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Hillary Clinton For President

What type of President would Hillary Clinton make? Would her liberal views destroy America or could we live with them if her economic policies are acceptable?

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 ---Janet on 3/16/07
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Steveng, Was't Adam the head of the household, he joined Eve in eating at the tree of Life.(forbidden fruit) both parties are guilty.(laugh)
---Freeda on 8/16/07

Oh, and Marcia, when you use my name again, it does remind me of your digression from Linda Smith, Prophet, T.S.. Kathr, Prod24, Robyn, Marica, and on down the line. When they were mad, buttons punched, nerves pinched, she used everyone else's name also - usually to post questions with.
Yeah, you are the same person. All of you in one very young 23 year old bundle.
---Francis on 8/16/07

Steve!!!! tsk tsk tsk U have much to learn. Study the Word. That is an uneducated statement and says something about you, perhaps, as a person.
---Pat on 8/16/07

I pray that Hilary does not make it in, her liberal views would cause great harm to this country. Note, I am not against a woman running for president just not a liberal.
I also pray that a "True" Christian will run for president. One that has the guts to stand up for what it right and not what society thinks aka: the media.

But I do have a suggestion, remember the movie "Brewster's Millions". Vote for non of thee above, that would shut the mouths of both parties!
---Francis on 8/16/07

Steve - it was a woman who brought you into the world

it was a woman who brought your savior into the world

if God can forgive her - why can't you?
---Andrea on 8/16/07

I am a strong believer in supporting who ever is God puts in Office as President. Right now, Bust is the President, Hillary is not and may not ever be. We can not boast about tomorrow, we can only do what we can today.
---Marcia on 8/16/07

It was a women who brought sin into the world and it will be a women who will destroy America. :)
---Steveng on 8/15/07

I believe Hillary will be President. It is the perfect time for her, everyone blames Bush for everything from the war to the housing market. No, matter what, all wrongs is attatched to Bush. The Republicans are out. It does not take much to see that she plays to all and this country is too divided to wake up and smell the take over,They will be No hanging chads. The Liberals will push all their agendas. If we think we in trouble now, waite until she takes office. God help us all
---freeda on 8/15/07

She's certainly strong enough to be Pres. but she's pro-abort and suffers from 'I'm so rich I feel guilty so I want YOU to give the poor your money". And I want you to pay their bills. We need clinics and better health care not socialized med.
Reps got rid of welfare and the poor are better for it - its not perfect just better.

Big business is good bc it allows us working folk to have jobs. Money is not the evil - when used right it is a blessing for all.
---Andrea on 8/15/07


Freedom is not Free, you are right it is sad what is happening in the Middle East because of this War on Terror. But it would be devestating if we had another 9/11. We all want someone to blame.

I blame the Terrorist, after all I know they would want us to blame Bush. There goal is to attack the leader and it does not help us any by attacking him too. He needs as much support as we can give him, he is under a lot of pressure, how he handles it, I'll never know.
---Marcia on 8/15/07

If Hilary were to become president, she would turn everything around that Bush has tried to accomplish during his term. She is too liberal for my views.
---Katie on 8/15/07

I would not vote for her. A problem with america is putting economy first over morality. It is an idol which decieves many.
---Christina on 4/10/07

Hi Mark; I voted for Bush because he is "pro-life" but now look at all the death and destruction he has caused? So he's against abortion, yet how dare he call himself "pro-life" with all the countless lives he's cost in this farce of a war?
---Mary on 4/9/07

Based on her past record, I'd say she would be a horrible president.
---wivv on 4/9/07

No...Hilary i would be scared if she gained office, the one thing i want in a president since i will be able to vote for the next one is PRO-LIFE, and not just b/c their republican but b/c they truely believe it...
---mark on 3/19/07

Ryan (sigh!); while I agree with you (painfully) on women pastors, do you have any idea how much good God has done for the world through women--strong and intelligent, capable WOMEN?! I am assuming you don't have a female boss or supervisor at your job, because you have to respect them and I don't know if you could ever respect a woman!
---Mary on 3/17/07

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Herb ... I see your point, but I wonder what your view of Margaret Thatcher is? In many ways not a very nice woman.
But without her support, the Republicans under Ronald Reagan could not have forced the USSR to retreat from the nuclear arms race, and thus bring the end of the Cold War.
---alan_of_UK on 3/16/07

Actually, you can have every thought about a woman being president but the Bible says that GOD picks our president. If you recall, Clinton became pres. when the GOP vote was split between Bush and Independent ticket. That was God. Bush beat Gore in FL and that was God. Whoever is president, as Christians we are to respect him and pray for him (or if God wills, her.)
---Nancy on 3/16/07

**Newt might get some.**

And if you think that Newt will "defend traditional marriage," which of his marriages will he be defending? His first, his second, or his third? (Is serial polygamy really traditional?)
---Jack on 3/16/07

I'm not big on picking political frontrunners on a Christian site. There are so many political blogs where polls are formed from the bloggers. If I was interested in the 'premature' shell game, I would go to those other blogs and talk politics all day long. But I'm weary of politics and pandering, so I come here.
---Ohio on 3/16/07

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She's not going to win. Charisma wins. She doesn't have the charisma that her husband has.
Kennedy had it, Reagan had it, Bill Clinton has it, like it or not - George W. has it, Rudy has it, Obama has it and Newt might get some.
Al Gore does not, Hillary does not, Mitt has very little.
Charisma wins, and Hillary doesn't have any.
---Texas on 3/16/07

A good politician has charisma. I forgot to mention Jimmy C. does not have charisma.
It is a gift. You cannot buy it with all the money in the world. Hollywood cannot buy it for you. Like a good comedian, you either have it or you don't.
Comedians and politicians are similar. A really good one makes everyone around them look good, while they function as the straight (serious) one. Seinfeld, as an example; and e.g., Reagan, Rudy, and Obama.
---Texas on 3/16/07

Hillary should no more be president that women should be pastors of a church. It is against God's will for a woman to usurp athority over men.
---Rev_Herb on 3/16/07

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