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To eliminate inappropriate ads, we now block ads on blogs by filtering their titles. If you see a blog with ads that need to be reviewed, "Post A New Blog" question to the moderator with the title and url of the blog to be reviewed. Thanks.

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 ---webmaster on 3/21/07
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The Prob. is Blindness,
You can give a person a 100 verses that support the Word of God thats in Question, and they'll have 1 that they will live & die by no matter what their told!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/17/08

What is a false doctrine?
Unless doubtful doctrines are discussed here, how will anyone who beleives them have the chance to undersrtand the fault in the doctrine?
---alan_of_UK on 5/16/08

Just click around to view ones that have blocked ads. We want to block cults and false doctrines.
---Webmaster on 5/15/08

Does this mean that you are going to get rid of the advertising that appears just below EVERY question that is posted? Most of these websites are advertising getting into debt which is not a Christian principle.
---Susie on 9/11/07

My comment isn't about adds but about the moderator's habit of deleting threads which are about creation/evolution or origins. Why is this done?

Surely results demonstrate that these are very popular topics.
---Warwick on 3/24/07

Thanks MPA - We don't always posted immediately as we may need time to investigate and come up with a solution before posting to all the bloggers.
---Webmaster on 3/24/07

Thanks moderators for acting upon things that I have been pointing out for many weeks, even though you haven't printed any of my comments. I'll keep you posted if I spot anything else amiss.
---mpa on 3/24/07

Alan, Bill is still checking. I have dropped another note.
God Bless.
---Elder on 3/23/07

Don't you MODs know that Google AdSense ads are 'rotated'?

When you let google scan these (our) posts, they pick out the words and match them up to the THOUSANDS of advertisers they have and then pick 1, 2 or 3 to display in the ad-window. Each time the page is viewed the ads may be the same OR changed.

You guys have really opened up a can of worms. Put the lid back on by telling google to take a hike.
---NV_Steve on 3/23/07

Please give us the web address or URL of any sites that need to be blocked. Hopefully, the majority that need to be blocked are being done by the Title block we have in place.
---Webmaster on 3/23/07

Elder ... It is back again ... here and elsewhere!
There seem also to be many advertisement designed to get people to borrow money. Some masquerade as giving help to get you out of debt, but all that hapens is yuo borrow from someone else instead
---alan_of_UK on 3/23/07

As much as it concerns me there appears to be a bigger problem.
That same ad from Armstrong is back on this blog again and some other blogs also.
Maybe when you block an ad Google just sends it again. This is the start of a real rat race. It will eventually harm ChristiaNet.
---Elder on 3/23/07

Alan of UK - ("Helen, Helen, Helen ...") -- Yes Alan, what is it?
---Helen_5378 on 3/23/07

Elder & Webmaster ... Your screening in not 100% The ad that Elder pointed out is still there inthe heading to at least one other blog.
Elder ... any response yet?
---alan_of_UK on 3/23/07

Thank you webmaster. I know your heart.
If everyone will please notice, the ad I pointed out is gone all ready.
Web master I will send you e-mails of others that I may see and why I consider them to be in error. I'll do this to help you decide what to do with them.
---Elder on 3/22/07

Why was Google allowed to post advertising on ChristiaNet to start with. You signed signed an agreement with Google to get revenue to help run ChristiaNet and ChristiaNet is being compensated for doing so. Google get paid by advertisers and generally can't discriminate between advertising customers. Does ChristiaNet's contract with Google allow allow ChristiaNet to block adds it does not like. Maybe Google advertising was not the best Idea to start with if it is going to take this much effort to control.
---Phil_the_Elder on 3/22/07

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Thanks, Elder as that gives us a specific website to block.
---Webmaster on 3/22/07

There is one on this very blog. It is
Free Bible Studies
Free Bible studies on various topics, from
"wonderful world tomorrow."
This is another cult started by Garner Ted Armstrong.
It is very dangerous and misleading. Many young inexperienced Christians have been fooled by this org.
---Elder on 3/22/07

Helen, Helen, Helen ...
---alan_of_UK on 3/22/07

Come on guys work with me. There are over 1 million ads that can be placed on our site which changes at any moment and are different to each user depending on your usage. Which titles have Mormon in them that have an ad - none and the same for Catholic. Please follow the instructions to help. Thanks.
---Webmaster on 3/22/07

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Maybe you need more help in identifying these Ads placed by Google. I came across one directed to 'Gay Catholics', 'How to order 'Time Line maps'from the Mormons,"Meeting other single Mormons' plus a plethora of others, how can you miss all these!?
---NVBarbara on 3/21/07

The 'Villagers' are rioting guys. I fear soon that everybody will stop blogging!
---NVBarbara on 3/21/07

"Explore your Past Lives"---just another ad that has slipped by the Mods!
---NVBarbara on 3/21/07

Are you going to block all roman catholic advertising seeing that the RCC is a cult?
---Helen_5378 on 3/21/07

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Unless we missed them by accident, there are no ads there.
---Webmaster on 3/21/07

What about the blogs that are obviously started by Mormons to discuss that cult?
---Susie on 3/21/07

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