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Husband Prayed To Rosary Beads

My husband was a Catholic before becoming a Christian & he had the rosary beads praying to Mary but In John 14 v 6 Jesus said No one can come to the Father except through Me" so it's wrong to pray to Mary?

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 ---Sheena on 3/12/07
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If Mary is Jesus's mother and Jesus is not God, then Mary is not the mother of God. But what if Jesus is God?
---Pat.pat on 3/18/12

\\Christ did not pray to Mary\\

Since one of the meanings of "pray" is "request," are you saying that Jesus never asked anything of His mother

ask your boss for a raise then you are praying to your boss and your boss is an intercessor just like Christ?

BIBLICAL Mary understood Christ was her savior ...there are less than one dozen Scriptures about the mother of Christ and NOT ONE describes her as an intercessor for prayer

hundreds of Scriptures about Christ including HIM as the ONLY intercessor of prayer

sad how so many who are drowning in rcc's lies cannot SEE the difference between the false "mary" adopted by rcc and Biblical Mary who is the true mother of Christ
---Rhonda on 3/17/12

\\Christ did not pray to Mary\\

Since one of the meanings of "pray" is "request," are you saying that Jesus never asked anything of His mother--even a drink of water when He was a little boy?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/11/12

praying with, or praying to either beads or mary is an abomination

Christ did not pray to Mary

Apostles did not pray to Mary

there is the biblical Mary who is simply the mother of Christ as Holy Scripture states

rcc has a "mary" too however she is NOT the same as the biblical Mary

True Believers who BELIEVE Christ (who is the WORD) understand HE is our high priest

to pray to beads, a "mary", or any other object or person is an abomination to the TRUE GOD

one either follows a catechism and its traditions of men

or one FOLLOWS Christ

Holy Scripture states one cannot do both
---Rhonda on 3/10/12

Strongaxe - Thank you for acknowledging my post. If you asked the people themselves, they would tell you that these objects merely represent saints, or the Virgin, or Jesus. I agree with your condmenation of any kind of idol worship. Where I live people will queue hours to see works of art. Is this not idol worship too? Or what about worshipping celebraties.
---fred on 3/9/12


As you said, the title of the blog is NOT at all what the blog subject says. For some reason the moderators assign the blog subjects, rather than allowing users to choose them themselves. Unfortuantely, in many cases, their choices slightly (or sometimes even grossly) misrepresent what the blog topic is about.

This topic should be titled "Praying to Mary", not "Praying to Rosary Beads".
---StrongAxe on 3/9/12

Fred: "Nobody in this day and age prays TO inanimate objects..."

On the contrary, people still do - even the catholics (not so much as in civilized countries as they do in others). Not only do they pray to inanimate objects, but the kiss and rub them. They light candles around them and build shrines for them. This is all an abomination.

Then there are the idols which people covet like money.
---Steveng on 3/8/12

The title of this blog is not correct, surely. Nobody in this day and age prays TO inanimate objects, I hope. If you mean prays the rosary, that makes sense. However, rosary beads are displayed by all kinds of strange people these days. I mean people who actually call themselves Satanists. Check it out.
---Fred on 3/8/12

James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.

If you believe that when you die, you go to heaven to be with God, and are conscious and aware of life on earth,
then it is perfectly OK to ask someone who is in heaven to pray for you.

In many of our protestant churches, the pastor says during the funaral that sister X or brother Y is in heaven looking down at us. If they are in heaven looking down, it is OK to ask them to pray for us.

Therefore if Mary has died and gone to heaven and is looking on us, who better but the holy mary, mother of God, queen of heaven, to pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death?
---francis on 3/8/12

Jesus showed us an example of how to pray & who to pray to.His father through Jesus our mediator. We donot need past saints,apostles to pray with us to God.As far as holding the rosary bead it can be a type of a meditation tool to focus on prayer & though not needed it is ok as lnog as you do not worship it, & put your focus on God.
---Candice on 3/7/12

The rosary is not praying to Mary it is praying with her and asking her for her prayers. The Rosary is the prayer of the Gospel each mystery is Christ centered. When your husband was a Catholic, he was a Baptized Christian. to learn your history you and your husband would cease to be protestant and I challenge you to ardently seek the truth.
---Kathleen on 3/7/12

It isn't wrong, but shouldn't be done. God hears our prayers but like the verse says, we must go through Jesus in order to get to God.
---Rebecca_D on 11/4/07

Your husband did not pray TO ROSARY BEADS madam, he prayed with rosary beads, there is a difference, and while such vain repetitions are of no worth, neither is telling lies about how a group pray.


Is this silly season?
---Robert on 4/4/07

Matthew 6:7 True prayer to God is never in vain, no matter how often it is repeated.
Revelations 4:8 The four beast (the four evangelists) repeated their prayer over and over again, day and night.

"Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come."
---lorra8574 on 4/4/07

Rebecca D, Necromancy is forbidden in the Catholic Church. That is when one goes to a witch or medium to contact the dead.

But the idea that the dead know nothing comes from the old covenant, Jesus has come now and we have been redeemed. We are still not to seek out the dead, for the very reason you mentioned, but asking our departed to pray to God for us is another matter.
---lorra8574 on 4/4/07

Sheena, you need to ask yourself why your asking this question. If you were truly a Christian, you would know that we can only pray to God.
---Kent on 4/3/07

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No bead is going to do no thing. These are vain repetitions that displease the Lord. However, Jesus, has already paid the price for our sins, REPENTANCE, ONLY ONE TIME, turn away and sin no more YOU ARE FREE. Hallelujiah. jESUS HAS RISEN, AND IS ALIVE AGAIN.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/3/07

The Bible speaks the Truth. Mary was chosen from millions of other youg woman and her heart was right. She was not divine, she was a normal human being and she was never a savior. Jesus Christ is the only true Savior, Redeemer and Salvation. Mary died and did not arise from the dead, to us human beings she is in heaven and cannot do anything for us. Jesus can and does.
---Junia on 3/17/07

Caring; if you want to believe a lie and be damned, then hey who am I to stop you? If you want to pray to dead people, go for it. My mom passed away 6 years ago, I don't pray to her. Why should I, she can't get me into heaven.
---Rebecca_D on 3/16/07

... PRAY FOR us and NOT GIVE us our daily bread. Pray God for us.
---Caring on 3/16/07

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Susie::"mother of God Pray FOR us Sinners" Does; FOR =To.? Maybe in another world but in English its For= intercession,which means to ask susie
---Emcee on 3/16/07

"You see, wrong again. We never pray TO His Mother."

Maybe we misunderstand the words when this is said---"Hail Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us Sinners" Isn't this praying???
---Susie on 3/16/07

But those who put their faith in Christ will never Die, death will lose it's Sting for the same Spirit that raised Christ will quicken your mortal body and you will be changed in a moment,a twinkling of an Eye, being sown in corruption you will be raised incorruptible,receiving your Spiritual body you will be with Christ and upon his return your body that lay in a Grave will be resurrected and made in the fashion of his Body and you will dwell upon the earth in the new kingdom.
---Exzucuh on 3/16/07

Caring - The Bible actually says that. "The dead know nothing" is to be found in Ecclesiastes 9:5. It is a word for word translation that Rebecca gave.
---Helen_5378 on 3/16/07

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Rebecca said: "The bible says, "The dead know nothing".

You should have said that you interpret the Bible as having said that. May I respectfully ask for your and others permission to allow us to believe what we want to believe without being harassed? Thank you!
---Caring on 3/16/07

The bible says, "The dead know nothing". They don't think, talk, walk, eat, drink, nothing. They are dead. Saul went to a witch to see if she could raise Samuell, she did. Saul was amazed, but little did he realize that he wasn't talking to Samuell but a demon, like I said the dead know nothing.
---Rebecca_D on 3/15/07

You see, wrong again. We never pray TO His Mother.

Many of us has explained it but you refuse to listen and keep yapping the same nonsense ad nauseam.
---Caring on 3/15/07

All those scriptures were referring to living people, not dead ones. Nowhere does it refer to praying to dead people. You might be bored with my answers, but you won't be bored when the Lord asks you why you were praying to His mother instead of Him.
---Susie on 3/15/07

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Susie, check the hundreds of boring blogs that had been posted by many over the years and you'll get the answer. Yours are/were as boring.
---Caring on 3/15/07

Psalms 103
Romans 15:30
2 Cor 1:11
1 Thess 1:5
1 Tim 2:1
We pray for each other, and we ask each other for prayers. David even prays to Angels.
1 John 5:13 how many times eternal life is promised in the NT - Would you make Jesus a liar.
Matthew 17:3-4 - in the scriptures, they saw the dead looking very alive and speaking with Jesus.
And as for Mary - her faith in Christ was absolute and from the beginning.
---lorra8574 on 3/14/07

These are supposed to be "Christian" blogs but I'm afraid the mods allow even hatred to be published and when we defend ourselves, they don't publish our replies.

That's very undemocratic and descriminating.
---Caring on 3/14/07

Caring...Do you think that dead people can hear our prayers? Why would that statement come as a surprise to you? When the disciples asked Jesus how they should pray, he gave them a model prayer. We call that the Lord's Prayer. Jesus addressed "Our Father Who Art in Heaven" and no one else. We are to come to the Father through Jesus as Jesus said. And, Jesus is not dead. He is sitting at the right hand of the Father right now.
---Susie on 3/14/07

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Where does it say that we are to pray to Mary? Where did this nonsense come from? How can so many be so deceived when this is not in the Bible at all? Don't you read your Bible?????
---Susie on 3/14/07

"Mary always guides us to her Son"

What happened to the Holy Spirit guiding us to Jesus? This statement about Mary is so false. There is absolutely no scripture to back that statement up.
---Susie on 3/14/07

Traditions are traditions.....what difference does it make if you are praying to the same God. Jesus knows you are searching for him.
---kara_kirz on 3/14/07

There is not one dead person who can hear our prayers. That's the answer you need.
---Susie on 3/13/07

This is the FIRST time I read such a statement on CN.
---Caring on 3/14/07

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Rosary beads are a tool to help us pray. Nothing more nothing less. there are several prayers that use the beads. and if you really look into the Rosary even the catholic Rosary is not praying to Mary but is reflecting on the Life, Suffering and Resurrection of Christ. And then asking Mary to pray for us. in a since it is nothing more than asking you pastor to pray for you as you reflect on Christ.
---Jared on 3/14/07

Well I speak in love, the Bible has this to say about it Sister; II Timothy 1:12 and Luke 2:42-49 also John 15:16, Luke 1:47, also Matthew 6:7 re: vain repetitions.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/14/07

NV Barb: "Perhaps if NO ONE posted on these bashing blogs, people would stop posting them"

Been thinking the same thing. It's too bad since I am sure many are sincere in their inquiries, beliefs, and wishing simply to discuss, enlighten or be enlightened.
---christina on 3/14/07

Perhaps if NO ONE posted on these bashing blogs, people would stop posting them eh?
Start more kindness, love and understanding blogs.
I'm tired of the dissention.
---NVBarbara on 3/14/07

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I also feel that some people ask/answer these sort of questions as a Catholic-bashing exercise BUT most of us come here to answer honestly what is asked, which is what this site is all about. This, and similar, questions do seem to be asked more frequently that others but we must remember that there are new people joining all the time who will not have seen previous answers.
---m.p.a. on 3/14/07

I understand admiring Old Testament saints and looking to them for examples of faith and good lessons. Building Church buildings dedicated to them seems a little over the top. At the Mt. of Transfiguration when the apostle offered to build two altars to Elijah and Moses the idea was not encouraged by Christ.
---Ryan on 3/13/07

The Rosary is a form of prayer that meditates upon the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus. It begins with the Apostles Creed, followed by the Our Father. It is true that there are many more Hail Mary's broken up by Our Fathers and Glory Be's, but the Hail Marys are only a back drop to meditation on Christ. When prayed properly, this beautiful prayer brings you deeply into the scriptures and connects you to Jesus. We don't go to The Father through Mary, but Mary always guides us to her Son.
---lorra8574 on 3/13/07

You are right,,,No-one can come to the father, except threw Jesus. Mary was Jesus mother and she is blessed by God, but God says in His word to pray to Him without ceasing, didn't say Mary. He is the only way to Eternel Life, there's no other way the Bible says. Jesus paid the ultimate price for the fogivness of our sins, on the cross, that's why He sits at the right hand of God intercessing for us. Peg
---peg on 3/13/07

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Sheena::"Mother behold thy son" "Son behold your Mother"The words of a dying Saviour God Redeemer Has gone by like water ona ducks back.BUT SHE "THE MOTHER" knew & understood & loves HER CHILDREN- U & I - with unswerving Devotion as if you are her child like JESUS OH ungrateful man to refuse a Mothers love I cant find a word except SHAME to those who revile & do not understand inspite of all that is said & the miracles wrought in HER Name.
---Emcee on 3/13/07

**Why not include praying to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let's start praying to David or Solomon. **

As a matter of fact, in the Churches of the
East, the righteous of the Old Testament are invoked and have feast days. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Solomon are commemorated the two Sundays before Christmas, and David the Sunday afterwards.

There's a St. Abraham Chaldea Church in my city, and also a Prophet Daniel Roman Catholic Church.
---Jack on 3/13/07

**I suspect it's posted to (once again) initiate another attack against the RCC.**

You really think so, Caring?

I thought that immediately, but noticed my remark about "Here comes another round of Bash the Catholics" didn't get posted.

It must be a really soul-satisfying activity for some people on these blogs.
---Jack on 3/13/07

Rebecca, whatever do you mean by this "It isn't wrong, but shouldn't be done"? If it shouldn't be done it's because it's wrong. What sort of answer are you trying to give with such a weird answer? Anything that is not wrong is O.K. to do, but if it's wrong it shouldn't be done and praying to Mary is wrong - no if, but or maybe.
---m.p.a. on 3/13/07

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There is not one dead person who can hear our prayers. That's the answer you need.
---Susie on 3/13/07

Why only Mary? Why not include praying to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let's start praying to David or Solomon. Don't forget Joseph, and the other patriarchs of the earthly descendents of Abraham. Why are catholics limiting their prayers only to Mary, why not other saints like Paul, Peter, or John? Jesus began His prayer, "Our Father..." that is probably the best example of how to pray.
---Ryan on 3/12/07

Sheena: Does your husband still pray the Rosary? You said he was Catholic before becoming a Christian.

I was Catholic and prayed the Rosary before I was saved. I no longer pray them.

Why are you asking this question?
---Madison1101 on 3/12/07

The 36th dozen times this question has been raised on CN and I suspect it's posted to (once again) initiate another attack against the RCC.

Sheena, if you truly exist, you know what the answers to your question will be.
---Caring on 3/12/07

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Sheena, if you feel it's wrong to pray to Mary,then don't do it. As far as we Catholics are concerned, please mind your own business.
---Caring on 3/12/07

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