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TV Kid's Shows Banned

Are there any TV kid's shows out there that you ban your child from watching? Any that you encourage them to watch? My husband and I are always fighting over what our daughter watches so, tryng to set good examples, we compromise.

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 ---Kyoko on 3/11/07
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Donna- That's true.
---Betty on 10/13/09

Trouble is, Betty, school is even worse when it comes to "vulgar" words, than TV is. (Christian schools may be nearly as bad as public, I hear)
You can teach them proper language and manners (or does ANYBODY care about these any more?). But, sadly, you cannot "protect" them any where but your own home.
---Donna66 on 10/9/09

Some tv shows for kids teach them vulgar words they don't learn at home. For example. Parents need to be careful what the children watch. They ought to watch tv with them & learn what's going on.
---Betty on 10/5/09

Do you think this took LESS imagination than sitting in front of a TV?

where is the imagination when a child is on the couch or floor zoned out of life and plugged into an adults idea of creativity on tv - MOLDING my children

a child playing and INTERACTING with other children and CREATING by way of make-believe is NOT same as sitting them in front of boob tube (babysitter) where they are MINDLESSLY filled with trash weighed down with ENDLESS commercials ...amazing how many claim christianity yet LIVE for world

my children are INVOLVED in life and activities INTERACTING with MANY children ...not WASTING AWAY like vapid zombies under guise of "entertainment" bowing down to hollywood money-making machine
---Rhonda on 10/5/09

I'm pretty confident that the truth is just
the opposite of the good doctor's conclusion. Nobody had TV when I was child. Our toys did not move unless we moved them, or speak unless we spoke for them. Yet we acted out unending dramas with inanimate dolls, immobile tin cars, wooden blocks, string, rocks, ribbon, and old clothing. We were on constant lookout for something that could become a toy. We invented games of chasing, racing, capturing, and becoming "it". We made up jump rope jingles that nearly rhymed. Do you think this took LESS imagination than sitting in front of a TV?

I was never "bored" and knew better than to complain if I was, because my parents were quick to find some chores to fill my idle time.
---Donna66 on 10/4/09

a coalition started spread reduction in tv watching both by adults and children ...studies show tv induces trance like state of brain from waves transmitted from tv linking it to Attention Deficit Disorder in children ...several older teachers in my childrens school say many children no ability to focus

large group of families at my childrens school wide mix of cultures religions that limit or eliminate tv parent in our group allows tv for more than 5 hours a week obviously restricted programs

group activities reading instilling hobbies and interests having them outdoors enjoying the weather etc keep them busy ...they are never "bored" as many children use the term today
---Rhonda on 10/3/09

i honestly agree with what you guys say but if you ban stuff and say it is has simularities to satan thats just giving more power than he deserves you people gawk like chickens just remember its entertainment and it cant physically harm them if you teach them not to act out what they see.
---conner on 10/2/09

Rebecca, I am not against children watching television but I do not agree (whether it is supposed to be a proven fact or not) that children who do not watch television have little imagination. Parents managed to help children develop into intelligent people with active imaginations long before the invention of television
---RitaH on 5/25/08

2. It was done by spending time with their children, doing things together as a family, answering questions when asked and choosing toys with care and thought. Today the television has become the nanny, parent, teacher, encourager for many children and that is SAD indeed.
---RitaH on 5/25/08

My kids Pediatrician is the #1 Pediatrician in the state of WV, and he has done a test on different children about what they watch and for how long. And to his conclusion children that watch TV shows has more imagination than those that don't. He done a study on certain programs that challenges a child's mind. He also done a study on children who watch a small amount of TV and those that watch alot of TV.
---Rebecca_D on 5/25/08

Rebecca, what is the study that has "proven that if a kid doesn't watch tv then they have little imagination.". I would be interested to see where/who this study comes from. I have very serious doubts that children who dont sit in front of the "boob tube" zombied out have more imagination than kids who go outside and actually use their imagination to play.
---Todd1 on 5/23/08

It is proven that if a child doesn't watch TV, then they have little imagination. There are a lot of programs on TV that gives a child a better imagination. I'm talking about shows like, The upside Down Show that lets kids use their imagination. Not all TV programs are bad. If one were to watch Family Guy or the Simpsons and things of that nature, then yeah I wouldn't let my kids watch stuff like that. My kids love to watch ICarly and Drake and Josh. I don't see anything wrong with it.
---Rebecca_D on 5/23/08

Right now my wife lets our 2 year old son watch this cartoon called "Little Bear", also sometimes "Winnie the Pooh". For movies its "Cars" along with "The Prince of Egypt" and "Joseph: King of Dreams". I personally think kids who watch NO tv are best off. Not only in terms of sitting inside being lazy instead of enjoying God's creation, but also every year the devil puts more of his falsehoods into tv programming, even for kids, especially for kids.
---Todd1 on 5/22/08

It would be best if kids did not watch tv at all. Look at the cartoons they watch. Full of magic, witchcraft and other things. Play games with them, read to them teach them to read.
---Rev_Herb on 5/22/08

My mom would watch programs with us, half the time, we didn't always understand what was on, not until we go older. But she never prohibited things from us, she felt that by watching with us, we wouldn't be tempted to watch things without her permission or knowledge.
---Katie on 8/14/07

I like to limit the amount of time my children spend watching TV. When they do watch anything, I like to know what they are watching so that I can discuss any less than desirable elements. I won't let them watch adult cartoons such as "American Dad" or "Family Guy". I also do not let them watch shows rated for older viewers, even when on youth channels - for example, I do not allow them to watch "Smallville".
---lorra8574 on 4/4/07

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YES IN GOD'Sname in Jesus name not banned tv 4 kids cartoons off like channel 11 fox and 5 ok
---Bobby_the_Angel on 4/4/07

Whenever my kids watched ANY tv, I'd be right there beside them, voiceing MY opinion regarding the particular show. It would be a good way to open a dialoge with my kids, whether it was a good show or not, this way they would learn values and how I expected them to be. Bad can teach as well as good.
---sue on 4/4/07

The other problem with children's television is the advertising. It is very powerful in sending messages about diet and nutrition that are very unhealthy.
---Madison1101 on 4/4/07

Power Rangers, Jordanos, Calabas pumpkin head, geo the dragon, cartoons. Are fashioned for children to watch from live demons from hell, it would be sickening and grotesque for me to tell you anything else on this blog. My husband does not stand with me, and I am more than aware of the dangers and hidden messages given to innocent little victims of perverted producers, who have made pacts with devils.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/4/07

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Yes. My kids tried to watch The Simpsons, Ed, Edd and Eddie, and others like that. I said "uh no-way". I do however let my two children watch cartoons like The Backyardagains, Spongebob, Danny Phatom, Baby Enstines, things like that. If a new cartoon came on, I watch it first and if I feel it is okay, then there is a new cartoon for them.
---Rebecca_D on 3/12/07

I don't have small children so I'm not too familiar with children's shows. When I did have children at home I monotored closely what they watched, and they were allowed 1 hour a day. However I have watched the "Wild Thornberry's" its fun and educational.
---NVBarbara on 3/12/07

I wont let my daughter watch Bratz or the Winx club. Too sexy outfits and all the girls want on the shows are boys, boys, boys, that and material things.
---Jamie on 3/11/07

I didnt let my kids watch TV until they were 5. The Rev's right to a degree. TV does rot your brain so I monitor them closely on their TV habits. No shows are banned, (as of yet.) There are a couple new shows they've found that I'm giving them a chance. You cant go by a show much if you only see one episode, so I'll post if these shows get banned.
---Erik on 3/11/07

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My husband wont let them watch shows that have characters displaying too much skin and that's about it. He doesnt mind if they watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch, W.I.T.C.H., or the Harry Potter movies. I dont really like that and he brings up the argument that I should know Witches arent really like that. When I ask them if they wouldnt want to watch Veggie Tales instead they laugh and say the show is so lame. I guess I'd just prefer my kids followed my path. (We're a very big family of mixed religions.)
---Kyoko on 3/11/07

We let our kids watch what they want so long as we're in the same room when they're watching TV, and it's age appropriate of course.. If we're not home then no TV. (We keep the TV in a locked cabinet otherwise.) If we see a show that's questionable we give it 3 chances to improve. If it doesnt, it's banned. We banned Invader Zim due to Zim being rather mean & self absorbed. I thought it was a rather cool show but not for kids.
---Shadoe on 3/11/07

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