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Is More Discipleship Needed

What do you think this Scripture refers to? First John 2:20,"But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things." Does this imply that you need more instructions, more disciplined, from your fellow man, or does imply just the opposite.

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 ---Mima on 3/13/07
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The rest of that Chapter 1 John 2:21-29,
Answers your Question!
This is a Prime Example: WHY we should'nt TRY to UNDERSTAND the Word of God By 1 VERSE.

If your reading and the following verse starts with: But, Therefore, Wherefore, ect. implying the NEXT verse is Important to what's being said, MAKE SURE you KEEP reading!
You'll stumble alot less at the Word of God...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/13/08

How does this compare with Apostles' words about there being TEACHERS in the Church?

How does this compare with St. Paul in 1 Cor 13 about, "Now we know in part?"

Which is right, according to the Bible: We know all things, or we know only in part?

Can't have it both ways.
---Jack on 3/13/08

The question is not for my sake, but for all here.
---duane on 3/23/07

duane-- You should be asking God if you don't know. He is looking for a few good men, my friend.
---catherine on 3/23/07

Tell me anyone...What ministry did god give us as believers, to do???
---duane on 3/23/07

First you have got to know Jesus. I mean really know Him. Spend time with Him. Pleasing only Him should be top priority. True Christians are anointed. They are so by the spirit of grace. Those who knows the truth in any respect are thereby prepared to discern what is inconsistent therewith. Frauds and impostures then are very unfit means to support and propagate the truth. === To add ---[The heart of man is narrow, and cannot contain both loves.]
---catherine on 3/22/07

If your brothers have the unction as well don't you recieve instruction from the Holy Ghost through others?

This is like so many other passages of scripture that have to be balanced, and a good counter weight for that scripture is Ephesians 5:21
---Pharisee on 3/15/07

I've decided to take the meaning from the context thus
1 John 2:18-21 (GW)
The Bible clearly shows that we have been annointed of God and are also equipped with knowledge. My understanding of this Scripture is that we should use our knowledge of the truth to be able to differenciate betweem liars and true servants of God.
---Muzila on 3/15/07

First John 2:20,
The people whom he is referring are people in consistent faith. Through believing they have received the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit. This anointing that is in them continues to be their guide and teacher as they develop in faith and grow stronger by being in obedience.
---Manoj on 3/15/07

the texts say that we are to make deciples of others to go out and and do the will of the father. HE tells us that there is teachers,apostles,preachers all different tittle but same blood and one church. and we are to dicipline our selves, to be ready in season and out of season. to help those in need no matter what
---ghost on 3/15/07

I believe that the verse says that the Christian is annointed by the Holy Spirit. By the power of the Holy spirit we can tell the difference between truth and lies and can know all things.
---Edmond on 3/14/07

this means that they have the holy ghost.they are annointed and the holy ghost reveals all truth to them.
---jesuschild379 on 3/14/07

I'm looking at the verse from "The Message"
Bible it says"but you belong. The Holy One annointed you and you all know it"
John was talking about believers verses those who have fallen away.
It might help you to read another version to help you understand meanings better.
---Cheryl on 3/14/07

True Christians are anointed ones, their name intimates as much. No lie is of the truth. Frauds and Impostures then are very unfit means to support and propagate the truth. Who is a liar, but ye that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? They are direct enemies to God as well as to the Lord Christ. He that opposes Christ denies the witness and testimony of the Father.=== Oh to answer your question.=== You only need the Holy Ghost.
---catherine on 3/14/07

I believe 1John 2:20 means that the annointing that we have which is the Holy Spirit will enable us to know correct doctrine and false doctrine, even if we do not understand it or are not able to explain it. It is just a "knowing" that something is either right or wrong.
---Helen_5378 on 3/14/07

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