:

1. These ossuaries were discovered in 1980.
2. Real archaeologists who have actually examined them see no connection between their inscriptions and Biblical characters.
3. The one supposedly saying "Jesus" could also read "Hanoun".
---Jack on 3/2/07

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