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Miracles Really Exist

Praise God miracles really exist. Please list any healing miracles you have experienced or any other type of religious miracle no matter how small. Let's give God the glory!

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 ---DavidG on 3/16/07
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yes Miracles really happen.
---chris on 4/3/07

My miracle is coming. I am praising God now!
---Johnny on 4/2/07

I was stricken with a fatal disease, and I was not one of the 20-25% meant to survive. So I was on my death bed on Sunday March 4, 2001 A.D. with the fatal disease and a host of other diseases, bone marrow suppession, chronic anemia, chronic leucopenia, etc. And the Holy Spirit told me to say the sinner's prayer again. So I prayed, and Jesus came into my room; he touched me, healed me, and saved me all over again, and made me born-again. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!
---Eloy on 4/2/07

Well one of my legs was shorter then the other and when Pastor Ahn prayed for me, my other leg grew out to match the other one right infront of my eyes, incredible, Hallelujia.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/2/07

Saving me from the bondage of sin by the Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest miracle I have ever encounter.Daily walking to God makes by burdens lighter than ever I expected and the rest of my days with God all those are miracles which I will have to treasure the rest of my life. edna8476
---Edna on 3/26/07

I'm a walking talking miracle; praise God.
Let me just say if it was not for the intervening healing power of Jesus Christ I would be 6 feet under!!! And keep remembering God never lies, so His Word is Truth and He never changes so His Word & healing are for today. Just because we don't understand; doesn't mean God's changed His mind. Believe His Word before you believe that head of yours. Be healed in Jesus name.
---Mishon on 3/22/07

The Miracle of Lanciano Italy is my favorite.
---Catherine12345 on 3/18/07

Personally, the greatest miracle of God is that He saved my whole family and gave them eternal life. He forgave all our sins and gave us Jesus Christ to die in our place He heals the sick. I prayed for a girl 12 years of age who had a cripped left hand which she couldn't use since she was born. Because she believed in the power of Jesus and in her heart she trusted God's healing power she was healed that evening instancely. She can use her hand ever since. Praise be to God.
---esthe9776 on 3/18/07

miracles, many. the most prevelent one is changed lives.but one that comes to mind is my baby brother . several years ago at the age of 45 he was full and terminal in just weeks of cancer.after prayer and laying on of hands one night the next day the doctors could not even find signs he had it.
---tom2 on 3/17/07

God has preformed so many miracles on me, I can't count that high. The key to any miracle is the fruit in people's lives? No, it is faith. It takes faith to move the hand of God. The woman who had the issue of blood, she knew if she could touch Jesus, she would be healed. Jesus told her that her faith healed her. But God preforms miracles everyday to everyone. It doesn't matter what doctrine one believes, what matters if they have faith in God to see or to recieve miracles/healings from God.
---Rebecca_D on 3/17/07

I will say what I have said before, and will doubless say again several more times before we're through.

The key in ANY kind healing, miracle, or other sign is the FRUIT in the lives of the people involved and those who see it and WHAT DOCTRINE comes with it.
---Jack on 3/16/07

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