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Good Friend Got Murdered

I need closure in finding a good frined who I found out was murdered last year. I last saw him when he was leaving my house after a date. I am devastated. I would like to hear suggestions as to how can I find where he final resting place is. Not in touch with the family to get the information.

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 ---Teeny on 3/8/07
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Go online to obituary columns in local newspapers where he lived and do a search. Pray for guidance from the Lord before you begin. He knows where he rests in this world and the one beyond. You can also do a people search on the internet if you know his full name.
---Marlene on 9/16/07

I am sorry that you lost your friend. If you know city and state this happen and date go look in the newspaper and that may be helpful. Praying God will help you put closure on the loss.
---charm3486 on 3/23/07

I am very sorry for your loss, but did you find out if he was a christian or not. If you didn't only God knows for sure. I know that if he isn't a Christian he will not be in heaven. If you happened to be with him on his last breath and heard his last words you might know where he is in death.
---Lloyd on 3/23/07

I'm sorry for your loss. To find out after so long must be very difficult.

The County Recorder's office should have a record of his death. From there, the coroner should be able to tell you which funeral home the body was released to and, from there, you should be able to find out where he is buried.

I can somewhat understand your curiosity and want for closure, but at the same time, please realize that knowing where his remains are will not give you true closure, but Yahweh can and will.
---AlwaysOn on 3/17/07

Allow God to give you closure. If it is His will that you find his resting place, then he will lead you.
---NVBarbara on 3/16/07

Leave it in Gods hands. You just have to leave it in Gods hands. I lost a relative, and worried if they went to hell, or heaven, I had to leave it in Gods hands.
---Chris on 3/16/07

I'm so sorry for your lost dearest! My brother was killed in a brutal way and i know how it feels to loose a person close to your heart... i pray that Father will give you guidance as to discovering his final resting place. where did he work? they might have contact with the family... i sincerely hope you will reach your aim...
May God Almighty by His Holy Spirit cause you find your friends resting place.
---melodi on 3/15/07

If he was such a good friend that you were dating, why did it take you a year to find out that he had been murdered?
---Jack on 3/8/07

You answered your own question, get in touch with the family. That's where you begin, the last name.
But even when you find the family, you won't find your friend from last year. He's gone. He no longer roams this earth as a spirit. He is gone, and he's not really in the grave. Talk with God about it. It will save you money and heartache.
---Rodney on 3/8/07

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