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Saint Patrick's Day Celebration

Do you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? Please explain why or why not. thanks.

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 ---shirley on 3/16/07
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#2) The Catholics and Protestants were about to riot with each other in New York City, but instead together turned on the blacks accusing them of causing the problem. The Catholics and Protestants together lynched 85 blacks in a 3 day period in New York City. Personally, I don't consider anyone involved to be a legitimate Christian.
---Greyrider on 2/18/08

#2) The Catholics and Protestants were about to riot against each other in New York City, but then decided that they were collectively going to turn on the blacks because they were the "source of the problem" (their thinking not mine). The Catholics and Protestants together hung 85 blacks within a 3 day period in New York City as a protest to Lincoln that they did not want to fight the war if Lincoln was going to change course and make it over freeing the slaves.
---Greyrider on 2/18/08

#1) Here's the true story (it's ugly). The Vatican spoke out against the war, saying the CSA had a right to independence, rightfully stating the war was not over slavery but the hypocrisy of the North in regards to the fact that the NORTH ran the slave trade. Lincoln became upset and Catholics were disprortionately drafted into the Union Army instead of the Protestants. (cont)
---Greyrider on 2/18/08

**The Irish Catholics rioted and even killed blacks during this period. This is left out of the history books.**

I watched the same show and it didn't say that.
---Jack on 3/19/07

My Heart's In Ireland

In the town of Scariff the sun was shining in the sky
Willie Clancy played his pipes and the tears welled in my eyes
Many years have passed and gone since the times we had there
But my heart's tonight in Ireland in the sweet County Clare

My heart tonight is far away across the rolling sea
In sweet Milltown Malbay it is there I'd love to be
So long ago and far away but nothing can compare
My heart's tonight in Ireland in the sweet County Clare
---Rural_Cafe on 3/18/07

Corned beast dinnner is all I do. Even that's the wife's idea. I like my beast regular too.
---Pharisee on 3/18/07

There was a program on history channel yesterday about the Irish Catholics during the Civil War. They were furious fighters until they realized the war was about slavery. They were afraid if the slaves were freed the slaves would take the menial jobs that the Irish Catholics had at that time. It was mentioned that the Irish Catholics weren't prejudice against the blacks until this happened. The Irish Catholics rioted and even killed blacks during this period. This is left out of the history books.
---Susie on 3/18/07

Aw Jack---wear the hat! You'll get lots of hugs and kisses! I'm with you on the beer part though, I don't drink, never have.
God bless you brother.
---NVBarbara on 3/17/07

Notlaw: I was married to an Orangeman for 25 years. He would talk trash about me wearing green every single St. Patrick's Day. It was a source of contention. My grandparents were Irish Catholics, and I will not deny my heritage for any man. I am who I am because God made me this way.
---Madison1101 on 3/17/07

I will be wearing a 20-inch long bright green "hair" headband to church Saturday! :D And wish I could get the corned beef--LOVE it! I wish I could have green beer but I'm committed to sobriety and I have almost 3 years now--PTL!!! :)
---Mary on 3/16/07

I refuse to wear green, I want to be pinched.
---Ireland on 3/17/07

I could really care less about Saint Patrick's Day. My Mothers distant removed relatives were from Northern Ireland and were Orangemen loyal to the Crown. The families, [Carraway & Wallace] had original Land Grants from the Crown in Carterate County, North Carolina.
---notlaw99 on 3/16/07

I wear green so I won't get pinched, but that is about all I do.
---Rebecca_D on 3/16/07

I celebrate St. Patrick's Day because I am Irish, my birthname is Patricia, and I like celebrating my heritage.
---Madison1101 on 3/16/07

Depends on what you mean by celebrate St. Patrick's day.

If you mean swilling green beer and wearing a silly "Kiss me, I'm Irish" hat, no.
---Jack on 3/16/07

What is wrong with corned beef and cabbage washed down with a green beer? And maybe even a baked potato?
---Ryan on 3/16/07

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