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Why To Give Life To Christ

I am going to lead a bible study for youths on why they should give their lives to Christ. I have some good reasons but I need other people to share their practical experiences.

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 ---tinua8835 on 3/5/07
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I found out that everyone gives their life to something. Entertainment is the big one these days. Work, property, and cars are other common things to give yourself to. But all these things are nothing compared to giving your life to Christ.
---john on 12/27/07

Why should you give your life to Christ? Because there will not be any real joy or peace in you, if you don't. When God places a call on your life it is all over but the shouting. If you don't fulfill the call of God on your life, you are not going to be a happy camper. "You cannot run from God."
---catherine on 3/21/07

Rickey, as a Christian you do not believe you are a disciple of Christ, granted access to the Son by the Father and know the Father through the Son? If you are not a disciple of Christ than what are you?
---Ryan on 3/8/07

Ryan, in John 6:65 Jesus wasn't talking about salvation He was talking about/to the disciples.

He was making emphasis on who was to follow Him as His disciple.
---Rickey on 3/8/07

i think it is because:
1. He is the only one who could bear our lives.
2. He is the only one who could give back our lives.
3. He is life. so we give to Him means we give back to ourselves. as we are all lost, we do not know what the real life is, so we must take Him as the real post.
---dsda on 3/6/07

tinua,I think maybe the best place to start is who jesus was, what jesus did for them, and why.these thoughts should be embeded in their minds and hearts so they can proceed into the is the the foundation upon which our lives should be resting,and lived.
---tom2 on 3/6/07

One thing I really love about salvation is, it gives me peace, and security. I know that no matter what comes along I am not alone.
I can not touch Him, I can not see HIm, but I know God is with me.
Hebrews 13:5, words to live by:)
---lynet on 3/6/07

My husband is a Preacher as well as a Police Officer. He done a teaching on drugs and what they can do. The teens really listened to what he had to say. With him being a Police Officer, he sees crime, wrecks everyday. He got the teens (and others) thinking about their life and where it lies with God. Is God please with them or could they improve their lifestyle. This may not be for everybody, but it helps if you can relate to the kids one on one.
---Rebecca_D on 3/6/07

Some advice;

Don't be afraid to divide the sheep and the goats.

What I am saying is your notes may not serve your goal as well as some preaching will.

"faith cometh by hearing" and sometimes a point can come up in a teaching session that can really be driven home but might offend some and cause them not to come back.

Look at what Jesus did with twelve.
---Pharisee on 3/6/07

---Kasia's answer to this question is very insightful it would serve us well to study this answer.
---Mima on 3/6/07

Rickey, what about John 6:65, none may know the Son unless it is granted by the Father. Nana I am not saying that at all. I am saying tell the children the truth that is in the word of God. Receiving Christ and walking in obedience is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly. Preach the gospel message to the children but don't sugar coat it with the mindless dribble of pseudo-biblical teachings and Christian-lite theology.
---Ryan on 3/6/07

i think it is missunderstanding. we all are already saved by Jesus. He died for us - for all of us once and He will not do it again. All people are saved and God wants them to reply for it but people have free will and they can answer for it and receive the salvation that is a gift from God or they can reject it. But it is for everybody. we can right to choose. God said choose the life but the decision is ours...
---Kasia on 3/6/07

For me to know whereI should start my bible study lesson.To be an effective teacher...weshould know their and listen to their experiences fo the\m to feel verycomfortabe with the family......dealing with an open heart and willingness to help if it is needed...thru this they can feel that being with Gods family is a real shelter where God is trully the Father,the master.....
---Marfa8793 on 3/6/07

God desires everyone be saved, however He gives free choice, therefore not everyone will be saved. It's important to teach the youth by giving their lives to Christ, they are saved from God's wrath and eternal hell. The wrath being because of mankind's original sin in following satan. God's wrath was only appeased by the willing, loving sacrifice of Christ, who being sinless, died for our sins. If we accept Christ's sacrifice, we are saved. Christ stated, He is the only way to the Father.
---Lesle7966 on 3/6/07

God is looking for a generation of TOTAL DEDICATION, OF belonging to the tribe of "Doulos" which means bond-slave in Greek. The generation coming up now is not to be like any generations that have ever lived in the past, if they are not willing for this much, tell them they are wasting their time.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/6/07

The world is full of so many challenges and it is a time that one is supposed to hold on to one who will guide him, who will never leave him no matter what comes his way. Jesus christ is our only hope, who has promised never to leave us nor forsake us. Give your life to Him and you will never regret it.
---Milla4775 on 3/6/07

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Ryan, I'm gonna have to disagree with you because of John 3:16 & Romans 10:9-10.
God has already done His part & He cannot be a respector of persons by only choosing some. That isn't even scriptural.

He gave His Son so that "whosover believes in Him" can be saved.

The door is open to everyone, but is up to folks to make the decision.
---Rickey on 3/6/07

1 good topic would be why they need Christ.
Paul explained spiritual death in Romans 5 & 6 then in chapter 7 he talked about salvation and the war between the flesh and the spirit & in chapt. 8 talked about freedom in Christ.

Use yourself & your testimony to show why they need to give their lives to Christ.
There's no better way to teach than with a testimony.
---Rickey on 3/6/07

If I am understanding your exposition: You basically
are in disagreement with the tittle of the presentation.
I gather that you are saying to basically tell those kids
to don't take a number and stay in line, go home and
don't call us, we'll call you. And also; that if they are
called, they will be called unto hard labor. No?
---Nana on 3/6/07

With youth, a simple approach in line with the saying "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" might be helpful. Relay how awesome it is that Christ's complete and unconditional love and acceptance is ready and waiting for them when they decide to fully live as the beloved children of God that they already are.
---Brian on 3/5/07

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It is fruitless to tell someone why they must be in Christ if they have not been called by the Father. The youths you are ministering to must understand it is not their will to be saved that will save them. They must understand you may only know the Son if it has been granted by the Father. They must understand that the walk of Christian discipleship is not an easy thing. The narrow raod that few find is a walk of servitude, obedience, humbleness and death to self.
---Ryan on 3/5/07

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