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Justified By Our Works

Is Paul confused? In Romans 2:5-6 he writes God will judge all of us according to what we have DONE = works. In Romans 3:20 he writes no one will be justified by works, Ephesians 2:8-9, lest any man boast. Could it be that justified by faith but/and our judgement will be according to our works?

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 ---John on 3/13/07
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John - your last statement explains it. Justified by faith, judged by works.
---dan on 2/19/08

Eloy, I'm with you a hundred percent on what you say about loving our neighbor.
---InimicusStultitiae on 2/19/08

The Command is love God first and completely, and also love your neighbor as yourself. Many say they love God but they really don't, because if you really love God then you will also love your neighbor. I see many "so-called" Christians whom have zero love for their fellowman. Jesus says, If you love me, My Commandments keep.
---Eloy on 2/19/08

O' vain man, always trying the easy way. Will you know that, "Faith without works is dead, and works without faith is also dead?" "Lip-servers" get nowhere, as well as "doers without heart" will get nowhere.
---Eloy on 2/19/08

Grace most certainly does have conditions, there is absolutely no grace granted without repentance. It is required to turn away from sin and turn to the Lord in repentance before the Lord will give grace, else refusing to repent the soul will stay condemned.
---Eloy on 2/19/08

There are many unsaved people whom are brain-washed into thinking grace is unconditional. But as I have already said: NO repentance, then NO grace. It is up to each individual person's choice whether to obey and be given grace, or else to disobey and be given damnation. Grace comes to the humble seeker and never to the hard-hearted and stiff-necked. Hell runs over with deluded people whom believe in a nonexistent cheap-grace.
---Eloy on 2/19/08

john, we will be judged and rewarded for works done in the flesh,and be rewarded for those works done in the spirit,or in the truth.paul not confused,but many people are. they believe they can work their way to heaven by doing good deeds.bottom line is you are either doing kingdom work,or wordly work .one is rewarded the other not.
---tom2 on 2/18/08

in the passage that was referred to we need to be sure to read all the passage in it's contextand to compere scripture with scripture to realy besure about works and salvation and judgement iwould encourage all to read all of pauls letter ephesiansand all that it says.
---greg9683 on 3/28/07

Duane, are you preaching from the gospel of Martin Luther? He wrote that we are to let our sins be as scarlett, and that any attempt to be good was a denial of Jesus' free gift of salvation.

I would like to remind you that Martin Luther was not inspired.

That is not to say that we are saved by works, because we are not. But, what Luther suggested was a rejection of scripture in favour of his own tradition.
---lorra8574 on 3/18/07

the work of the father is spirit works.any other works are of the flesh and have no merit or reward except death.we are saved by grace unto works ,thats what scripture tells us.this means you must be saved first to do the works.there is no justification even in these works ,there are rewards in heaven for them.but we are all justified by what jesus did on the cross.
---tom2 on 3/18/07

no abrahams act was counted as faith by God.the scripture tells us that.and actually God said he would bless himbecause he had not withheld his was an act of obidience.because you have harkened unto my voice and not wiothheld thy only son.that what God said.jesus said apart from me you can do any works we do in the spirit are a gift of salvation.
---tom2 on 3/18/07

It's foolish to think that the works GIVEN to you as a Christian can come from righteousness within you that the Holy Spirit didn't initiate.

If you've been brought to the moment in time by God (Eph 2) and all you have to do is "participate" (2 pet 1) in the works how can YOU merit salvation?

It's Called GRACE, do you think every crop will bring the same harvest???
Jesus said that the seed on good soil produced a crop in 3 quantities.
I've not met any perfect Christians.
---Pharisee on 3/18/07

(Ephesians 5:3-7)
3But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; 4Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting,.......
5For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God....... for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. 7Be not ye therefore partakers with them.
---Matthew on 3/17/07

James 2:21-22. Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered his son? See how faith together with his works and by works was faith made perfect.
Likewise was Rahab the harlot justified by works.
---john on 3/18/07

I'm going to CAREFULLY illustrate just how little work we do in the process of salvation.

Jesus draws us to him.
We change our attitude (this again is easy because the revelation of the son of God does that too.)
Now at the realization of just how low we are in comparrison to his glory we plead for our wretched black little souls, and Jesus has mercy.

3-1, and the begging you'd do now or at the day of judgment, either way it'll happen.
Salvation is of the Lord.
---Pharisee on 3/17/07

If Jesus Christ is not what makes you clean before God you're in darkness greater than you know.

If the light that is in you is darkness how great is that darkness?

Morgan I could give a spit what you say about me, you don't know me, and you don't know what you're talking about. Just another bag of hot wind with an unexperienced and humanistic opinion.

You keep pointing to growth, but growth in the wrong direction is worse than the least growth at the right.
---Pharisee on 3/17/07

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Jesus loved us enough to give His life. All He wants, is for us to believe in Him. Believe on Him and His work on the cross (faith).. Quit believing on your works or what you must do to be saved. He did it all.
Believe in it, rest in it....Amen
---duane on 3/16/07

(Galations 5:22-24)
22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 24Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires.
---Matthew on 3/16/07

We are saved by faith alone...any works by us is all in vain.
In Him we are made complete.
---duane on 3/16/07

We have to get over ourselves....its Jesus only...believe on Him and He will save you.
---duane on 3/16/07

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True, we are justified by the works of God in Us and not our own. Without the work of God in our lives we are none of His. As John put it "Anyone who claims to live in Christ must walk as Jesus did." Did Jesus do manly works? Of course not. It is man's works that are filthy rags. The works of the Spirit are Godly. As James put it "Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only." He was speaking of the works of the Holy Spirit.
---Matthew on 3/16/07

Nevertheless, faith alone cannot save you.
---john on 3/16/07

[Harold said it on other blog, the devil tells you, "Surely you won't die." It is false security, dullness of heart,hearing, sight that follows OSAS thinking. There is little growth.It's a doctrine completely residing in the mind and not of the Holy Spirit or in your spirit.] *Posted by,Laura on 3/4/07,from the "Once Saved No Spiritual Growth Blog"

--That just about sums it up in regard to Onced Saved Always Saved false doctrine,it has NO GROWTH in the Holy Ghost.
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/16/07

jesus said ,you can do nothing without me.NOTHING FOLKS.the fruits of the spirit are gifts from God which enable the believer to bring glory to God.these are the works for which all believers will be rewarded for in heaven,and the only are justified by grace thru faith in jesus alone.PERIOD.
---tom2 on 3/16/07

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(Matthew 12:33-37):

"There is therefore now NO condemnation to them which are IN Christ Jesus,who walk NOT after the flesh, but after the Spirit"(Romans 8:1).

"And hereby we do know that we KNOW him, if we KEEP his commandments.He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments,is a LIAR, and the TRUTH is not in him.But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the LOVE of God perfected: hereby know we that we are IN HIM."(1 John 2:3-5).
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/16/07

Pharisee, Like I told another,You have the Once Saved Always Saved mindset, It's futile to discuss Grace/Salvation & holy living by the power of the Holy Ghost with you.The Word says PROVE things. Where's the PROOF that a Christian can fall back into darkness(without godly repentance), Yet STILL have/inherit Eternal life? Show Scriptural PROOF that disobedience/rebellion inherits Heaven, On the contrary, Some can/have given SEVERAL Scriptures proving the NECESSITY of godly obedience/walking in the Spirit.
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/16/07

Deceit= People speaking the saving Word, Yet NOT OBEYING IT, Adam & Eve did that.

"And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, GOD HATH SAID, Ye shall NOT EAT of it, neither shall ye TOUCH IT, lest ye DIE."(Genesis 3:2,3).

It's a vicious cycle that only the Holy Spirit Himself can break, ONLY if one truly SUBMITS to Him.
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/16/07

Pharisee does a person have to accept Jesus as His savior in order to be saved? If the answer is yes then aren't you saying a person must do something in order to be saved? You see you need to be careful. Of course works can't save you. But willfully rejecting the Holy Spirit by refusing to do the works of Spirit and instead choosing to sin is rejecting Christ. To call that works for salvation is preposturous. In reality it is rejecting Christ. A person who does such a thing doesn't love Christ.
---Matthew on 3/16/07

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NO one is justified by their works.

God is simply not pleased with man in a fallen condition.

What will you say to justify yourself?
'oh lord, I know that as I am full of sin I am not worthy, but lord now I am clean by what I have done, I accepted Jesus' sacrifice for my sin but then realized it wasn't enough to save me so I did all these things so you'd accept me...'

If that's your story you'll come to a cold dark ending and more so if you told others that this is the gospel.
---Pharisee on 3/16/07

"True, It's the work/works of the Spirit(Truth)that saves."

Morgan put the cap back on the glue.

JESUS SAVES no one or thing apart from HIS finished WORK can save anyone. Your teachings are not only heretical they are lies that deny the power of God.

The words of Christ himself cry out against yours as he said "whosoever believes in him shall not perish"
---Pharisee on 3/16/07

These posts will surely confuse a new born Christians. Allow me to simplify matters. If I feed, clothe and quench the thirst of the poor and needy, heal the sick, cast away demons, I am a good person (in the eyes of man) and God will forgive me. Jesus says, no one is good, not one. On the other hand, If I strongly believe in Jesus first (meaning to repent of all your sins, don't sin any more and get baptised), the Holy Spirit will guide me to works which glorify God, not me.
---Steveng on 3/15/07

your works can never justify you in Gods eyes.if you are saved by jesus before works then God sees you and justifies you before you do a thing.thats the no man can boast.your works aren,t a product of your flesh,their a product of your belief and faith in jesus.
---tom2 on 3/15/07

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My friend I understand your confusion perfectly, the 3 scriptures you have just quoted line up perfectly and are about repentance, that is inspired by the grace of God. Repentance is a change of what you do (works), how this happens is by the grace that God gives to you, to give you the strength to make new decisions Rom 12:2, and produce fruits of righteousness based on faith.
---Stephen on 3/15/07

john, nosir you are misinterupting scripture.scripture tells us we have to believe,we are justified by faith in jesus alone.what james is saying is that if yoyu say you believe, and saying you have faith,and have no works then you are not only lying to people ,you are lying to yourself.if you bel;eive and have faith ,then you will have works. if you have no works then you have no faith. faith comes first.
---tom2 on 3/15/07

john scripture tells us directly that there are no works done in the flersh that are must be saved and believe thru FAITH IN JESUS. then the works you do only thru jesus with the correct motive are rewarded. and you should have works thats what james is saying. if you say you are saved and have no works I will say again you may not be saved.or as james says faith without works is dead cause jesus ain,t involved.meaning you really don,t have faith your just working in the flesh.
---tom2 on 3/15/07

john, its not hard to figure out. if you are saved and believe in jesus you will do good works ,but if you say you have faith and never do any works you priobably have no faith and aren,t saved ,thats what james is saying.
---tom2 on 3/15/07

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The apostles asked: What are the works that we should do??? What did Jesus say?...
Read John 6:29
Our good works are dependant on our faith in him.
...lets rest in Him.. He will work through us. His works will be counted as our works.
---duane on 3/15/07

Pharisee, Your friend was talking about (Matthew 7:23). If you read in context though you find that it is talking about false prophets and those who never bore Godly fruit that thought they knew God. The "never knew you" is speaking about personal relationship. Many after accepting salvation follow their own will and not God's. They never grew into a relationship with Christ. It is talking about these people. It's a warning to obey Jesus and follow His will after accepting Christ.
---Matthew on 3/15/07

2) The passage in it's context is a warning against not following God's will after accepting Christ(having a relationship with Christ).

(Matthew 7:21-23)
"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say....'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' 23Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you....
---Matthew on 3/15/07

(1 Corinth. 6:1-18):

Pharisee, Speak the Word & not natural man reasoning. God don't reason in the realm of the natural.Christians must GROW in God's Grace(2Peter 3:16-18),or else fall from It(Heb.12:15), how do they grow? Abiding in His Truth/Word,walking in the Spirit by the POWER of the Holy Ghost.The Word warns Christians that they can fall.Making private interpretation of Scriptures & then making YOUR own doctrine isn't going to work with God. James says if any lack wisdom pray for it.
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/15/07

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I without works is very dead, in fact, there is no faith at all.
But, real Faith will always produce good works, therefore all we need is faith.
Good works do not produce Faith...With faith alone we get all the other good stuff.
---duane on 3/15/07

"Our justification doesn't depend on our works...then we wouldn't need the right to be forgiven."

--True, It's the work/works of the Spirit(Truth)that saves.Those PRE-ordained works of God in (Eph.2:10),are REQUIRED [after] salvation, Some FIGHT GROWTH:Grace/Truth/the Spirit to their own peril (2Peter3:16-18)(Rom.1:18-22)(Jude1:4).


Rebellion/Confusion/Unbelief is DESTRUCTIVE,God says come [reason]with Him,taking on this Mind:(Philipp.2:5).
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/15/07

John I interpret it just as I said.

Faith won't save you, and works won't save you, but only Jesus Christ the risen Lord.

Faith without works dead- ABSOLUTELY true.
But show me a Christian with a speck of faith, and I'll wager that some part of their life has been given to God- THATS WORKS, and works follow faith and just because it's not enough for you doesn't mean it's in some way insignifigant to GOD.

The power of sin and death is broken but only to those who first have faith.
---Pharisee on 3/15/07

Maybe it's the title of this blog that is confusing some people?

It should read Justified by the works of the Holy Spirit (Gal.2:20)(Gal.5:16,18)(Rev. 3:18). Again, There are only 2 kinds of works, those from the Holy Spirit(ALIVE) & those that are not (DEAD). If those works/fruit of the Spirit are not in one's life they are not justified, there must be EVIDENCE/FRUITS, the Word is clear on this. Man can't serve 2 masters, one's FRUITS will show who is [truly] their master.
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/15/07

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Pharisee and Duane and other "faith only" people.. How do you interpret James 2:24-26 which clearly says that faith alone does not justify a person and that faith without works is as dead as a body without a spirit?
---john on 3/15/07

tom2. You have faith. Can faith alone save you? Just a simple question. And a simple answer. No! It can't because if you have faith without works then your faith is void. Works alone can't save us either becasue it lacks faith. So why say you only need faith?
---john on 3/15/07

more on DOING
Rom 2:7-10 elaborates the meaning of v 6: "To those who by persistence in DOING GOOD seek glory, honor and immortality,[God] will give eternal life. But for those who are self-seeeking and WHO REJECT THE TRUTH and FOLLOW EVIL, there will be wrath and anger. P.
---Pierr5358 on 3/15/07

one more on DOING:
Math 7:21-27 Every one who hears my words and DOES THEM will be like a wise man...and every one who hears these words of mine and DOES NOT DO THEM will be like a foolish man...
All through His Word, God strongly encourages us to DO GOOD WORKS- NOT TO EARN SALVATION-
---Pierr5358 on 3/15/07

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People who say you can lose your salvation forget how the Lord told us how to forgive.

When Peter asked how many times he should forgive the Lord gave him a math problem that he knew would boggle his brain to illustrate to him the folly of limiting your forgiveness.

God will humble and bring to repentance those who truly love him. God cannot forgive less then the standard he gave to us, because that's unholy.
Neither faith nor works will save you, but only Jesus' grace.
---Pharisee on 3/15/07

I really don't understand the confusion some people are in.

I was talking with a friend who made a good point. He said that at the end Jesus will send people away because they "never knew him" not because they knew him and failed, not because they knew him and forgot him, nor because they knew him and betrayed him....

But because he NEVER knew them. People who tell you salvation is of man made works are liars, Jesus either paid the price for your sin or he never knew you.
---Pharisee on 3/15/07

Strange blog here...
We should all know we are saved and justified by faith alone...Works are a bi product of faith. There is no faith AND works, only faith works, which you cant have if you dont have faith, and which you WILL have if you have faith
. So actually all you need is faith.
If you have so called dead faith, you never had faith to begin with.
---duane on 3/14/07

Our justification doesn't depend on our works. If it did then we wouldn't need the right to be forgiven.

The righteousness of God or justification from God is by faith alone. Our works show our justification.

If a christian sins he/she has a right to be forgiven because he/she is still justified(declared righteous)the sameway before & after he sins.(2Corinthians 5:21)
---Rickey on 3/14/07

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1 Timothy 3:15-17
the last part of which is "That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works."

The Bible prepares us for good works. Paul never said that we would be saved by faith alone.
---lorra8574 on 3/14/07

"Ye see then how that by works a man is [justified], and not by faith only."(James 2:24).

"For by grace are ye saved through faith;and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:Not of works,lest any man should boast.For we are his workmanship,created in Christ Jesus UNTO good works, which God hath [before ordained] that we should [walk in them].".(Eph.2:8-10).

Christians MUST have [the Lord's] good works,or else they won't continue to be JUSTIFIED.
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/14/07

Jesus said that the servant who is not worth his salt will be thrown out in the darkness. Who do you truely serve? In this consumer society we can't loose grip on our responsibility of love
---johnlovesginalyn on 3/14/07

(Revelation 3:15-22):

John, There are Two [kinds] of works, (1.) The only works that survive the fire of God are works from the Spirit/ of Him(Truth).

2.)Then there's Works of Error/Unrighteousness/Flesh/Rebellion/Deceit,which include: Vain works of self(works devoid of the Holy Spirit/true righteousness),Idolatry,vulgarness,lying,etc. God said He especially hates works of hyprocracy/lukewarmness. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/13/07

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*Correction/typo: John, (2.)...God said He especially hates works of hypocrisy /lukewarmness.
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/13/07

john, I believe what james is saying is that if you have the faith in jesus,then there should be works. if you say you are saved and have faith and have no works,then you just might not be saved.thats what james is saying.
---tom2 on 3/13/07

Read James 2. It is no small wonder that Martin Luther called James an epistle of straw and wanted to remove it. But neither James nor Paul are contradicting anything.

Faith is not a motto or statement, it is a lifestyle choice. By my works I demonstrate my Faith, for it is because of my Faith in Christ that I am moved to do good things.

If a man does not do good works, I tell you that his faith is dead and useless. It is faith that justifies, works are only the evidence.
---lorra8574 on 3/13/07

Tom2 is exactly right.
---Rickey on 3/13/07

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No, Paul is not confused. What he seems to say
is that good works are not the ground of our
salvation but the fruit of our saving relationship with Jesus. (= obedience of faith). John, when it comes to the judgment, Jesus seems to favor the idea that it will be based on whether we have done His works or not (Math 7:21-27). Both J and P are concerned that we DO God's will for verbal faith and Ch. activity will not be enough to secure us a favorable judgment! P.
---Pierr5358 on 3/13/07

As you can see it says God will judge according to what we have done. This is all past tense, this is about our life after death and what happens then. The second quote is refering to worldly qualifications whcih some may use to boast about.
You can not do anything in particular and then boast that you have completed your salvation, salvation is based on your whole life
---johnlovesginalyn on 3/13/07

We will always be in confusion on this subject if we take either one stand because we need both. It is faith and works not either one by itself. James 2:24 " you see then that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only." Read James 2 and you will see both sides being taught clearly. It's not one or the other but both together.
---john on 3/13/07

john, we will be judged and rewarded for works done in the flesh,and be rewarded for those works done in the spirit,or in the truth.paul not confused,but many people are. they believe they can work their way to heaven by doing good deeds.bottom line is you are either doing kingdom work,or wordly work .one is rewarded the other not.
---tom2 on 3/13/07

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