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Prophet With A False Prophecy

We attend church 50 miles from home. Evangelist holding a revival at the church says he is prophet. He handed me $20 saying the Lord told him to give it to us for gas and that the Lord had told him that we had borrowed money for gas to come to revival which is not true. What would you do?

Moderator - Tell him the truth in love.

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 ---Susie on 3/20/07
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you know before I would let it slide but its time we call these people out. i was a victim of a personal false prophecy and it about destroyed my faith. any advice would be great
---James on 1/2/08

Would thanking God for the $20 be too much of a stretch? Even if the man missed the reason for it, so what? Don't we all miss it sometimes? Of course we do. We just don't like to admit it.
---Linda on 9/26/07

It isn't hard to let a little carnality get into what the Lord tells us to do. Indeed, I wouldn't just assume He didn't tell the man to give you the money just because the man assumed the reason for it because of the natural knowledge that you lived so far away. That happens. Separate the wheat from the chaff by the spirit and cleave to the good. He may have even had the right message but the wrong person. Job's friends had that problem. Don't attribute flakiness to him because of his mistake.
---Linda on 9/26/07

Be on your guard, soon the man will revealed his true reason for telling you this. Do not let this man may merchandise of you!!!! In other words do not give him any money!!!!!
---Mima on 9/26/07

Susie: I agree. I have the same issue with any man desiring the to be called by the titles given to God alone:

Reverend, Father, Most Reverend, His Holiness etc. True shepherds will think twice regarding the titles they take and cast them off when they seek supremecy. Some do it out of ignorance but when light comes to them they need to correct the error. Jesus said "Call no man Father" in a Spiritual sense. "He who seeks to be first will be last."
---TS on 4/3/07

When I hear someone introduce themselves as a prophet, it reminds me of the time a man came to our church and introduced himself as Prophet Whipple. When we asked his wife what we should call her, she said, "Just call me Mrs. Prophet Whipple." I kept thinking about that "Don't squeeze the Charmain" commercial and Mr. Whipple.
---Susie on 4/2/07

I'd wait for him to flop on the floor, blather and foam and then give Susan his $20 for Finishing School ;)
---TS on 4/2/07

Susie, OSAS, once frozen always chosen.
Did he have a running car out back for the clean getaway, and 'cashflow dollars'?
---Susan on 4/2/07

This man later preached that he had never backslidden since he was born again and that he believed he was perfect. We didn't go back to the revival or to that church.
---Susie on 4/1/07

The real prophets are few and far between. When they have to add the title prophet in front of their name, I don't take them seriously.Also, God can give anyone a word for another (word of knowledge).If you compared today's prophets by old testament standards,few will qualify.Prophets who can pass OT standards will not be popular and you won't be seeing them on tv anytime soon.
---Steve on 4/1/07

I've pulled away from most of the so-called prophetic in the church anyway.Your story is another example where the flaky alert needs to be sounded.Now you see prophets proclaiming favor, multiplication, etc., just like the charasmatic prosperity church. Here's how my family looks for the "real deal": if the prophet is 100% right 100% of the time, he/she is a real prophet.If they have a habit of missing it, they're not a prophet.
---Steve on 4/1/07

I went back inside, 'S' glared at me through entire meeting. Then it was time for 'words of knowledge'. The building had a brand new carpet, S dumped an entire bottle of olive oil down the top of a man's head, all over his clothes, and it left a big puddle on the new carpet. Did I leave? No.
S started performing a deliverance on this man. He left. But he left exactly as he came in. No change.
---Revived on 4/1/07

Then S pulled out the tape recorder, and blank tapes for every person. After you received your word, you would have a tape to take home. I did tell the leader of the group, I don't want a word. I don't want to sit in the middle of the circle and be prayed for. I decided to finally leave.
As I did, S ran to the door and gave me a word. A word that I never wanted and a word that I regret. It was nothing but a string of curses. S was furious that I was rejecting this false prophetic ministry.
---Revived on 4/1/07

Bible says, a Curse without cause shall not alight.
At times, 'S' would whisper those wretched words back in my ear over the past year. I rebuked that word in Jesus' Name. We need to be wise what we open ourselves up to. The leader of the group has called me many times and given me presents. I did explain why I cannot return. The false prophet is still giving words every week with the recorder to the same people. I suppose a real dependency has been created. I have learned a valuable lesson.
---Revived on 4/1/07

Susie, I had a similar experience. It brought me to CN. I attended a Bible Study and there was self-proclaimed prophet. I knew the minute I laid eyes on this person that I should have left. I did not, I didn't want to be rude.
It was nothing short of witchcraft. 'S' was waiting at the door, watching as I walked in. Immediately 'S' gave me the 'stink eye'. I knew I had to pray, I said, Excuse me, I forgot something. I walked back to my car and prayed. I should have left, immediately.
---Revived on 4/1/07

I have an ulterior motive for allowing God to raise me up as one of His prophets. I Hate the Devil. And I hate wickedness.
---catherine on 3/28/07

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Susie, I am trying to spray the false prophets here with with the word of truth, but like some bugs, they get emuned to it and it is not as effective as it once was.
---Rev_Herb on 3/23/07

The bug is called a false prophet beetle and it is out in the desert.
---Susie on 3/23/07

NVBarbara: "Herb you stated ... and bring in 6 figures a year. WHY would you need the money?"

I'm not speaking on behalf of Herb, but as for myself (I'm not boasting, just a fact) I make a lot more money than I really need. I save a little (Biblical), I invest (Biblical), and, not like most people who give the homeless a dollor ar two, I give enough for a good meal. God gave me a good job which supplies the homeless and the neighborhood kids for schools supplies the excess I have.
---Steveng on 3/22/07

Why would I need the money? A fool and his money is soon parted. If he want to give money away why shouldn't I take it and give it to someone who really need it?
---Rev_Herb on 3/22/07

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What kind of bug do you have and where is the church?
---Rev_Herb on 3/22/07

RevHerb...If that is true, I got some "bugs" for you to get rid of in the church! LOL!!!
---Susie on 3/22/07

Herb you stated some time back that you own an Exterminating business and bring in 6 figures a year. WHY would you need the money?
---NVBarbara on 3/21/07

RevHerb....You are so funny.
---Susie on 3/21/07

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John...He said it was for the meeting he is now holding. When I told him that we did not borrow any money for the gas, he said, "Well, God told me to give you the money anyway, so here it is."
---Susie on 3/21/07

Steveng....We have been helping the pastor of this church as they had some needs in which the building needed some repairs and my husband is able to do them. The pastor is an older man and is not able to do most of the work. Also, they are trying to rebuild a church when was hurt by a split and we were not part of the church during that time, so we can help the church heal. We are also assisting him in the preaching and music areas.
---Susie on 3/21/07

Send him my way, I could use the money.
---Rev_Herb on 3/20/07

He gave me the money privately. He could have just as easily given it to my husband. Guess he thought I was more gullible. He was wrong. We paid cash for the gas as we cut up all credit cards over a year ago and haven't used them since. If we ain't got the money, we don't buy it! Don't you like my grammar? LOL!!!!
---Susie on 3/20/07

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Mark has a very good comment. Also, did he say if it was for that exact meeting or was he returning money you had borrowed maybe even years earlier to go to a different meeting?
---john on 3/20/07

Satan will perform miracles for 3-1/2 years to show the world he is good. But it is a snare. He will get the whole world on his side before he springs the trap.

Travel 50 miles? If you can't find a church in your local area, I suggest starting a home church. They are hundreds of times better than a church when it comes to laying a strong personal foundation with God. There are plenty of reference material on the internet. You'll be doing what the early Christians were doing.
---Steveng on 3/20/07

I have a question? did you pay for the gas with a credit card???
---MARK on 3/20/07

Did he give it to you privately, or in public. If the latter, it was probably to demonstrate how clever and good he was. Not a good motive.
---alan_of_UK on 3/20/07

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Mima...Thanks! I figured that was probably the next step. We put that $20 back in the offering.
---Susie on 3/20/07

Moderator...I told him the truth right on the spot. But, he didn't want to hear that he was wrong.
---Susie on 3/20/07

I would never go back to him again. RUN as far away as you can from him. Many false prophets are popping up everywhere. We are heading for perilous times. RUN, FLEE!!!
---anonymous on 3/20/07

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