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Once Saved No Spiritual Growth

If Christians are once saved-always saved, what motivates us to keep growing as Christians and not to revert to a life of sinfullness?

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 ---Terry2379 on 3/3/07
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Hello Lawrence, I looked up 2 Corin. 11:14-15. However, I ended up in Galatians 2:5>>>Paul refused to yield for a single moment. He held his ground firmly and did not give an inch. He refused to compromise the truth of God. He held an adamant stand because he would not let the Gentiles be deprived of the true gospel....Many weak-kneed jellyfish preacher would have yielded and then justified themselves on the basis of love and expediency, but not the champion Paul.
---catherine on 8/12/10

The once saved always saved Is a lie & came from here 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15 with other false hoods he gave to man that started the trin rcc that went All through her offspring daughters trin churches.
Do you people think that if your actually in the act of committing adultery with a woman that's Not your wife & the rapture takes place you'd go?, or even take the mark of the beast & you still think your saved, if you do, your mind Is sered & In a Great delusion.
---Lawrence on 8/12/10

The Holy Spirit is the great motivator. He leads and guides from the inside. When we don't see any change on the outside we don't really know what's going on in the inside. When I was saved I never changed much right away. Most people thought I was not saved but with time the Holy Spirit got a hold of me and changes did happen. I'm glad God looks on the inside. He knows what is really happening.
---john on 12/31/07

Work! Oh my goodness! But if I do that the modern version of the pharisee might call me a legalist ;)

Interesting how the pendulum has swung from extreme legalism to extreme liberalism in 2000 years.
---TS on 4/1/07

Work out your salvation with fear & trembling; we are in the process of being refined to be more like Jesus. This is my motivation to be like the One who gave his ALL for me. Salvation is not a 1 time thing, it is an on going work that each of us are encouraged to submit to.
---Mishon on 4/1/07

Bob it does not matter what church you go to if it's the one God wants for you. I just wanted to tell you that what you said, in one word, TRUE. have a good night. And a Sunday.
---catherine on 4/1/07

are you sure bob?is it the only sin that wont be forgiven?wat denomation are you bob?
---jamea5375 on 3/31/07

There is only one sin that sends you to hell and that is rejection of Christ. How can anyone be motivated without Christ? I think what many are doing is trying to live their lives on their own power. The more good they do, the more points they gain for entering into the kingdom. No amount of points will get you in. Only the righteousness of Christ will get you in, so you have to get yourself save and fast, for you do not know when you will die.
---Bob on 3/27/07

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would come upon His people for a reason - to "be witnesses". The preaching of the Gospel, signs, and wonders, witness that He is alive at the right hand of His Father, confirming His Word. Mark 16:15-20 The baptism of the Holy Spirit is God's way of empowering His people for Gospel action.
---Gabrielle on 3/27/07

The Holy Spirit baptism is the clear Biblical pattern and prerequisite for ministry. No person, regardless of whether or not he has a Bible College degree or not, has the approval of God to minister when you reject the Holy Spirit.
---Gabrielle on 3/27/07

Luke 4:18 The Holy Spirit came "upon" Jesus to empower Him to "preach the gospel to the poor...heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord". It was the powerful workings of God the Holy Spirit that enabled Jesus, in His earthly ministry, to do His mighty works. This was the reason that Jesus was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Mark 16:15-20
---Gabrielle on 3/27/07

Duane, the Bible teaches that idolators, fornicators and adulterers will NOT enter the Kingdom of Heaven - these are not ethnic groups, these are sinners who have committed mortal sins. And the epistles written with warnings about this were directed to believing, born-again Christians.

Of course, having been born again, my goal is not to avoid sin to avoid hell, but rather to be perfect to please God. I do not wish to offend my Father in Heaven by committing even the tiniest non-mortal sin.
---lorra8574 on 3/27/07

Confusion is not a sin
---duane on 3/26/07

Mima, in following your remark, "those that believe that sin will cause them to lose salvation do not believe that Jesus took sin away" if they do not believe Jesus did that, would you say they are not saved? Because believing in Jesus sacrafice for our sins, and His resurrection is the means of salvation, would you also say they must not be saved? They don't believe Jesus did that. What do you think? Just curious, not for arguement.
---Bob on 3/26/07

Mima, in following your remark, "those that believe that sin will cause them to lose salvation do not believe that Jesus took sin away" if they do not believe Jesus did that, would you say they are not saved? Because believing in Jesus sacrafice for our sins, and His resurrection is the means of salvation, would you also say they must not be saved? They don't believe Jesus did that. What do you think? Just curious, not for arguement.
---Bob on 3/26/07

Do you have any close friends? How did you form that close relationship? Possibly you have grown in friendship by getting to know each other. The more you were together, the more you trusted each other. God has revealed himself throughout the whole Bible and wants us to get to know him personally. The more you study the Bible, your walk with God gets closer. Your relationship becomes stronger. Seek him. There will be a point in time that you no longer entirely need the Bible just as the Apostles.
---Steveng on 3/25/07

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It takes will-power.., Love is an act of your will. To love Jesus Christ and the character of God, you need to build a personal relationship with Jesus and He will open a new world of descovering Christianity to you. The more you know, the more you want to know. Ask God to open His Word to you and let the Holy Spirit live inside you and The Holy Spirit will fill you with a fire of wanting to know God and more of the Bible.
---Junia on 3/25/07

Terry, what motivates us to keep growing is the Holy Spirit in our lives. Without Him, we are unable to please God. If Christ lives in you, you will love Him, you will do your best to obey Him, you will have a new transformation. Anyone trying to buy his way in on his own merits accomplishes nothing and is lost. No one can buy his way in to God's kingdom, Christ has to pay the debt we owe, we cannot pay for it.
---frank on 3/25/07

Once truly you accept the offer of God's son ship your are to enter the household of God and become a member of the family of God. Living together and obey is the beginning of showing your being true to your repentance and that is the beginning of your growth spiritually.
If you remain sinful then you do not enter the house of the Lord because God will not allow it.
---Edna on 3/25/07

This is a true statement."Those who believe that sin will cause them to lose salvation, do not believe that Jesus took sin away. They believe they can overcome sin...How sad they dont believe that Jesus did it for them."
---duane on 3/23/07
---Mima on 3/23/07

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OSAS does not mean I can sin all I want...It means, Im living by faith, set free from sin, so I can see God. Salvation is given to those who love HIM...Those who love HIM will not want to sin.
Those who believe that sin will cause them to lose salvation, do not believe that Jesus took sin away. They believe they can overcome sin...How sad they dont believe that Jesus did it for them.
---duane on 3/23/07

OSAS RESIDING IN THE MIND and not of the Holy Spirit??

OSAS means living through faith, knowing they will remain saved...(Spirit)
NON-OSAS means still fighting sin to stay saved. (flesh)
---duane on 3/23/07

Well, you see that is the problem. Spiritual growth should be apart of Salvation. If it isn't, I would be concern.
---catherine on 3/22/07

There is a difference between spiritual growth and expansion of egos.
---Shultz on 3/6/07

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hi,join a bible based church which offer beginer's classes.Join the bible study class in your local church and attend fellowships,crusades and christian conferences,make new christian friends with whom you'll share a lot in christianity christian channels like TBN and CBN.Pray continously for Holy spirit's guidance,and strive to do right according to God and not according to your society,Follow christ's teachings. At times you'll seem odd one but press on,you will never regret walking with God!
---Judy4768 on 3/6/07

1 Corinthians 8:10-12 For if any man see thee which hast knowledge sit at meat in the idol's temple, shall not the conscience of him which is weak be emboldened to eat those things which are offered to idols; And through thy knowledge shall the weak brother perish, for whom Christ died? But when ye sin so against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, ye sin against Christ.
(knowledge can be dangerous, Growth is by seeking more of God's Spirit.)
---Exzucuh on 3/5/07

God puts the desire in our hearts to want to read the Bible, to learn and to live as the Bible speaks have a close relationship with God, with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit.Mary4964
---mary on 3/5/07

the bible says that one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not worthy of the kingdom of GOD.OSAS DONT THAT MEAN NO MATTER WHAT I DO ILL STILL MAKE IT?then what did JESUS die for and go through all that for so we can continue in sinGOD forbidrom 6:1 also read 1 john2nd chapter .im praying for you
---tony3445 on 3/5/07

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My growth in the Lord did not explode until I came to a complete knowledge of my eternal security. It was then that all the tension, and the iffyness,and doubt left my mind and peace came to my heart. Then the burden lifted and I became free to witness to others for their salvation!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!Oh what the Lord has done!!!
---Mima on 3/5/07

Once saved, doesn't mean, that you cannot loose your faith! Use the image of the tabernacle. Jesus is the door, enter and you are saved. We are free to return!
Entering the tabernacle, we first see the Altar! The offering has been done by Jesus. "Growing" means not feeling sufficient with "being saved". There is much more behind.
(See next continuing part).
---ernst3769 on 3/5/07

**Harold said it on other blog,the devil tells you,"Surely you won't die." It is false security,dullness of heart,hearing, sight that follows OSAS thinking.There is little growth.It's a doctrine completely residing in the mind and not of the Holy Spirit...**

--Well put Laura,one can only go so far with "mere human mind reasoning/natural man perception" when it comes to the Things of God, this is why this SOBERING Mind MUST always be IN us:(Philipp.2:5). God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/5/07

Yes, there is more behind the Altar. Jesus wants to show what's behind the Altar: Next we see and pass the washing vessel, that is "growing" or "sanctification". After the washing vessel we are allowed entering the Holy place. Discover the richness and great blessings of the Lord. Jesus is waiting there, giving you his power and blessings! God's Kingdom starts TODAY!! We only have to say "YES, I want more", growing and/or saying "it is my purpose to be like Jesus!"
---ernst3769 on 3/5/07

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Because He has written His Laws on our hearts through the Holy Spirit. So, when we sin it pricks our hearts and we turn to Him for forgiveness and pray.
---marya35 on 3/5/07

The things that motivates us to keep growing as christians, is to read the word on a daily basis and to have a close relationship with God.When we get into God's presence regularly, we will find that we alsways want to be in his presence. Do not ever let your past cause you to want to go back there. But instead, keep looking to God and he will give you the desire to move on to greater heights with him.

---Shelly on 3/5/07

Let me see if I can help you. When you accept the Lord Jesus as Saviour, The Holy Spirit comes into you. You are Forgiven of sins by Jesus Stripes (whipping) As a saved individual you want to learn more about Jesus and to do that open your Bible and your heart and pray for education of God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit by God and For God. lloyd6444 Please contact me anytime. God Bless you and welcome
---Lloyd on 3/5/07

reading God's word, and praying, praising God for everything big or small, praising God for the good the bad and the ughy..Taking a stand for Jesus and not stepping back.Refuse to hear the world,to see what the world is doing, instead we need to go forward, go froward in God's word, claim our promises that are ours from God, and stand on them.

---mary on 3/5/07

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Take back the Joy and the Strength that we all recieved the day we excepted Jesus in to our lives..It was our then and it is ours now, stay in the word, stay praying through everything. No one is perfect and there will be times we may fall but when God reaches His hands out to you during that time, reach for His hand, He will pulled us through it all.

---mary on 3/5/07

what motivates us is the desire that God puts in our hearts to serve Him..
When we all got saved, we all (or should have) expereinced a new Joy, a new
Strength. many who have been saved after a while seem to lose this Joy and Strength. In order to keep this in our lives, we have to decide that, that is what we want more than what the world offered us.
---mary on 3/5/07

The truth of the matter is it takes understanding of 2 systems(per say) for a Christian to fully benefit from our inheritance. I have difficuly trying to explain this in 85 words or less so I'll try giving a hint. Absolute "Purity" of Salvation and "Multiplicty"(Quantity) of Salvation. Maybe "Grace" and "Merit" would be more appropriate. Feel free to write. In His grace, terry8367
---Terry8367 on 3/4/07

OSAS always use that argument. You're living in total fear, and we're not.
No I don't live in fear at all, because I have the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, who tells me when I'm in sin. He alone is my security. I have a "Fear of God", but that is different from living in fear of my salvation.

OSAS then say, we notice that you don't think you're not saved either. That we're saying the same thing.
---Laura on 3/4/07

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No. It's recognizing the power, not denying the power of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts you of sin. If you try and do that with reliance on your mind to remember, flipping through a rolodex, it's not as accurate as the Holy Spirit telling you right on the spot, immediately that you need to repent. Not waiting until the weekend comes, but Now. Now is the day of salvation.
---Laura on 3/4/07

It comes down to do you believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is different from the indwelling the Holy Spirit that you receive at the moment you are saved/born again/believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
I'm not saving OSAS don't have the indwelling the Holy Spirit, but without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the comprehension of sin is all done through the mind/soul and not your spirit.
---Laura on 3/4/07

I see denying the power of the Holy Spirit as the greatest stumbling block to spiritual growth. You will go so far in your intellect and stay there. Arguing, fighting over the OSAS belief, denying the power of the Holy Spirit to convict you of sin - your mind will push you to continue fighting for it. It's the power of the Holy Spirit that will motivate you to move far beyond that false teaching.
---Laura on 3/4/07

What motivates a Christian who believes in once saved always saved to continue to grow in the Lord is his/her desire to see other people come to knowledge of salvation. Once they have that knowledge the Holy Spirit either draws in are he doesn't. Or maybe he does but their free will causes them to refuse.
---Mima on 3/4/07

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Barnabas and Saul.
Saul had an incredible conversion experience.
He was healed of physical and spiritual blindness and began preaching the Gospel he tried to snuff out.
Saul kept growing in knowledge and authority. He was renamed Paul to show how far he had come from his days persecuting the church.

Laura B.

(I wrote the previous posts, but see there is another Laura)
---Laura on 3/4/07

We should be able to support our brother's growth without wrestling him to the ground.
There is a narrow gap between giving opinions and taking control.
To walk in grace, we need to allow everyone to reach their own conclusions. Not force feed answers. Controlling, forcing stops growth. I will not fight over OSAS, but I believe it hinders growth.

Laura B.
---Laura on 3/4/07

Fear? Not at all. This is where we part ways. Indwelling the of the Holy Spirit is not the same as Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Without that comprehension, I see a lack of understanding about the conviction of sin. The OSAS covers everything and that is false, it doesn't. I'm not living in fear, but there is a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, convicting me of sin. When conviction comes, I repent. Without the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I believe OSAS are convicting themselves through their minds.
---Laura on 3/4/07

OSAS leaves conviction of the Holy Spirit out of the heart. No need, all bases are covered. False.
The Holy Spirit will bring it to your attention immediately when you are in sin. He tells you to repent.

Harold said it on other blog, the devil tells you, "Surely you won't die." It is false security, dullness of heart, hearing, sight that follows OSAS thinking. There is little growth. It's a doctrine completely residing in the mind and not of the Holy Spirit or in your spirit.
---Laura on 3/4/07

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I have a questian only for you Jack. What is a conversion experience?
---catherine on 3/4/07

There's a difference between what most people on these blogs mean by being saved, and what the Bible means by being saved.

Too bad they think being saved is the same thing as a conversion experience.
---Jack on 3/4/07

Laura, saying this "If you believe in OSAS, growth is stunted" is, I feel, the equivalent of saying that those who do not believe in O.S.A.S. only stay on the 'straight and narrow' out of fear that any sin will lose them their salvation. We are to fear the Lord yes but we are not supposed to live 'in fear' of Him. If we were where would be the joy in being a Christian?
---m.p.a. on 3/4/07

Well, that is what bothers me, a little. There has to be a motivation inside of you, that can only come from God. This motivation keeps you going. Otherwise, it would be so easy to give up. Also the fear of God. And this type of fear I still don't really understand. Plus, I need God so much. I am sure the fact that I need God so much, is a key factor of my staying close to Him.
---catherine on 3/3/07

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The Bible talks of a relationship with Jesus. Our love for Him motivates us to want to be more like Him. His example for us throughout the Bible is unconditional love, not forced love. My motivation for living for my Lord is not because I will lose anything, but rather because I want to do something that will make me closer to Him. If I were living in fear... I would not be able to have this relationship with my Jesus at all. My Lord doesn't scare me into being good... He loves me into it!!
---Deb on 3/3/07

People tend to regard sin as the stuff they don't do. The simple fact is if we live with the lights on we see our sin and it wearies us.

Even the Great Apostle of Grace wrote concerning this condition in Romans chapter 7.
For most this is the reality, their repentance is an on-going process casting off habits it took a lifetime to form. The few who are above sin's reach should encourage others, not steal their hope with a false gospel of pride.
---Pharisee on 3/3/07

If we are not how then will a Christian have joy if he's constantly providing himself with his own sanctification.

Do you really think God is in Heaven disowning us for each little sin?

Sin is an infirmity effecting every human life. Have you been worried lately? That's a failure to trust in God's provision, it's sin.

Even if someone was sinless for the rest of their life it's by God's power
---Poppy on 3/3/07

If you believe in OSAS, growth is stunted.

The parable of the sower is the perfect example. Some of the seeds fell on stony ground, and in the thistles. OSAS is stony ground. It yields a crop of dullness of heart, hardness of ears, closed eyes, lack of perception and understanding. Matthew Ch 13
---Laura on 3/3/07

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