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Visited A Pagan Witches Blog

I know sometimes we get visited by pagans, witches and wiccans who come for whatever reason and maybe even make a blog entry or two. So, has anyone ever gone to one of their blogs and done the same and maybe spread God's word?

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 ---Joyce on 3/15/07
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Perhaps a person or two who goes to the witch/wiccan sites searching for some truth, might hear and consider what you say.

But regulars on these sites have already decided against the God of the Bible. They will not be likely to listen to the truth they have purposefully rejected. Nor will they be likely to let you speak unopposed.

Of course, if God is calling you to do this, you must do it. But I, in now way, see this as a field ripe for the harvest.
---Donna_Smith on 5/31/11

How can they believe in the one they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone telling them? Rom.10:14 Meeting someone on their own turf... its what Jesus did. To go share the gospel with someone is not having fellowship with them. We have the very words of life... let's act like budget out of the Christian bubble. I would say just be respectful and great them as people made in the image of God. Make comments Burberry a listener first, not just try to say what you want to say. Find out where they are coming from then share the gospel. Yes I am in the middle of conversations with pagans and witches as I type. Please go into the darkness and bring the Light! Don't fear God loves them... and wants Him to know Him.
---Laura on 5/28/11

I don't believe that's wise, light having fellowship with darkness. When a new Christian comes out, the Bible says come out from among them and be separate. There's a good reason why we have to leave our unsaved friends behind, they can pull you back into darkness. Hanging out on witchcraft blogs would be a door the enemy could use to gain a toehold into your own heart.
---Granite on 11/1/08

I would hope that one would NOT do that. It's the electronic equivalent to knocking on doors and proselytizing. It's annoying to EVERYONE.

On the other hand, it is more than acceptable to comment on the topic at hand, and sometimes even say "Christians disagree" with a brief explanation. But your visits should never become e-tracts.

It's just bad manners. And Christians should never be known for that.
---Nancy on 11/4/07

They come for their training phase, comingle wiccan/pagan beliefs in with ours. They enjoy the mocking/havoc and dissention. I've noticed they'll also use the Christian names here against them; especially the names that speak boldly against witchcraft and doctrines of demons. I've watched them use their names and spread discord. It's a wicked game. A Christian can do more harm to the kingdom of darkness by sticking with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We don't need their blogs, but they do need ours.
---Granite on 10/7/07

It is a very dangereous thing to walk amoung devils and demons. The bible tells us to be seperate from the world in general and tells us not to pray for those created for perdition so why would we want to associate with the wicked in any way? Satan can use anything as a vehicle go gain entrance into a soul even a computer. Be careful. I never go to demonic sites.
---Jody on 3/23/07

What has happened to part one of this three parter?
---m.p.a. on 3/23/07

2. Are these things not all belonging to the enemy, Satan? Why are you promoting them? Have you no control over what you advertise? Why don't you stop them? Is the revenue from them worth more than the lost souls of those who will be lead astray by these articles you advertise? Have you no conscience?
---m.p.a. on 3/19/07

3. You say to the readers "Before responding to this blog, please take our Paganism Bible Quiz". Perhaps you should take it youselves.
---m.p.a. on 3/19/07

You don't cast pearls before swine.
Put your guns away.... I didn't say it I just repeated it.
---Elder on 3/15/07

Joyce, I met a girl who was wiccan. When I explained to her that she took up this wiccan identiy because she didn't have any other to turn to. I introduced her to Jesus, she said the sinners prayer and ended up not aborting her baby, but giving it up for adoption. I did NOT meet her at a wiccan site, but a Christian one. Isn't that odd? She was crying out for help, I responded.
---donna6598 on 3/15/07

Joyce, before you do that, you better be rooted and grounded in scripture and prayed up and possibly fasting. You cannot just go out there, throw some scriptures at them and show them love. You will get chewed up and confounded. If this is a real burden on your heart though, seek God for wisdom. God bless.
---Ken on 3/15/07

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