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Ten Commandments On Buildings

Would you be upset if government buildings posted the Ten Commandments along with virtues of other religions or do you feel they should they stand alone?

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 ---Kyoko on 3/11/07
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the lies of the ACLU and the "freedom from religion "foundation are all anti-Christ.
Especially the FFRF..they hate God.
And yes "In God we Trust" is the one and True God of the Bible.
It is the history of the USA...founded on Judeo Christian Values...The Bible.
We need to squash the brainwashed secular atheists and Christ haters right out of the USA.ASAP.
They are the downfall of the USA.
---lisa on 12/11/07

Remember the religion that put those things on the gov't buildings in the first place. Our founding fathers may not have all been of the same denomination. but they understood which God we serve. There is no question about it. The God they felt they were honoring was God the father. Not allah. If we serve the same God, then God sent two sets of instructions and that is NOT possible.
---Tony on 12/11/07

ok what i think about the whole taking off "in God we trust" is the fact that it doesn't say which God. every religion has a god, so why make a big fuss about it. does it say the buddist God. no. does it say the Christian God. no. so why make the fuss. to Christians it is our God. the one and only, but for people who have different religion then it is about their God.
---Birdie on 12/11/07

The United States is a nation whose laws are founded upon the constitution. The first amendment to that constition guarantees that the government will not establish any religion above any other.

Regardless of whether you think that the ten commandments "should" be put on a building, such an action would be unconstititional. If you think that is wrong, you are free to ask your congressman to propose that the Fist Amendment to the constituion be abolished. (Good luck with that).
---StrongAxe on 12/11/07

What is the 4th Commandment? Yet, may professing Christians do not observe this commandment.

As soon as Church is over, they are running to the world to seek entertainment from sporting events.
---Mr._Graham on 12/11/07

most all our laws are based on the 10 commandments....God founded it...we recognize His law as supreme in the USA...He gave us liberty to be allowed to have the USA.
The founding fathers understood this, why can't you?
---lisa on 12/11/07

If they aren't going to put something up that is a tribute to ALL religions then they shouldn't put them up at all. I think the government is just too lazy to do the religion research and too dumb to come up with a compromise.

---Shadoe on 12/11/07

How many gods are there? Only one. So the ten commandments should stand alone. Can any other God help this nation, besides the true God? The God that lives in me. His name is beautiful---Jesus Christ.
---catherine on 3/17/07

The Ten Commandments should stand alone. All else is not of God. God does not have a "pick and choose" religion.
---Helen_5378 on 3/13/07

Who said anything about fair. We are for God's pleasure not He ours. If Jesus is not their Saviour hell will be their home. Remember when the Ark of the Covanent was taken by the Philistines? They put it with their god dagon and he fell on his face to the earth before the ark of the Lord. 1Sam 4 & 5. God owes no compromise to other religions as nor do His children.
---MARK on 3/12/07

I would rather see them posted with other creeds than to have them removed completely. Perhaps when viewed along side other religious virtues, their impact will be that much greater, not only for us but for others.
---lorra8574 on 3/12/07

Mark, thats still not fair if they put up only JESUS. Its still just a 10 Commandment discussion all over again. If they put up one religious figure they might as well do them all to keep people happy. But then again no one ever seems happy no matter how much people try to compromise. : P
---Jamie on 3/12/07

I think they should take off "in God we trust" on the currency. I think there was a debate about this in Congress once too. There's no way they could fit every single religious symbol/saying on any coin, much less a bill. There'd be no room for the presidents faces and such.
---Shadoe on 3/12/07

If the government put up the Ten Commandments and just that alone, people with other religion would cry and whine because it would be discrimation. We as Christians have to remember that there are others whom don't believe in Christianity, and we will always have differences. But in this day and time, posting the Ten Commandments wouldn't do any good, because like God's word, people will ignore it. But to answer your question, no I wouldn't get upset.
---Rebecca_D on 3/12/07

John and Ryan you answered that one right. Just put the name JESUS up on the buildings. That is where the power is.
---MARK on 3/12/07

When a government or a person post the 10 Commandments on a building or in their yard they have by that action place themselves under the law. And because no one can keep the law(Jesus of course kept the law) this action condems them. If Jesus fulfilled the law for us(and he did) why are we trying to fulfill it?
---Mima on 3/12/07

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Are there any major religions that believe that adultery, theft, and deliberate murder of the innocent are virtues?
---Jack on 3/11/07

As for the whiners that advocate posting all religions and such you need to know Christians don't practice religion.
Also if you sneak into America don't ask me to learn your language, give you welfare and Social Security that you have not paid one dime into or make you a citizen without you serving in our Military and protecting the other citizens like our Soldiers are now protecting you and your "rights."
---Elder on 3/11/07

This blog gives a good indication as to how this country has digressed. There are some places in our country that it is illegal to fly the American Flag yet it is the symbol of who we are.
As I said before ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Take God out and we have only One Nation Under.
cond #2
---Elder on 3/11/07

The 10 commandments never made anyone perfect. One look at the Israelites in the Bible and you will see what I mean. They were the wickedest nation on earth. The 2 that Jesus gave are for our perfection. Love the Lord and your neighbor as yourself. That would be much better to put on a building.
---john on 3/11/07

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I wouldn't be upset, but as a Christian I would wonder why they wish to post a minitry of death engraved on stones on public buildings. And I would also wonder why the government wished to veil the hearts of people to Christ by posting Moses.
---Ryan on 3/11/07

I think if they are going to display them they should think about other religions and put their symbols up too, whether it's Hindi, Jewish, Pagan, Shinto, Wicca, 7th Days, Mormon or whatever. What's fair is fair whether some agree there are other religions out there or not.
---Erik on 3/11/07

Hoho! My husband and I have had SO many debates about this one. : ) I think it should stand by itself but my husband would be the first to go up and protest that it wasnt fair. In a way I can see his point, but still, it's the Ten Commandants.
---Kyoko on 3/11/07

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