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Jesus Birth Date Revealed

When is Jesus' birth date? With the talk about the tomb of Jesus being found, does anyone know His actual birth date? Can it be determined by clues in the Bible?

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 ---Jessi on 3/12/07
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The tomb of Jesus was not found. The claim was made over similar, and popular. names found in the tomb. The supposed ossuary of Mary Magdalene did not say "Mary Magdalene" on it. A Gnostic gospel written some 200 years after the fact, along with "traditions," was used to establish this "fact." A very weak case made by those who hoped to discredit Christianity. Much more at my blog site; but I'm not allowed to tell you where it is.
---Ed on 4/2/08

You can't get a definitive date or year. But you can associate it with a Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah.

Reason: Jews believe the creation of Adam was on Rosh Hashanah a Messiah would be the Second Adam and would have to be born on the same holiday to be an acceptable Messianic figure. Rosh Hashanah comes in the fall of the year it is the beginning of High Holiday Days and is the reason there were no rooms in Inns in towns near Jerusalem.
---notlaw99 on 8/7/07

My Pastor thinks that Jesus was probably born in the spring, but who knows and what difference does it make.
---den on 3/13/07

My Pastor thinks that Jesus was probably born in the spring, but who knows and what difference does it make.
---den on 3/13/07

my bible tells me that we are at the last days for False Prophets will come etc. and this is one of them...these people who are saying these things are non believers and Anti Christs..beware, dont go out and look for they are false teachers...
---jana on 3/13/07

The greatest clue as to the season of the birth of Christ is that the shepherds were out in the pastures with the flocks. I was taught that they brought there flocks out only in moderate to warmer weather so that would rule out late fall, winter and early spring.
---Ryan on 3/12/07

If the exact date were important for our salvation, I sure it would be in the bible.
---Rev_Herb on 3/12/07

It's not important to know the birth of Jesus. We know the birth of Christ like we know the beginning of time. We know the beginning of time like we know the end of time. We don't. The only thing we must concentrate on is the spreading of The Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The same Gospel Jesus taught.
---Steveng on 3/12/07

greetings.August 21,b.c.7
---earl on 3/12/07

Everyone can speculate when Christ was born but we don't know. My bible collections cd says that Christ was born probably in December, B.C. 5, four years the era from which we count our years. The calucations were used by a Monk Dionysius Exigus. December 25th come when the longest night gives way to the returning sun on his triumphant march it makes an anniversary to make the birth of him who appeared in the darkest night of error and sin as the true light of the world. Again anyone can speculate.
---Rebecca_D on 3/12/07

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