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How To Get Out Of Debt Fast

I am deep in financial debt. How do I get out of debt fast and still honor God with my money?

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 ---Johnney on 4/18/08
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First if you have credit cards get rid of them.

Don't let these money hungry churches tell you anything else,you tithe what you can,mainly if you have a wife kids etc.God would not want you to give in church and have your family do without food or not pay rent or whatever.

Mainly go to God,He will give you the answer as what to do in Jesus Name
And does this church teach you all truths?? If not it would be like tithing with satan who is the father of lies.
---Gabby on 7/1/08

There is no fast way to get out of debt,I am sure that you did not get into debt overnight. Try a buget and keep track of all monies that you are spending. Look at your spending habits and see if there are any expenses that you can eliminate. As for honoring God his is only asking for 10 percent therefore the 90 percent that he gives us to do what we choose to do is more than generous. Take your eyes off of self and started blessing others (sowing seeds) tithe and give a free will offering.
---wendy on 4/28/08

we have to clean out our credit cards pay only in cash
---brian on 4/27/08

Fast? It may take one to get out of debth about as fast as one gets into it. the means of has to be by spending less and staying within a budget. talking control of spending
---ivory on 4/26/08

Money?? God??
your debt is the least of your worrys,,
---James on 4/25/08

I think it would be really hard to be able to get out of debt fast in most cases and still be able to continue to honor God...sometimes even though it is slow and difficult it is more honorable to work at it and get it accomplished, sometimes you need to go without some things you WANT to take care of what you NEED
---patra9795 on 4/25/08

First pray for the lord to help you to get all of your bills paid off.Stop useing any credit cards you may have.And then pay as much as you can on one bill until it is all paid off, and then you can concentrate on the next one until they are all paid off.
---Dorine on 4/25/08

I believe if a child of God will Pray and ask the Lord to take control of their finances,then set themselves a goal of paying not only the minimun payment but also the finance charge,you will see it will slowly dwindle down.
but one has to stick to the goal,and that my fellow christian will be the problem without the help of the can be done,God helped me do it, i'm a witness.
---Richard_Springer on 4/24/08

I don't believe that one can get out of debt
-FAST- afterall one didn't get in debt fast!

Planning to get out of debt takes stratagy,
finess, and personal financial restraint.
You should seek someone to hold you accountable and keep realistic goals,
This may hurt but the reward is worth it.

Prayer ALWAYS helps!
---Karyn on 4/24/08

You didn't get into debt fast. And, you won't get out of debt fast either. Now is the time for some strong self control. Cut back everywhere you can even if it means no cable or computer. Those are not necessities.
---KarenD on 4/21/08

I get it now, that's a recycle.

Have fun with that.
---pharisee on 4/19/08

"I have to disagree with Jack, live BELOW your means.

Are you too good for tuna fish, hot dogs, and ramen noodles? What God desires is for our good. Read about the man who climbed the tree to see Jesus and what he was willing to do when he saw the glory of the Lord.

May Jesus dwell with you.
---Pharisee on 4/18/08"

I still read here, whoever wrote this please stop writing as me.
---Pharisee on 4/19/08

"be content with such things as you have" (in Hebrews 13:5)

If you be satisfied with God, this can help you to not spend money to get yourself into debt, and enjoying Him can make you content so it is easier to spend less enough to pay off your financial debt > therefore, "seek first the kingdom of God" (in Matthew 6:33) so you get with Him and how He has you handle things. You're a unique person > see how God personally and creatively has you handle finances with Him (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/18/08

Do you have a pastor who is successful at managing finances in his personal life? A real Christian leader is a good example (1 Peter 5:3,
1 Timothy 3:1-10) to help you live as a whole person, and not only financially. Also, in a sound church there can be members who have done well in managing money, and these can help you with their experience, prayer, love and support. Get into relationships of love which will satisfy and fulfill you so you are not seeking mirage fulfillment of what money can buy (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/18/08

There is NO fast way to get out of financial debt unless you get a large sum of money for somewhere. You can take positive steps to get out of debt though. First, give God the "first fruits". (Based on personal experience, you can't outgive God.) Second, get rid of credit cards. Third, contact a finincial counselor - many offer free service. They will try to negociate a payment plan for you with your debtors. (But watch the interest rate and it's almost always a compound interest.)
---wivv on 4/18/08

First start giving God what is first in your paycheck, not what's last. Meaning pay your tithes. You honor God, he will honor you. I have noticed in my past when I didn't pay tithes, money was really, really tight. Since I've been paying tithes, all bills are paid and we have a little money left over.
---Rebecca_D on 4/18/08

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Find out WHY you got into financial debt first. If it's because you spend more then you earn or live above your means which is the same thing, then STOP now. I love Susie's suggestion. Here are some of my own.
1) Prioritize your money by paying your bills first. Spend no money on entertainment, excess stuff like Cable TV or internet provider, snacks, coffee in the morning, and other things you can think of that are luxury items.
2) Follow Susie's suggestions - they are great ones.
---donna8365 on 4/18/08

Johnney, do you REALLY think you can get a quick answer to this complex issue (one that would simultaneously be sensible) on these blogs?

Do you actually think there's some Bible verse or other you can use as a magic spell to dig you out of your financial problems?

General rule: Spend less than you earn. Live within your means.
---Jack on 4/18/08

1--No eating out.

2--Cut up ALL credit cards.

3--Pay more than the minimum payments on credit cards.

4--Sell the car which you have payments on.

5--Buy a cheap, good running car for cash.

6--Compare insurance rates. If you've been with the same company for years (like we were) you may not realize that they are ripping you off. We now pay half our insurance than the old company.

7--Don't buy anything new unless you have all your bills current.
---Susie on 4/18/08

I believe first and foremost you need to meditate and come into agreement with God on your financial situation. You still need to tithe whatever you can and remain faithful and obedient in his word. We are God's children and were destined to have an abundant life and to prosper in every aspect not only financially.
---kymbe8334 on 4/18/08

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I agree w/ Manoj. Also, with what you have set a budget & stick to it. Jesus said if you be faithful over little He will make you lord over much.

Sow seed & set a budget.
As long as we are here on earth we can sow & reap.(Genesis 8:22)

Also tithing. In Malichi 3:10 God said He would open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing. He also said that He would rebuke the devourer(debt) for your sake.

I did it & know it is true.
---Rickey on 4/18/08

I needed money for tuition. So I continued to pay my tithes & offering even when I didn't see anything. I just stood on the word.

Well, God blessed me with more than enough to pay for school & to pay my rent for the entire semester with over $800 left to me.
---Rickey on 4/18/08

The Word Faith Movement will tell you to sow an uncommon seed to get an uncommon result. It will require you to sow into _____ministry. The ministry will receive an "uncommon result". They tell people to use their credit cards, believing that at the end of the month, you'll have a big windfall to pay the credit card debt off.
---Rodney on 4/18/08

Once again, for Word Faith people planting small or large seeds into ministries, read the testimony I mentioned on "Do my words have power" blog. The woman did seed sowing to come out of debt, and all the other things TV ministries encourage you to do. For anyone considering this route, please read it. It's heart breaking, sad, and a warning for faith seed sowers thinking about using this method to come out of debt.
---Rodney on 4/18/08

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I have to disagree with Jack, live BELOW your means.

Are you too good for tuna fish, hot dogs, and ramen noodles? What God desires is for our good. Read about the man who climbed the tree to see Jesus and what he was willing to do when he saw the glory of the Lord.

May Jesus dwell with you.
---Pharisee on 4/18/08

Jesus paid all our debts at the cross of Calvary. In the current situation ,come closer to him. Sow financially. You reap what you sow, a divine principle. Sow out of your lack to people in need, suffering. God is miracle working, prayer answering God,pleased through Faith. Speak to your mountain, "My God shall supply all my needs from his heavenly riches, he loves me and cares for me, he never leaves me nor forsakes me,".Speak to the debt to be removed from your life and claim a debt free life.
---Manoj on 4/18/08

Once in debt it is not easy to reverse the situation but it must be done if the situation is not to become worse. Stop buying absolutely anything that you really do not need, cease using credit. immediately, don't 'window shop', budget sensibly so that your outgoings are always less that your income, even if that is by only a very small amount. There are charities that give free financial advice.
---m.p.a. on 4/18/08

Difficult! There isn't only one correct way, it depends too much on how you got into debt, what type of debt it is (mortgage, car loan, credit card, other), and what your income is. It is a hard thing to do, when you find what you can do, check it is in accordance with the Bible.
---Peter5448 on 4/18/08

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There is no fast way out of debt. It took years to compile the debt and it could take just as long to get out. I would say make small payments every month. Get rid of the credit cards. Don't spend money on anything you don't need. Get rid of car payments if possible; this will free up more money to pay off your debt.
---Emilie on 4/18/08

Johnney: I am not out of debt yet. It will take me a total of five years to pay it all off. The debt consolidation company arranged for a lower interest rate, and a payoff plan with all of my credit card companies. I pay them once a month and they pay the credit card companies. I have been using this company since the Fall of 2005.

I also have student loan debts that I am working to pay off as well. Understand that I have a full time teaching job and two part time jobs.
---Madison1101 on 4/18/08


Are you out of debt now and if so how long did it take to pay off your debt? What did the debt consolidation company do for you?
---Johnney on 4/18/08

If it is credit card debt, cut up the cards and call a debt consolidation company to pay down your credit cards. That is what I did.
---Madison1101 on 4/18/08

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