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Fun Relationship Questions

What relationship question have you been asked that just made you laugh out loud? Include funny relationship advice too.

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 ---Katie on 3/2/07
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Hmm, music & talent.

She was an angel & played music. At times up in the air a - h a r p i n g.
---Lawrence on 7/19/10

I am not sure, but can't wait to hear others answers.
---Mackie on 7/1/08

Caring: yep, you're old fashioned.
---Rebecca_D on 3/7/07

Thanks Rebecca. I was suspicios that I was but now I KNOW I am :))

You know something? I'm attracted more to my wife by her dignity than if she had to wear silly clothes.

Silly things don't last long in a relationship - virtues and characters are permanent.
---Caring on 3/9/07

Caring: yep, you're old fashioned.
---Rebecca_D on 3/7/07

I may be old fashioned, but buying "sexy" garments for a wife is disrespectful.
---Caring on 3/7/07

Barbara; My husband don't buy those things for me. I buy them for him.
---Rebecca_D on 3/5/07

My wife likes flowers so on Valentine, I bought her a p[ackage of flower seed so she can plant them and have flowers all year :))
---Caring on 3/5/07

We just recently passed Valentine's day.
I have to laugh at guys who give their wives flimsy revealing night clothes for anniversaries, birthdays etc. WHO is that gift REALLY for? :-)
---NVBarbara on 3/5/07

Not sure if this fits the blog question, but my mother used to be SO picky with my boy friends. SHe'd find fault with all of them! Finally, when I broght my now husband to meet her, she couldn't really find anything to pick on him about until he was leaving, walking to his car, and she said, "look at how he swings his arms when he walks, that is so strange looking". I just cracked up.
---sue on 3/5/07

I'd like to be funny, but I can't. The questions/answers about relationships here are usually ones on the downhill slide. Abuse, divorce, remarriage, unequally yoked singles jumping into marriage. Dating laughter all but disappears when you're facing the outcome of separation, divorce, abuse, unbelievers married to believers. We spend far more time worrying about dating and snagging a mate than being prepared for the actual marriage.
---Grace on 3/5/07

What made me laugh most was when my wife told me she's a good cook :))
---Caring on 3/5/07

I didn't mean anything bad about my reply. If I offended anyone, I am sorry. I used to sing with my family in a gospel group. I heard all kinds of rumers as to why I quit. This one women from a church was looking at me oh so hard. I looked down, didn't see anything wrong. She asked, How long have you been dancing in bars? I said, "WHAT". and told her that God needed me elsewhere was the reason why I quit singing with my family. Her face got red, and she walked away.
---Rebecca_D on 3/3/07

The questions that make me laugh is people cheating on their spouse and wondering "what to do next". As Jeff Foxworthy would say, "Here's Your Sign".
---Rebecca_D on 3/3/07

Debbie dear, if you want a blog like that, just put it in question form and post it! Our dear Mods will post it as a blog question. YEAH!! I miss when the Mods had more input and would even joke around with us! Agree, I'm NOT impressed with long winded blah-blah-blah!
---NVBarbara on 3/3/07

The questions that make me laugh out loud are the ones where a person is asking advice about whether they should get a divorce and they are already talking about the possibility of remarriage if they get the divorce. This is a sure sign that they already have someone in mind to replace their present spouse.
---Susie on 3/3/07

I would like a womens help blog. Espescially older women giving Bible based advice to younger women. I don't like fights on the blogs. there are also non believers that come on from time to time, so we must be good examples, even though we have our differences. I also don,t like it when someone thinks that their much writting will get their point across. I miss when the moderator used to intervene from time to time to give us some Bible based advice.
---Debbie on 3/2/07

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