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My Fiance Believes In Religions

I don't know if I am unequalley yoked. My fiance' believes in Christianity, but he also believes in other religions. He feels religion has separated people and that it is more important to be spiritual. He believes in Christianity, but feels it is not the only way to find GOD. Any advise?

Moderator - Don't marry him as you would be unequally yoked.

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 ---Chae on 3/5/07
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mpa .... I think Rebecca was rederring to "denomination"
---alan_of_UK on 3/12/07

Rebecca you say "Many people can hear about God in many different ways. They do not have to 'belong' to any religion to believe in God." Correct but the only religion that will allow us to spend eternity with God is the religion called Christianity which is the religion of those who believe in and follow the teaching of Christ. Jews believe in God but they will not spend eternity with Him unless they become Christians. You DO belong to a religion and it is called Christianity.
---mpa on 3/12/07

Mpa: Many people can hear about God in many different ways. They do not have to "belong" to any religion to believe in God. I don't belong to a religion and I most certianly believe in God and that we must go through Jesus in order to get to God. How many of you have a religion sign above your church door? EX Such and such Baptist or Methodist church. To me it doesn't matter what is hung on the church door as long as your a born again child of God, that is all that matters.
---Rebecca_D on 3/6/07

Rebecca, did you really mean this or have I misunderstood you posting. "Christianity isn't the only way to believe in God" ? It is if you want to dwell with HIM for eternity. Jesus said that HE was the ONLY way. Anyone who does not accept that believes that Jesus lied. There are many people who believe in God who do not accept Jesus but God will reject them on the day of judgement. The bible says so.
---m.p.a. on 3/6/07

chase, religion is and has been the worship of many things. the greeks believed in Gods for just about anything you can think did the romans.and your statement that your fiance believes in christianity appears to be his belief that it is just another religion.problem for him is it is not ,it is the only one true religion,all others are false.jesus is the only truth,he is christianity.
---tom2 on 3/6/07

chase, he knows nothing about christ. jesus said IAM THE WAY THE TRUTH THE LIFE NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME. so that kills his idea about different ways to God.
---tom2 on 3/6/07

I find it unwise to give a verdict on a 5 line description of a problem.

Re religion has separated people, it's the truth - q.v. on these blogs. Religions also caused many wars.
---Caring on 3/6/07

Religion has seperated alot of people. Anymore if your not the same faith they will shrug their shoulders at you. Christianity isn't the only way to believe in God. People can believe upon God without belonging to any religion at all. Religion doesn't get one into heaven. He is searching for the truth as we all are. Don't give up on him just because he doesn't believe in a certain way. What if God gave up on us?
---Rebecca_D on 3/6/07

i think your fiance is deceived. Jesus Himself said He is way the truth the life. so there is no other way to salvation than through Christ Jesus. it is not true every way leads to God... Only Jesus. it looks your fiance is not saved also because the truth is in Jesus' words and in the bible. so better choose the right person not to regret in the future.
---Kasia on 3/6/07

he's lost. i agree with the moderator.take some hard learned advice, you will have nothing but hardship and heartache if you do not marry a born-again christian. been there and through that, it's not worth it. i now have a christian husband, pray for god to send you one. you are in my prayers. kimberlynn9854
---kimberlynn on 3/5/07

forgive me, i should have also said for you to pray for him to find the truth, because he is searching, i will pray for him also. kimberlynn9854
---kimberlynn on 3/5/07

Chae you do not actually tell us what you believe. If you are a Christian you would certainly be unequally yoked with this man. People who believe in a hotchpotch of religions don't really believe anything at all in any serious way and couples who cannot agree on faith issues rarely agree on other issues either. Be very cautious.
---m.p.a. on 3/6/07

Yes I have some advice-- run as fast as you can away from him. The Bible says guard well the affections of your heart, because it effects all other areas of your life.
---Mima on 3/6/07

So what? The Devil himself does that much, how is your fiance different? What fellowship does light have with darkness, the Bible says. If you do not have enough God given wisdom to know if your unequally yoked. There are two types of religions, Satanic, inspired by demons, and Godly, If that doesn't separate people, I don't know what does.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/6/07

"He believes in Christianity, but feels it is not the only way to find GOD."

And how is it he "believes in Christianity?"

I agree with the Mod.
---Ryan on 3/5/07

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