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Video Game Addiction

How do I end my son's video game addiction without him hating me forever? Once he stops could he start other addictive behaviors like Internet, nicotine or alcohol? Help!

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 ---a_worried_mom on 3/12/07
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Be careful about protesting too strongly with children as they rebel and move towards whatever we hate. I do not know his age but this is not uncommon along with testing in the world with rap music,sex, drugs and other evils. You can encourage them in what is right but they still need to learn on their own what it means to be "IN THE WORLD AND NOT OF IT". You cannot just pull him out of the world, isolate him and expect him to learn. Find other activities to envolve him in. Pray.:)Trust God.:)
---jody on 5/12/08

How much time does he spend? Does it affect his schoolwork, studies, or other responsibilities?

You didn't make that clear.
---Jack on 5/10/08

My kids were always forever playing the video games but now they are grown up and I play them now, I don't make it to where it takes up alot of my time, but I do enjoy them, not the bad ones but the fun ones I enjoy..why do you think he would hate you.mary4964
---mary4964 on 3/17/07

That's very nice of you Susie, thanks.
---Matthew on 3/17/07

Matthew...I will pray that the Lord will bring you a job that you can walk to...maybe it will be across from your home.
---Susie on 3/16/07

Susie, forgive me before for my response. I wasn't trying to be rude. You see I also play video games. I play them for even more than three hours at a time. I currently don't have a job or even transporation so I have alot of free time on my hands. Playing a video game for more than three hours in one day isn't unheard for me. At the same time though I'm not addicted. Addiction means control.
---Matthew on 3/15/07

2) We need to be careful what we say is addictive behavior. What is addictive isn't based on how long you do something. It is based on if the activity controls you are not. Keep in mind the way some people look at video games today is no different then how many looked at TV 50 years ago. Whats important is that it doesn't affect responsibilities, family and friend activities and most importantly doing things for God.
---Matthew on 3/15/07

3) Another important thing is what kind of games are played. Any games that glorify violence and sin is a big no no. This is why I am limited to playing very "kiddish" games. I know what is acceptable by the Lord and in this time and age permissable games that don't glorify sin isn't exactly in abundance. They just don't make games like they used to.
---Matthew on 3/15/07

Mabye, video games are his talent, and he could be an awesome testament to his video game friends...
I think you can get addicted to the piano and have it be unhealthy as well...
Just gotta make sure your worshiping God in everything
---mark on 3/15/07

Matthew...Wow! Three hours practice is wonderful. Not many of us have that kind of drive and determination. There is a lot of difference between practicing the talent that the Lord has given you and playing video games. Maybe the young man has not looked for a talent the Lord has given him.
---Susie on 3/15/07

Take that thing and throw it in the street.

Let him hate you today and thank you tommorow.
---Pharisee on 3/15/07

*Three hours is way too much time on video games.*

Is three hours watching TV too much TV? We need to watch what we consider to be addictions. The mother said he takes care of all His responsibilities and homework. An addiction should interfere with such things. I practice on my piano and I am on ChristiaNet more than 3 hours many of times. Does that make me addicted to playing the piano or to Christianet? Should I stop playing the piano then? We need to be sensible about this.
---Matthew on 3/14/07

As for your concerns about addictive behaviors, there are a lot of complex issues that go into developing chemical addictions. Video game addiction may or may not lead to other addictions. I suggest limiting his time alone to play those games and offering family fun alternatives, or encouraging him to get into a good book for an hour each evening. Reading is a long lost past time for a lot of kids and adults these days.
---Madison1101 on 3/14/07

I have seen these addictive behaviors when I worked for several years at an alcohol/drug rehab program. Many of the clients were addicted to gambling. Your son is learning to play video games now. But, when he is older he will not be happy with them. He will turn to video gambling. It needs to be stopped now. Three hours is way too much time on video games. Why does he need these games in the first place?
---Susie on 3/14/07

I used to be addictided to video games(rpg games seem to have an addicting spirit in them), most are affected, the people usually not affected are the ones that dislike tv and computer, would rather be outside...The only way to stop the addiction is to make the person realize that its worthless, and one night he says never again do i want to play, and you keep him to his word while he goes through withdrawl
---mark on 3/14/07

Why don't you have family time at home? My family used to have a game night, where we would play board games. We would also have special supper nights, like make your own pizza, or grilling hot dogs in the fireplace on a stick. We would also do video night, watching movies together and making popcorn the old fashioned way, in the pot with oil.
---Madison1101 on 3/14/07

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He is an introvert. We do everything together as a family, except when we are at home. That is when we have our personal time alone. What about other addictive behavior? Has anyone seen this happen? How and to what degree?
---a_worried_mom on 3/14/07

If you removed your son's video games would he instead watch TV for three hours rather than go out? You see when I was a teenager I was the same way. I didn't stay home though because I played video games. I stayed home because I was an intorvert. I was shy and not outgoing. I'm 27 now and am still the same way. There are some things that don't change. Before removing his games please make sure first he stays home because he is preoccupied by video games and not because he is an introvert.
---Matthew on 3/14/07

Why aren't you doing family activities in the 3 hours in the evening that he plays his video games before bed? I strongly urge you to engage in family activities during that time.
---Madison1101 on 3/13/07

it does not affect his school work or other responsibilities. In the evening before bed he will play to 3 hours. He is a teenager and it seems better that he is home in his room than out with friends doing who knows what.
---a_worried_mom on 3/13/07

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You do this the same way it has been done for centuries. You get rid of the video games and don't allow them in your house. And, don't worry about his hating you forever. You're the parent here! You have to stand up and take charge. If you worry about him hating you everytime you discipline him, you will end up with a brat on your hands. Just how much time do you spend on your computer? How much time do you spend with your son? These things are important in this situation.
---Susie on 3/13/07

Provide fun, family oriented healthy activities, like family game night once a week, hiking in the woods, going to museums, bike riding, etc. Limit video game time to a specific amount of time each day, and only after homework and chores are completed.
---Madison1101 on 3/12/07

It would be better to give Him a certain amount of time everyday to play, or don't let Him play during weekdays and let Him play most of the weekend. To have Him stop playing video games all together just won't work out very well. It's better to turn the addiction into a moderate activity.
---Matthew on 3/12/07

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