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Soulwinning By Roman Catholics

Roman Catholics are to be admired for their strong stand for their religion. This being true why do you think there is no soulwinning type witnessing by members of the Catholic Church?

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 ---Mima on 3/4/07
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First Corinthians 11:25,"After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped, saying, this cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me." Please explain where minimum or maximum is mentioned in this verse.-- could it be that we are dealing with man's tradition and not the word of God?
---Mima on 3/10/07

Robyn, because the Catholic Church is so very large, it is easy to see the problems in it. A large percentage of Catholics do not know their own faith and cannot be bothered to find out about it. But the same is true amoung Protestants, but with over 30,000 different denominations totalling no more in number than the entire Catholic Church under the Pope, it is harder to notice any one group falling away.
---lorra8574 on 3/9/07

Sorry. Made a mistake in my last post. Minimum obligation of receving Eucharist is once a year (not maximum).
---Ed on 3/9/07

1. Helen.
You have taken the Eucharist out of context. Doctrine states it would be very difficult to resist grave tempatations and avoid grievous sin without it. The faithful are only obliged to take it maximum of once a year.
Many Protestants hold a similar position (certainly Lutherans and Anglicans, and I believe Methodists, although am not 100% (any Methodists out there?)
---Ed on 3/9/07

2. Helen.
As regards "is the saviour of the RCC the Saviour .... rose from the dead." Yes, 100%. Something we must believe morning, noon and night.
Therefore you "either/or" question is, with respect, meaningless, as well as, misleading.
---Ed on 3/9/07

Ed - Is the Saviour of the RCC the Saviour of the Bible, do you know? Is He the One who came into this world, took on human flesh, and gave His life on the Cross as sacrifice for the sin of the world, then rose from the dead? Is that who your Jesus is, now seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven, His work on the Cross finished? Or is your Saviour one who you supposedly get in the communion wafer? They are not the one and the same.
---Helen_5378 on 3/9/07

"Narcissists (a) extremely sensitive to personal criticism (b) extremely critical of other people. They think that they must be seen as perfect or superior or infallible, next to god-like (sitting on the right hand of God). There's no middle ground of ordinary normal humanity for narcissists. They can't tolerate the least disagreement. "Please don't do that again -- it hurts," narcissists will turn around and do it again harder to prove that they were right the first time;"
---River on 3/8/07

But the Catholic Church contains many, many men and women dedicted to telling others about The Saviour. Men and women who take it so seriously that they take vows of (apostolic) poverty and chastity - working in developed, as well as third world countries. These, as well as "ordinary" Catholics, but of course, just as extraordinary.
---Ed on 3/8/07

I was a Catholic for over 30 years, went to their school, got along well with the priests and the nuns for the most part and I was very comfortable there. I always wondered why I was never encouraged to witness about Jesus like we are commanded to do. I found out part of the problem, after studying scripture and guidance by the Holy Spirit. Because Catholics are relying on Pergatory! I am no longer Catholic.
---Gina on 3/8/07

Robyn and Donna, you just showed how ignorant you are of the RCC. Your statements are full of distortions and lies.
---Caring on 3/8/07

Mima - That's right. My mother is 91 years old and she never heard anything like it! Can you imagine being a strict RC all of your life and never having been told that Jesus died for you. Heart-breaking is what it is. They wander around aimlessly with no true shepherd to guide them, and they do not know what their end is.
---Helen_5378 on 3/7/07

Another questian. Who is doing any soul winning? Where are all these people that has been led to Christ and been saved? What are they doing? By the looks of the world, what are the christians doing. Look around you, The atheist's are getting more done. WOW.
---catherine on 3/7/07

Robyn::Thank you! you are a true christian but you have removed the love out of Christ by your definition of Catholics & Gods word Mat16;17-19
---Emcee on 3/7/07

I do agree with Donna. Catholics need help themselves. How are they going to win any souls. Their souls need to be won first.Their understanding of spiritual things are zero. They are into religion and dogma. Christianity is something totally different. The whole catholic church needs to be done away with or someone needs to come in and rearrange everything and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to this church, if that can be done. It's going to take a whole lot of doing.
---robyn on 3/7/07

In traditional Protestant and Catholic countries over here in Europe, church attendance is abysmal. What on earth are we Christians figting amongst ourselves for, when we need to work together to spread the core message of Christ, and get those people back into Church again, and believing.
We need to stop fighting against each other, and working together instead. Come on let's be positive.
---Ed on 3/7/07

Donna-There is no soul winning by them because they're not in "relationship" with Jesus

Well that is where a bunch of you are wrong, when we go to Mass we received the Body, Soul and Divinity of our Saviour Jesus Christ.
---Ruben on 3/7/07

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There is no soul winning by them because they're not in "relationship" with Jesus. That's why they, and even you did it in your question, call it "religion." Religion is Catholicism. Relationship is Jesus Christ. Two completely different topics. What could they offer someone? Religion? A set of rules and regulations and repitious prayers? That's why they're not soul winning.
---donna6598 on 3/7/07

Rebecca ... As one non-Catholic to another, I would like to thank you for standing up and being counted.
Yes we all belive and practice slightly differently to each other, and sometimes significantly differently.
If those other beleifs practices lead to God, who are we to condemn them?
---alan_8869_of_UK on 3/6/07

Paul, you are a very wise and insightful man. You have been blessed with a special gift. :)

Love in Christ,

---augusta on 3/6/07

I think you need to tell the difference between bashing and reasoning with a person.
---Steveng on 3/5/07

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I have no idea what's fueling all of that anger, but it's not the stuff that witnessing is made of. If you're mad at the RCC, and you need to stay away from them, so be it. If you can't be radically saved and be in amongst them, so be it. But I think if you really did care, that would be your mission field. Helping them find Jesus Christ, right where they're at.
---Paul on 3/5/07

It's easy to hide behind blogs and pretend we're doing what we need to do for Christ. The real proof is what we do on the streets, grocery stores and everywhere else we go. If you want to reach an RC, you don't make blind statements that they're serving the AC. My job required me to move. I had to leave that prayer/bible study/radically saved Catholic/protestant/evangelical group.
---Paul on 3/5/07

Helen: I was going to write you by e-mail but I would like all to see this answer. I know you're right about the Roman Catholic Church, and I know your heart is in the right place. Having been in the mire yourself you more than most understand their predicament. I witnessed to a Catholic this very afternoon(man working on our house) he prayed with me, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. Then said I have never heard any thing like what you told me. This man at least 45 years old a lifetime Catholic.
---Mima on 3/5/07

Last summer, I had to go to a laundromat (moving and all), going through a hard time leaving. Two Catholic sisters from WI show up, the radically saved kind, filled with the Holy Spirit. They prayed with me and everything went better. I thought they might have been angels. White haired, beautiful sisters.
Cease and desist from railing against the people you left, Helen.
---Paul on 3/5/07

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Stop biting them and reach your hands out.

Maybe you'll see a change in you, too.
---Paul on 3/5/07

I am a Christian. I've been a member of a Baptist church for a very long time. In 1988, I wanted more of God. Someone invited me to a Catholic prayer group. About a 100 people, all filled with the Holy Spirit. There were two men, Dave and Bob, so on fire for Jesus, you could hardly stand. The preaching was some of the best I've ever heard in my life. The praise and worship was the best. Those people are radically saved. They could thump a Bible just like the Baptist preachers I am familiar with.
---Paul on 3/5/07

To make canned statements and lump all RCC together, saying they're not born again or filled with the Holy Spirit is insulting. Those claims remind me of a reformed alcoholic or smoker. They become radical, throwing buckets of water on smokers and cursing the bars and drinkers. The reformed behavior doesn't help anyone else come out, it just exposes the anger of the reformer. Sometimes they call them 'dry drunks'. So angry, they can spit nails. They want a drink so bad.
---Paul on 3/5/07

I never bash a Catholic. It's wrong and not edifying. The Catholic Church however, I don't agree with, on quite a few things. I love Catholics, and I'll even pray with a Catholic, as long as it's to God in Jesus name. I have Catholic friends and we get along fine. But I cannot pray with a Catholic that is praying to Mary or the saints. No offense to Catholic people. If this offends you, then I can't do any better than that.
---John on 3/5/07

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"Narcissists (a) extremely sensitive to personal criticism (b) extremely critical of other people. They think that they must be seen as perfect or superior or infallible, next to god-like (sitting on the right hand of God). There's no middle ground of ordinary normal humanity for narcissists. They can't tolerate the least disagreement. "Please don't do that again -- it hurts," narcissists will turn around and do it again harder to prove that they were right the first time;"
---Penny on 3/5/07

Straight out the horse's mouth, the talking horse. But after all, you are a mormon at the end of the day.
---Observee on 3/5/07

The thin line between catholics and protestants is very thin. Mormons believe they are the only ones going to heaven. I know Mr. Horse.
---Observee on 3/5/07

Helen; the RCC has to come to the truth in God's time. He is the one who has to open up their eyes. It is good to tell the truth about Christ, very good. But one can press and press too long and it makes others think it is your way or noway. I say this in love, but if your sick of hearing people calling you "Catholic bashers" maybe you should just keep your two cents to yourself about the RCC.
---Rebecca_D on 3/5/07

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**Telling people the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified is not bashing anybody.**

But it cannot be denied, Helen, that what you do on most of your postings IS to bash Roman Catholics--as well as any other church you think is "too Catholic."
---Jack on 3/5/07

There are few places on earth where there is not a Catholic Church. Protestant missionaries go to other countries to convert Catholics away from the RCC. But the RCC went there when they risked being eaten or otherwise slain by their potential converts. We do not spend our time trying to convert Christians to Christianity, we witness to save the lives of the unborn, we go into the prisons, the hospitals and the frontlines of war to minister to those in need. It is nice when you join us, thanks.
---lorra8574 on 3/5/07

But. When I was 17 i was struck by God's love - a road-to-Damascus experience i will never forget (i pray not). Warmth. Colour. Joy. Lucidness of thought. Equanimity of Spirit. An incredible energy. And a Love so strong that it still blows me over thinking about. The difference between Catholicism and Protestantism is paper thin, and not the great gap that some would have us think.
---Ed on 3/5/07

I don't agree with you, Helen. Extremism is using their beliefs against them. Sour grapes comes through more than genuine concern for the Catholic. If any of their hearts have been moved by stating the RCC is the AC, would you please stand up. I'm not RCC, but I'm not moved by critical, hard claims that they don't know Jesus and that they're all lost, going to hell, and that nativity scenes are demonic. Their are radical aethiests that believe nativity scenes are offensive, too.
---Paul on 3/5/07

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The fight to have them removed from the front of every courthouse tells me that they're worth fighting for. Throwing them in the trash is extreme.
How many RC's are going to trade their love for their faith with sour grapes? No one on these RCC blogs enjoys that manner of witnessing. There's a middle ground that's more effective, with the Love of Christ.
---Paul on 3/5/07

Sadly our efforts are hindered by the numerous heresies in the world today and anti-Catholic propaganda. Being the fullness of truth Catholic doctrine contains much meat; therefore the complete understanding of it first requires untainted milk in addition to study and obedience to the Word.

Those who seek in love and truth will find their way home on their own though.
---augusta on 3/5/07

Seems like nobody can open their mouth (fingers rather) and say anything about the RCs anymore. When we do, we get called "Catholic bashers". I am sick of hearing that. Telling people the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified is not bashing anybody.
---Helen_5378 on 3/5/07

I have lived in Africa and in many places the RCC is the only vestige of any sort of Christianity. So if you were native to one of those areas, would it be better for you to remain pagan or convert to Catholicism? Keep in mind that you cant read at all or not very well in your native tongue, so reading a bible, especially the KJV, is out of the question. All you know of Christ is the priests and nuns.
---randy on 3/5/07

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Roman Catholics are not born-again and therefore do not have the Holy Spirit living in them. It is the Holy Spirit in a person who gives that person a burden for lost souls. If you are lost yourself, then you have no idea what it is to be lost.
---Helen_5378 on 3/5/07

The Franciscans, the Dominicans, the Jesuits lay people, and many other Catholics spread Christianity, both directly, and indirectly. Most of the direct evangelizing goes on in the Third World (slums of India, Africa, South America) and so on.
---Ed on 3/5/07

**I can tell you that in my childhood and adolescence there was never any mention of being born again,or accepting jesus and becoming like him **

1. Nowhere does the Bible use the formula "accept[ing] Jesus/Christ."

2. There's a difference between what pop-evangelicals mean by being born again and what the BIBLE means by being born again.
---Jack on 3/5/07

I'm just so sick and tired of all the bashing against the Catholics. Yes they believe different than we do. Get over it. It isn't doing anyone any good arguing how they believe. If someone is going to bash a religion, then what about the Indians and how they believe? They believe in many gods, which doctors, dreamcatchers. I have been to an Indian church and I'd rather go to a Catholic church than go back to that Indian church. They may have been good people, but they were really out there.
---Rebecca_D on 3/4/07

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MIMA::"what is soulwinning type witnesses"Is that A method employed by what you believe to be true Or another word for Trickery "Your eyes will be opened"!!!!Mima you do not get it as yet.Catholics merely tell what is truth as explained by Jesus Church & By Him you already Know the quote in Matthew .
Alan thanks bro.Barking dogs do not bite they try to intimidate.Catholics do not need repellant,The shield of God protects those who love HIM.
---Emcee on 3/4/07

Soulwinning is pointless if you are not winning peole to the real Jesus, the real church, or the real truth.

Jesus had some pointed comments about soulwinners of His earthly sojourn who crossed the seas to make one convert--and you know the rest of the verse!
---Jack on 3/4/07

I do not admire anyone who stands for any religion. We should stand for Christianity. This is what it's all about, and that's Jesus!
---John on 3/4/07

mima,being raised a catholic I can tell you that in my childhood and adolescence there was never any mention of being born again,or accepting jesus and becoming like him by any nun.the confession booth was where you went to confess your everything was neatly tied up within the church.this gave control to the priestsand nuns and took it away from the holy spirit.the idea was if you talk to the priest your talking to jesus.I never felt that way.
---tom2 on 3/4/07

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