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What Is Holy Living

I am trying to stay away from worldly things. Can anybody out there help me with some ideas of what are worldly things? I guess cigarettes, alcohol. I need help with this, as I desire to live holy.

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 ---deneen345 on 3/21/07
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First ask the Lord to teach you to be holy.Begin reading your bible--regularly. Look up all scriptures that refer to being holy. Don't just be a reader of God's word. He wants us to be doers, also. Put into action what you learn from God's Word and you will become holy, day by day. It will not happen overnite. It is a process we cannot rush. Takes time. During the process you will fail many times but don't give up. It gets easier and easier (daily) if you desire to please the Lord, through holiness. Blessings to you on your journey
---Robyn on 7/25/10

Do you have mercy which only God can give. Read on>>>HOLY moral and ethical wholeness or perfection freedom from moral evil. Holiness is one of the essential elements of God's nature required of His people. Holiness may also be rendered "Sanctification" or "godliness". The Hebrew word for "HOLY" denotes that which is "sanctifies" or "set apart" for divine service...We must have a higher quality and degree of righteousness than that of the scribes and pharisees [Matt: 5:20]. Jesus appealed for more than ceremonial holiness, "I desire mercy and not sacrifices" [Hosea 6:6, Matt. 12:7]. God may just leave one false, so you won't forget where you came from and not look down on others.
---catherine on 7/3/10

The worldly things consist of, missing Church services, missing Ch-services for sports, smokes, social alcoh-drinks, club dancing & other, unclean movies, filthy language & thoughts, dressing unholy showing to much flesh etc,.
1st.John 2 v's 15 - 16.
---Lawrence on 7/2/10

Conclusion. We who are crucified in Christ are dead, and our lives are hidden with Christ in God. It is He that works in and through us both to will and to do His pleasure, without Him we could do nothing. The mystery of God is Christ 'in' you, the hope of glory. For there is glory in none nor anything else.
---Josef on 12/23/07

Pt.3 ... and may have an appearance of wisdom and will worship, they are basically worthless as pertaining to the spirit. We who have risen with Christ, seek those things which are above the carnal realm, and set our affections on those things from above, that are placed within, (Love, joy, peace patience, faith, kindness and meekness) through the burden removing, yoke destroying, power of God, rather than what we may think we can do through our own weak carnal efforts. Cont.
---Josef on 12/23/07

Pt.2 Those of us who have had our senses trained to withdraw from that attempted discernment, have died, in Christ, to the world and the rudiments or principles associated with that system. So why would we, as though living in the world, be subject to it's rules, (Taste not, touch not, handle not, which are all are to perish with the using), according to the doctrines of men, who think more highly of 'themselves' than they should. Even though abstaining from certain things are prudent,... Cont.
---Josef on 12/23/07

"The world" is this system of things that originated thru, is based on and dictated to by sensual perceptions of those outwardly perceived adornments that entice and seduce our senses. It is Satan's system, the seduction that prompted the original sin of man. Included in this system are the people who advocate and conform to it due to their sense knowledge dependency, producing a futile attempt to discern both good and evil based on those perceptions. Cont.
---Josef on 12/23/07

Study Romans Chapter 6, 7 and 8. "By the Spirit, we are putting to death the deeds of the flesh." In other words, walk by the Spirit of God and you won't carry out the desires of the flesh. Fill yourself up with Spiritual things like the Word of God. It will keep you healed, it will deliver you from evil, it will make you pure and Holy. Do Spiritual things and you won't want to do anything worldly except watch a little TV every now and then. And a good old fashioned movie .
---donna6598 on 12/21/07

Holy living is living life according to the precepts of the scriptures.Shun all the bible shuns.Following after the foot steps of chirst is holy living.
---Paula on 3/26/07

The best way for you to know the answer to "worldly things" is to cross-reference the Bible and see where the Lord uses that term. I know the Lord cherishes your desire to please Him. A good thumb-rule is "what do I feel comfortable doing in His presence?"
---jacka9565 on 3/26/07

In Rom 12:1-2 we are urged by Paul to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God as an act of worship. Do not pollute your body with harmful things and keep away from immorality. We are not to conform to the patterns of the world but are to be transformed to being like Christ. God be with you as you purpose to transform yourself.
---joyce on 3/26/07

Live your life for Jesus. If you know the things that are of the world then you know Holy living is just the oposite. If you know Holy Living then you know that Worldly living is just the oposite. We have all sinned and come short to the Glory of God. If we weren't sinners we wouldn't need Jesus. We were born in sin, live in sin and will die in sin. But Jesus has made us adopees in the family of God.
---Lloyd on 3/24/07

Pleaser of God,
Regarding "worldly": Alcohol abuse causes problems.Cigarettes destroy our bodies (and those around us!) But what of Insecurity,Resentment,Competitiveness etc...? We all struggle.Yet God deals with his individual children in different ways, in different measures in different seasons of our lives'. Tender,understanding yet jealous. Wow.Key: openness& realness.God reaches over& loves you, helps& gives grace. Avoid: strife& Satan's lies!Take heart dear one.linda7569
---Lindi on 3/22/07

First admit that you are a sinner in need of a savior. Accept Jesus as your only salvation. Repent of your sins. Believe He died for your sins, and that He rose from the dead. Read God's Word: Example - King James version of the Bible. Stay close to God in prayer. The Holy spirit will show you how to live a holy life. If you yield to the spirit, things will change in your life and more and more you will change into a new person in Christ Jesus. God bless.
---John on 3/21/07

Hi; read the Bible--one of the best ways to grow in Christ; one that I need to majorly improve in! One thing I find is that when I'm waiting for a bus, I tend to read my pocket Bible more--so I'm trying; God bless you.
---Mary on 3/21/07

Being holy isn't just the stopping of bad things but also the adding of good things. Invest your life into doing good for others.
---john on 3/21/07

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Take time for things you normally wouldn't.

I'm not telling you to pick up hitch-hikers and tell them about Jesus, but why not.
Jesus fixed the air conditioning in my car that way once.

Reach out to the parts of life no one wants, that's where the Lord is. There is a different life waiting where you lived the old one. Be blessed.
---Pharisee on 3/21/07

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