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Do You Weekly Attend Church

Do you go to church each week? If not, why not?

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 ---Erika on 3/5/07
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I get no real spiritual edification from church.
I don't believe most churches of our day are the way Jesus intended for them to be. I believe many of the leaders of churches today have many similarities to the Pharisees of Jesus' day.

I do go to church fairly regularly on Sundays for the sake of my children's upbringing, but I do teach them more of the complete truths of the Bible on my own.
---Anne on 11/29/08

I go on Wednesday's and Sunday nights. and if I'm able I go on Sunday mornings. (Health reasons right now and can't drive with medication).
---Rebecca_D on 11/29/08

Andrea- I so WISH I had a church like yours. I know what you mean about power hungry in-charge types. We have a United Pentecostal church in town but it's very legalistic and downright stifling, led by a pastor who treats the congregation like a bunch of criminals, and not in love. Help!
---Aggie on 10/29/07

I attend church every Sunday and it is a huge blessing. The thing is, I spend time with God during the rest of the week as well. This helps to keep my eyes fixed on Christ. And every Sunday, I take part in the Lord's Supper. All of it is important.
---Kella3336 on 10/29/07

When I was a child I was on occasion of a mind to attend this theological services, particularly when free pizza was in the offing. Upon attaining sufficient age (say age eight or so) and reason I stopped going. My integrity is worth far more than a couple slices of pepperoni.
---Joel on 10/28/07

I WISH I had a decent church to go to, one that preached the gospel truth and where people acted in love, but in this tiny town in Montana, there are 13 churches and every last one has a Pharisee as minister. Very, very sad. I teach a bible study and go to a prayer meeting each week with a very small group. Better to be around a few real Christians than not at all. But I do need a worship service....
---Aggie on 10/27/07


I would just like to encourage you to keep going. Your faithfulness is a help to your husband. Your story sounds very familiar. For years my wife would go faithfully, and I would go when I couldn't find an excuse. Our Father has a way of working on us. I now go every Sunday! It's the best day of the week!

The Apostle Paul tells us to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Heb 10:25).

Bless you,
---trey on 10/15/07

I go every Sunday unless im sick, but even then I try to go then too. We don't have Wednesday services otherwise I would go then too.
---ANN on 10/15/07

No I do not! Most people in churches either are saved or assume that they are. Now if you saw a man fishing in a private swimming pool would you expect him to catch any fish or would you say he was crazy? I believe most pastors are fishing in a swimming pool and it is for that reason and I go to the streets(where there is fish) and fish for men that will accept and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior.
---Mima on 10/15/07

I go every sunday after work. I'm a little sleepy during the service but I feel closer to God afterwards. My husband has been a Baptist forever but he only seems to want to go when I want to go, but just recently he has shown more interest in the Lord and he even pointed out a bible study group meeting and asked if I wanted to go.
---steph on 10/15/07

I have a weekly prayer meeting I'm committed to more then church. I had stopped going for a few years and I grew in the Lord but as soon as I returned, my sister got saved. Church has always been a tool for salvation. I love the fellowship and praise but organized religion usually ends up with the person who most wants control controlling events instead of the Holy Spirit. A strong pastor is hard to come by but I'm fortunate to have found a few.
Yes I go every week and bible study and prayer group
---Andrea on 10/15/07

Yes, services three times a week. Doesn't everybody? LOL!!!!
---Susie on 10/15/07

Yes I go very Sunday to Service meetings unless my children or I have the flu.
If I don't I feel I miss my Spiritual food for the day.
---MRS.to_you on 3/24/07

yes i used to go to church every two times in a week.even in my weakest and nardest condition i never forget topick up my bible and go to church.but sometime ,temptaion will come ad my haert will be low but when i remember the promises of God,i was on my way to church.thans he holy spirit for inspiring me.
---magret on 3/24/07

I used to go every single Sunday and never miss, then I got bored with watered-down word, so I went to conferences of anointed men of God to be refreshed in the word. Everyone needs to be refreshed with the word. Now I recently found a very good church with great folks, so I go alot. Church is not a building, it's us, we're the temple of the Holy Spirit.
---donna6598 on 3/8/07

I go to church every week and more often than that when I am able to. It is often a very edifying experience and I feel closer to God in a house built for Him. I am connected to God at other times too, but the early Christians gathered often to break bread, I will continue this tradition for as long as it lasts or I last.
---lorra8574 on 3/6/07

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I now try to attend church on a weekly basis but my wife has multiple health problems so I do not always make it.

Before going to my present church, I quit going for about 6 months because I was very disillusioned with the church of which I was a member. The Lord finally answered my prayer and I now have fellowship with a new congregation.

I also supported the worldwide church on the web as I found much of what they offered good spiritual food.
---lee on 3/6/07

God does not reside in any church made with hands but if you are born again God will reside in your heart. I don't go to church seeking God for God is living in my heart.
---Truth on 3/6/07

Because of medical reasons, I could not attend church, so I joined the first world wide web church.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/6/07

we are to go to church because bible says so. We shouldn't abandon meetings and we are to serve in the church.there is strenght in quanity becasue many things we can't do by ourselves but many people can do more. Forinstance giving money for an aim. you can give some money but it is not much but when we are connented we could accumulate a big sum or amount of money for some good aim. we should be conected to spread the gospel.what can do 1 person or many people but sinlge? not much
---Kasia on 3/6/07

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the only time I ever miss church is when I am truly sick. I go everyweek to fellowship with fellow church members and we felowship together with our maker Jehovah God Almighty the Great I Am.
---jana on 3/6/07

I try to go at least once a week, or more some weeks. It is very beneficial to go. Obedience to God for one thing. We go to give and recieve love from other christians,too. We pray, worship together and have a good time together as we should. We are a family who love one another and want to help one another. We bond and care for others when we attend church.
---robyn on 3/5/07

I go to a service on Sunday and attend a few Bible studies throughout the week. I can't do without the biblical accountability, and I learn a lot more studying the Bible with others than I do when I study on my own. :)
---Meghan on 3/5/07

Church is not a place you can go, it is a spiritual state of existence. Forsake not the assembling together does not give man license to create systems.
---Ryan on 3/5/07

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I'm in love with the meeting place and God's people. I've gone 3 times a week or more for the last 22 years.
---john on 3/5/07

I attend every other week, as I work in a hospital every other weekend.
---Madison1101 on 3/5/07

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