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What Are Angels

What are angels? Why does God use them as communication tools to the living i.e Angel Gabriel to Mary, mother of Jesus?

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 ---Ed on 3/13/07
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Last post said,"Angels are ministering spirit send by God TO minister to the needs of the saints.

The KJV says this in Hebrews 1:14,
" Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister FOR them who shall be heirs of salvation?" There is a vast difference between being ministers FOR them and saying they are ministers TO them.
Understand this difference and your effectiveness as concerned being used by God will greatly increase.
---mima on 10/11/08

Angels are ministering spirit send by God to minister to the needs of the saints.
---Linda on 10/10/08

Angels are ministering spirit send by God to minister to the needs of the saints.
---Linda on 11/8/07

Although you suffered, no doubt, I imagine God filled you with you with a happiness - solid and deep - compared to the superficial and fleeting happiness of worldly pleasure ? Non-Christians seem to think that anti-pleasure equals anti-joy. Surely joy and pleasure are diametrically opposed: pleasure tries to ape joy, but fails hopelessly.
Non-Christians seem to equate Christian suffering with joylessness. But it is through Christian suffering we come into full contact with the Joy of God?
---Ed on 3/20/07

Yes Ed, my family entertained an angel from God. I was searching for truth at the time. Two things happened that changed my life forever. My grandfather was dying. He told me his beliefs were wrong his whole life. He was the leader of the J.W. church in Ontario. He told me God would lead me in truth and righteousness. I would recognize God's truth the moment I heard it. The next morning, an old man was standing at our door, dressed like a vagabond.
---Dave on 3/20/07

That gives me goose-bumps. Not with fear, but with expectation and hope.
God Bless you.
---Ed on 3/20/07

2-After inviting him in, he told me God had a great work for me to do. my father then drove him to the end of the driveway. As we watched from the window, he vanished in front of our eyes. We thought he hurt himself. We went to search for him. When we asked the neighbors, they told us no one got out of the car. It was strange my father drove all that way for nothing. Angels of God. Definitely. My whole life contains stories of inspiration, for others to know Jesus is the Savior of all mankind.
---Dave on 3/20/07

Dave-- What a testimony. You are right standing up for Jesus is dangerous. I have been there a little. Not as much as you. I also enjoyed your blog on the yesterdays.
---catherine on 3/20/07

Your blogs are interesting. Hardships, you do not know the meaning of the word until you stand up for Jesus Christ and everything He taught to others. As a returned missionary, who spent two years in the bible belt of the U.S. I often faced the barrel of guns, people tried to kill me on the roads with cars. I enjoyed that experience. Why? Because my testimony of Jesus Christ is more important to me than the pleasures of the world.
---Dave on 3/20/07

scripture tells us to be careful what we say and do , because we may be entertaining angels other words you may have talked to an angel and not even realized it.
---tom2 on 3/19/07

Well, Dave, when you're on the Mormon blogs, do you have any hardships to endure?
Kindred spirits.
---MochaLatte on 3/16/07

Ed, there are many sad stories about LDS missionaries. Some of those kids do not have much out there on the road. Little money, little to eat. Some become ill, food poisoning and other serious ailments. After those missions, some leave the church. So you are correct, Ed. Be compassionate for the people, but we don't have to accept the message. I feel sorry for those kids. They're only following through as they're trained.
---Tammy on 3/16/07

Thanks for your post. You have met an angel? I would love to hear more.
---Ed on 3/16/07

Ed: I apologize you had to endure what we endure every day of our lives, by those professing to love Jesus Christ. We are to teach each other, share scriptures together. we are to be like little children and be teachable. we never know when the person knocking on our door or speaking to us is really an angel sent from God to test us. I know. I entertained an angel of God personally and that led me to the truth. I would love to share the story, but many would mock it. Spiritual things are not man's things.
---Dave on 3/16/07

Couple of years ago a couple of American Jehova Witnesses knocked on my door. I let them have their say. As we began to pray a bird appeared in the chimney, twittering. It was bizarre. Said to them, with respect, I don't believe in this. Then gave them a lift in my car. We tried to covert each other. Then we gave up and talked about sport. Laughed a lot. And left in good spirits. And yet i pray that they find the path to God. I think that bird was God saying they are wrong but be nice to them.
---Ed on 3/16/07

Fair point.
---Ed on 3/16/07

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Ed, next time they come to your house, throw them a jar of peanut butter and jelly, then shut the door.
---Tammy on 3/15/07

Ed, how did it feel to be a Mormon for a day?
You must have studied the scriptures, then listened to the Spirit to have been accused of being a Mormon.
Ed, next time they come and knock on your door, remember that Jesus said he would stand at the door and knock. He does send messangers.
---Mercedes on 3/15/07

I have read all of ed's posts and I don't think he is a Mormon. I am. Dave is. Mormon's are not the type to say they are not when they are.
If one did that, then I suppose they'd be on the level of faith & understanding that Peter was when he denied Jesus.
---Mercedes on 3/15/07

This is pathetic, Ed you do not have to keep defending yourself, and you do not need to tell them that they are attacking you...
IF wee keep on using YOU its attacking, do not say YOU in trying to discuss stuff, when we use YOU it comes off like were attacking
---mark on 3/15/07

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It's a bit below the belt to throw a punch and then withdraw.
Again. I am not a mormon. Again I, and probably all most people over here in Europe know about the mormons is that they come from Salt Lake City and can have more than one wife.
Again, I believe mormons are heretics.
Why you keep bothering me, insulting me and then withdrawing from allowing me to defend myself is, frankly, strange.
Whether you think i believe in pink marsians with green spots, i no longer actually care.
---Ed on 3/15/07

Susie ::Are you mormon ?Last year in the paper I BC there was a big to do By some lady who complained she & a few were wifes of some elder & wanted out he had 47 children is that true?
---Emcee on 3/15/07

Ed....That is the funniest statement I have ever heard. There are Mormons all over the world and you know that. I will not continue this blog as you have posted here in deception.
---Susie on 3/15/07

"What are angels?"

Celestial spirits. The Fathers Messengers. Ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation. Executioner of judgement upon the wicked. Guardian protecters of the righteous.
---Josef on 3/15/07

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"Why does God use them as communication tools to the living."

Because it is given to them to "behold the face of the Father in heaven & hearken unto the voice of His word"
---Josef on 3/15/07

I am a practising Roman Catholic. I am from the Uk - we have no mormons over here. All I know about them is that they come from Salt Lake City and they can have more than one wife.
---Ed on 3/15/07

Fruit Inspector.
Even if i were a mormon, mormons are human beings and worthy of respect for that alone - no right to mock a human being. Even if i were a mormon, then shouldn't you be trying to convert me to the true faith instead of mocking me. As it happens i am not a mormon. But i find it quite sad to have to be treated like this on a Christian blog website.
---Ed on 3/15/07

No, Mr. Ed will not tell you, that would spoil the ruse.
But many of us recognize the jargon.
---Fruit_Inspector on 3/14/07

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Ed....Are you telling us that you are not a Mormon?
---Susie on 3/14/07

Fruit inspector. you have named yourself well because you are out to lunch on many things. Do you not believe in the bible and God's word, because if you did, you would not be saying the things you do. I will say this only once. NEVER mock Jesus Christ and HIS gospel, because if you do, you will face a judgement you have never seen before and an eternity of anguish. No one has the right to ridicule my friend and salvation. I will not hesitate to stand up to anyone that does that.
---Dave on 3/14/07

Fruit Inspector.
Who or what do you represent? Why do you mock? Are you a Christian? If you are a Christian then you shouldn't mock. Are you a non-believer, then you shouldn't mock either.
---Ed on 3/14/07

Fruit Inspector.
All i am doing is quoting from the gospels and asking questions. What is wrong with that?
Angels exist: fact - gospels tell us. Jesus' life on earth begins with angels. They come to the shepherds in the fields to tell them of the birth of the baby Jesus.
And they also come in times of danger. When Joseph to take the New Born into Egypt. And they comfort Jesus in the garden in Jesusalem the night before his crucifiction.
---Ed on 3/14/07

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Mr. Ed, you are good. You know exactly what we're talking about, and you know what you're talking about. You know which angel's names are in the Bible and which ones that are not. Macaroni Moroni is not in the Bible.

Bond's the name,...Junk.
---Fruit_Inspector on 3/13/07

No idea what you mean about Moroni.
Angels are important in Christian faith. Jesus said "these little ones [have] their angels in heaven" (Matthew 18). They appear in all the Gospels but John's: to the father of John the Baptist, Mary, in dreams to Joseph, they comfort Jesus on various occasions and so on.
The gospels tell us the angels clearly do exist and that they are important: they bring comfort and hope, as well as communications from God.
---Ed on 3/13/07

We all have a pretty good idea about demons and evil in the world (we don't have to look further than The Holocaust).
But we need to live in spiritual hope as well. And that is exactly what the angels do. They are mentioned often in the gospels. Not only do they bring hope but they also bring comfort and communications.
And Jesus says "these little ones [have] their angels in heaven."
---Ed on 3/13/07

Sorry you do actually mention what angels are, in detail, in the second post.
But why do so many people say everything God says is in the Bible and nowhere else. Of course our core faith is in the Bible, but does God not communiate to us about less important things, outside the Bible, through angels and preachers?
---Ed on 3/13/07

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There are two classes of fallen angels; those bound and those who are still loose with Satan and who will be cast down into the earth in the middle of Daniels 70th week in the future tribulation Rev 12:7-12. Eph. 6:10-17. Some of Satans angels are now bound Gen 6:1-4 2 Pet. 2: 2-4. Jude 6-7.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/13/07

Cynthia: gee, I knew you would acknowledge we lived before we were born as spirits or how else could Satan and one third of the hosts of heaven be cast out, to never have a body of flesh and bones. You are right, they did not keep their first estate and followed satan, as stated in Rev. 12. Jude speaks of it too.
---Dave on 3/13/07

Mr. Ed was subtle and skillful, but I knew what Mr. Ed was working up to all along.
His prophet, Smith.
His angel, Moroni.
"Bond's the name",... Junk.
---Fruit_Inspector on 3/13/07

Then there are the EVIL ANGELS the ones that were cast out of heaven with Lucifer, however, we as christians know them as evil spirits. Satans angels. They are made subject to Christ, Are sinful and rebellious they are to be punished, to be cast out of heaven Rev. 12: 7-9, will fight against Christ at Armageddon, they are organized into principalities and powers, They deceive men.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/13/07

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The word literally means messenger. The nature of angels. They are heavenly spirit beings.They carry on work daily and meet responsibilities that only beings with personal bodies, souls, and spirits are capable of. They drive spirit horses. guard gates, wage war in actual bodily combat, execute judgments, they minister to saints, rule nations, help each individual, sing, praise, and worship God, strengthen in trial , Lead sinners to gospel workers, Direct preachers, Appear in dreams.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/13/07

Ed....Is this one of those blogs to get us to talk about Moroni?????
---Susie on 3/13/07

I believe in angles too, and that God sends them as messengers. Do angels appear now? Who are they? What are they? And same, again, for prophets - who, what, where (and when?), as well as the Saints?!
---Ed on 3/13/07

Do you know where the angels originate from? Did they once live? Who is the angel Gabriel? Who are the saints?
---Ed on 3/13/07

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Ed. I'm with you. If God wanted to tell someone something I would think He would just do that Hinself. And He has, but usually He sends a messenger like an angel or a prophet. He can send your neighbor or your wife too! I can't think of a good answer to your second question.
---john on 3/13/07

Angels are messangers from God. God will use Angels to send us a message. Angels can look like a human, but it is an angel in disguise. So that is why the bible tells us to entertain strangers because it just may be an angel.
---Rebecca_D on 3/13/07

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