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Resurrection Of Christ

Do you believe that the resurrection of Christ is fact or myth? and what evidence for the resurrection do you have?

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 ---jessej on 3/16/07
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I believe the resurrection is fact, first because the bible says so, but if that is not enough, check non-christian ancient history. That Jesus existed is verified, that the body went missing is verified, that the people against Jesus alive at that time did not dispute the apostles claims, and finally, Roman law had the tomb sealed and it was death to the guard and their family if that seal was broken during their watch. The Pharasees would certainly have to have told Pilate the guards did nothing wrong and that they told them to lie or the record of their execution would have been written. It wasn't. That's the short of it.
---elain3998 on 1/5/09

Fact, and I need no evidence because faith is belief in that which is unseen or lacks physical evidence.
---Ryan on 3/22/08

Fact. Can you find where Mohammand is buried? Yes. Can you find where Confuciois is buried. Yes can you find where Jesus is Buried. No! Jesus was raised Bodily from the grave. He later joined the dicipiles and walked through the wall and sat down with them and said He was hungry and ate with them. I believe that Jesus was risen from the grave by God. Powerful and mighty God.
---Lloyd on 3/30/07

The resurrection is fact. Recorded in what I believe by faith to be The inspired written word Of GOD, declared by The Living Word of GOD & His Spirit bares witness within me leaving no room, in my mind, for doubt. The apostles who walked with Jesus & penned the N.T. gave testimony by their word & are recorded in history as witnesses of not only His resurrection, but also His ascension. Jesus died for our sins & was raised for our justification. Believe this or carry your sins, the penalty is life ending.
---joseph on 3/23/07

greetings.The spirit of truth is evidence .For those who do not blindly walk the road of life it is self evident the presence and leading is most real.This same spirit of truth is the very spirit that reveals new truth,keeps us in rememberance of truths Jesus taught and never fails to comfort our soul.
---earl on 3/18/07

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Denied by some. There is no single doctrine in all the Bible so hated by Satan. He has attempted [always unsuccessfully] to ridicule it, downplay it, or simply explain it away. Purpose of the Resurrection. Is to destroy man's final enemy. The heart Theory>>>>Only resurrected in the heart of friends.They did not believe He would literally rise from the dead, until they saw Him with their own eyes. And heard His voice.
---catherine on 3/18/07

I Cor 15:6 "After that He was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain to this present,..."
---MARK on 3/18/07

I explained the uniqueness of christianity on another blog.first the new testament is full of EYEWITNESS accounts as to the life and ministry of jesus.and his resurection.witnesses to miracle,after all 12 apostles died for their faith,meaning they would not renounce they believed,there were many other might die for the truth, but not many for a that being said I BELIEVE JESUS,ALL HE SAID ,ALL HE SAID HE WAS,ALL HE SAID i MUST DO.
---tom2 on 3/17/07

I believe it to be true. There is no myth about it. My evidence is unseen, for it is faith. Heb 11:1 says, Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. If one doesn't have faith, then that person can't believe in God.
---Rebecca_D on 3/16/07

It is a fact!
The evidence: The Bible! The Inspired Word of GOD!
---JIM on 3/16/07

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