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Lord's Last Supper On Earth

What was the significance of the Lord's last supper? Was it just to eat a good meal and to get your feet washed? Or was it another opportunity for Jesus to teach the disciples?

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 ---peggy98 on 3/16/07
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The signfinicance of the "last supper" was that Yeshua was celebrating Passover as he had all his life. Preparation day was until sundown & Passover began at sundown (as all days on the Jewish calendar) Yeshua and dicisples went to the garden after the meal, Yeshua prayed - disciples slept - Judas came- betrayed Yeshua, he was taken to court, put on the cross at 9 a.m. and pierced at 3 p.m. - had to be buried before sundown because it was about to be Feast of Unlevened Bread and High Sabbath. He arose three days later on the Feast of First Fruits. Yeshua became our Passover Lamb - he gave himself as a sacrifice on Passover for the sins of the world. On this day, he fulfilled the law of animal sacrifice for atonement for sin.
---gophylann on 7/1/08

"Do this in remembrance of me"
Jesus said.
He lives.remember his sacrifice.thank you Jesus!
---Paul on 7/1/08


Amen! Good answer my brother. Many fail to realize the importance of footwashing.

May the Lord bless you,
---trey on 5/30/08

peggy98, I think part of the significance of the last supper was for Christ to institute two traditions for Christians to do in remembrance of Him.

The communion for us to remember that the sacrifice of His body and the shedding of His blood is what truly sustains us and gives us life,

and the footwashing to remember that as Christians we should be humble servants.

Hope that helps :-)
---Todd1 on 5/28/08

Eating of the Lord's supper is done to remember the sacrifice Christ made. The bread represents the breaking of his body, and of course the wine, the shedding of his blood. Paul makes this clear in I Cor 11:23-26.

Christians don't partake of communion inorder to have eternal life, but because we already have eternal life. - Thanks be to Christ!

In John 6:63 Christ states that the words he is speaking are spiritual.
---trey on 5/27/08

Nicole, we should be seeing a lot of limbless, eyeless, etc. Christians, who cut off their offendiing parts, then. Even the other gospels spoke in symbolic non literal language some if not much of the time. It is possible for the majority to be wrong, and in fact usually the majority is incorrect. That is why persecution is always so easy. The minority who are right being the persecuted ones. The majority having the power to enforce their opinions on the minority. That is why I dislike 'democracy' .
---frances008 on 5/27/08

That is why the Universal Catholic Church has persecuted the saints down through the ages. It will not tolerate anyone else's viewpoint, especially not the correct viewpoint. I think my view is correct, they think theirs is. The difference is that they have the power and the intention to enforce their view on me. This freedom is what I am trying to protect by posting my opinion while I still can.
---frances008 on 5/27/08

The real Item which is Jesus is being missed here.Jesus always presented a challenge to RAISE up ones self to higher levels.He demonstrates that in several instances new wine in old skins,Changing water into wine, Healing the sick, blind lame deaf Etc Here he is offering HIMSELF as his EVERLASTING Gift and people quibble if its symbolic, spiritual physical abstract all dumb sides of 'satans equation of Twisting the truth'.His antidote to sin become like Me EAT ME if you want to live Forever.
---Emcee on 5/27/08

Frances008,if Jesus own disciples decided to leave Him because THEY WERE TAKEN HIM LITERALLY,and Jesus does not stop them. John6:52-66,Who are you to say EVERYONE INCLUDING JESUS GOT IT WRONG. Symbol?"As the living Father sent me,and I live because of the Father,so he who eats me will live because of me"(John 6:57).The Greek word used for "eats" (trogon)is very blunt and has the sense of "chewing" or "gnawing." This is not the language of metaphor.(Catholic Answers)
---Nicole on 5/26/08

Those who say it smacks of cannibalism are mocking the people in the RCC who take everything literally, especially John's gospel, which is a symbolic gospel, not meant to be all taken literally, and even says so in itself that it is not a literal eating of flesh and blood. They are not mocking the Bible, but the ritual of the RCC which is unnecessary since Jesus died once and for all time. He does not need to die every Sunday.
---frances008 on 5/26/08

Toma, people have put together Paul's letter to the Corinthians saying 'Do this in remembrance of me' and John Ch 6 saying about us eating his body and drinking his blood. So it is a patchwork job done by the RCC. The gospels just recount it as an event that Jesus participated in, which was symbolic of his death for us. His becoming a pascal Lamb, the following day.
---frances008 on 5/26/08

--catherine do you believe that Jesus ate the Last Supper with Judas (the betrayer)?
---Mima on 5/26/08

The breaking and sharing of bread and the drinking of the cup were invested with new meaning, demonstrating continuity of the Old and New covenants.The Lord's supper decalres one's continuing dependence upon the Christ proclaimed in the Gospel, who died, was buried, and rose for our salvation...Passover, Often in his Gospel John related events not recorded in the other Gospels. John may be describing another intimate meal with the disciples earlier in the final week of Jesus' life.
---catherine on 5/26/08

It was important Peggy, yes HE told them what was going to happen to HIM. It was also Passover and they were sharing the Passover meal together.HE had become the Passover Lamb which would be sacrificed.
HE gave them instructions of how to preach to others, and to do so in humility--among other things. Read an account of 'the last supper' in the gospels.
---NVBarbara on 5/26/08

You might want to read the accounts of the Passover Seder Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated - Matthew 26, Mark 14 and Luke 22. The account in John does give a bit of a different timeline. Yeshua celebrated Passover as was and still is a feast instituted by G-d. It is a rememberance of the Jews being freed from Egyptian slavery and of Jesus becoming our Passover Lamb, bringing us Salvation.
---Phyllis on 3/25/07

peggy98, there are deep truths and revelations to the washing of the feet and the Lord's last supper. I can't explain it in 85 words only. Revelations like these go so deep, 85 words wouldn't even scratch the surface. Why don't you ask God this question? Research it with Him and let him REVEAL the deeper revelations to you.
---donna6598 on 3/20/07

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It is indeed a farewell but the greater purpose is to remind us that we were saved by the gift Jesus Christ as He offered His body and blood on our behalf. Also it is to remind us that our lives are to be of service to others.
It is/should not be reserved to the "pure"and
"saved" only BUT INCLUDE those who are in
need of cleansing!P.
---Pierre on 3/19/07

The Last Supper was a farewell ceremony plus to teach us about the ordinances. The Lords Supper is only for believers. Two kinds of individuals are forbidden. The unsaved and the unclean. [backslidden Christian]. Punishment for breaking these rules are stiff by God.
---catherine on 3/19/07

** Why do some believe that the significance of the Lord's last supper is pointing to the cross while others think it points to canalbalism?**

Jesus said it actually points to His Return. (But as for your question, it just goes to show where people's minds are.)
---Jack on 3/19/07

To clarify some misconceptions I have seen posted here by various blogers. Christ was crucified during the day light period prior to Passover. The Passover meal would have been held the evening after Christ was laid in the tomb. The Last Supper was just a normal meal no roast lamb and bitter herbs are mentioned in any account. All of the bodies were taken down from the crosses so that they would not defile "Great Sabbath", a proper name for Passover see John 19:31 account in Greek USB4.
---notlaw99 on 3/18/07

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In presenting the Last Supper through tho Crucifiction. John is the more accurate commentator In John 18:24 members of the Sanhedrin taking Jesus to the Governors House would not enter so they eat the Passover meal that was still to come that evening. John 19:14 states it was preparation day for the Passover. John has given three definitive references that the Passover has not occurred yet so the "Last Supper" was not a passover celebration.
---notlaw99 on 3/18/07

Why do some believe that the significance of the Lord's last supper is pointing to the cross while others think it points to canalbalism?
---Toma on 3/18/07

I posted this once, and the moderator censored it, so I'm going to post it again and again until it gets on the blog. Here's the THIRD time:

There have been BOOKS written on this subject over the nearly 2000 year history of Christianity.

Where did you get the idea you could find a simple answer in 85 words or less?
---Jack on 3/18/07

The 'Last Supper' took place on the first day of the Passover which was instituted when the children of Israel was delivered from Egypt. They would have had this meal anyway BUT this time it was the last time Jesus would sit with, preach to and instruct the entire group of disciples before His crucifixion. At this meal he symbolically offered his body and blood to his followers as well as teach them about servanthood.
---carre3694 on 3/17/07

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John's account of the last supper is the longest and gives the most detail of what transpired but John does not describe the breaking of Bread and Wine. Matthew's is writing as a participant. Mark my have observed the Last Supper as a older child, it is speculated the Last Supper was held in his mother's house. Luke was never there, his account is based purely on what others told him. If you want to know what went on read John's detail account first then Matthew's for the things John did not cover.
---Phil_the_Elder on 3/16/07

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