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Am I Praying Too Much

Is it possible to pray too much for someone? This person is on my mind constantly. I can't contact him right now, but know that he's alive. I feel compelled to pray for him constantly, should I continue? He's not a strong Christian. This urge to pray has been going on for MONTHS!

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 ---ljt on 3/22/07
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Yes, definately keep praying. The Bible says to pray without ceasing.
---melia4558 on 12/10/07

Yes you should continue to pray for this person. The Holy Spirit is burdening you for this person and you should bring them before the throne. We can never pray too much.
---Madison1101 on 9/12/07

"Through much prayer and tribulation" they will enter the Kingdom. Keep Praying if the Spirit says Pray. Jesus also mentioned that sometimes "Fasting and Prayer" is needed to overcome. I don't know exactly how it works...but if Jesus said do it then who are we to question. Jesus is not talking about a 40 day fast either..Don't let anyone convince you to do that. God Bless.
---TS on 4/3/07

If you are promted to pray for this person then keep praying for them that promting is from the Lord.
---Betty on 3/26/07

keep praying for the person until the burden lifts of you you nhave no idea what God through your prayer will do .bless u
---Divine on 3/26/07

keep praying for the person until the burden lifts of you you nhave no idea what God through your prayer will do .bless u
---Divine on 3/26/07

If the Holy Spirit is telling you to pray for someone then do pray for His salvation. Are you sure you are not obsessed with the person/ Otherwise if it is all pure intent, go ahead and ask God to show you what you should pray for him.
---Junia on 3/25/07

I don't think ljt is a psychiatrist. But, I think there is a good chance that she might be seeing one. We need to pray for her to get over this obsession. God can deliver her from it.
---Susie on 3/24/07

I believe it is not wrong to pray for people too much! I am constanally praying for friends of mine (even if I do not know whether or not I know if they are dead or alive.I know what it is like to be prayed for. I myself have had many struggles in my life and had the members and nonmembers of 3 different churches praying for me! I would not have made it out of half the battles I have had!
---Amy8796 on 3/23/07

ljt, funny you should say that.
Are you a psychiatrist by chance? Or somewhere in the field of psychology.
---Sheryl on 3/23/07

Honesty is the best policy.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Prov. 1:7). Happy the soul that has been awed by a view of God's majesty, that has had a vision of God's greatness, His holiness, His perfect righteousness, His power, His grace.

"Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him" (Psalm 103:13).
---GetWell on 3/23/07

GetWell---I have never posted this question before, so I don't know what you are talking about.
---ljt on 3/22/07

You have posted many questions, all of them were sincere. You sincerely wanted our agreement, and we are sincerely responding back.
---GetWell on 3/23/07

Thanks, but no thanks---you people on here play "arm-chair psychiatrist" too much. Don't need it and should never have come here to ask a sincere question. Thanks to all who did offer answers and did not try to analyze me.
---ljt on 3/23/07

GetWell---You really had to do some work to be able to say "I told you so" didn't you? Thanks---
---ljt on 3/23/07

ljt...When you get honest with us, we can get honest with you. This is obsession!!!
---Susie on 3/23/07

Sheryl---I don't think you have a right to question what another person decides what is right for them in their prayers. I don't know about you, but my prayers are between me and God.
---ljt on 12/27/06
---GetWell on 3/22/07

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Thank you so much for writing your prayer down--it will help me to have something concrete that I can focus on before prayer. I try so very hard to not let myself be consumed with this, but sometimes it just does. I don't want to misinterpret anything in this situation. Again, I only want the Lord's will, nothing is worth it, if it is not His will.
---ljt on 1/1/07
---GetWell on 3/22/07

---thank you both again, for your responses. I've prayed and asked God that if he has someone else in mind for me, then he must completely remove these feelings for LB. Until then, I will assume this is a trial that I'm to learn something from....
---ljt on 1/1/07

Kay---no, I have not read the book. I will definitely check it out. Thanks.
---ljt on 12/31/06

---thank you for your words.
---GetWell on 3/22/07

Ever felt like you are in the process of learning something, but you don't really know what it is? I feel that way now. This connection with my friend is so powerful, that it's almost creepy. I pull away from it and resist the urge to pray about him. I KNOW that part is wrong. I just wish something would change.
---ljt on 1/5/07
---GetWell on 3/22/07

----when you say you were in a "remote" relationship, what exactly do you mean? Were you apart? Or just not in a relationship? I feel like I was blind before & God opened up my eyes & heart to the fact that a man really could love me.
---ljt on 1/7/07

"but you will find out that if its a man, he will present himself to you, in some way you would not have thought of"
---GetWell on 3/22/07

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>If I could explain on here, how he entered my life, you'd all know why I am convinced, God sent him. Thanks for your prayers.
---ljt on 1/6/07

--Thank you very much for your point of view. I appreciate everyone's contributions, as they give me new encouragement and increase my faith each time.

---thanks also for continuing to pray.
---ljt on 1/6/07
---GetWell on 3/22/07

No, I'm not expecting Prince Charming to show up at my door. But, I look at it like if God wants me to be with someone HE will put that person and myself in the right place at the right time. I don't know what else to do and I am tired of wondering so I have decided to do nothing until God reveals someone or noone, as the case may be.
---ljt on 1/18/07
---GetWell on 3/22/07

This person absolutely does need my prayers, as I am pretty sure there aren't many people who do pray for him. I'm not obsessed w/him, but the more I try NOT praying, the more the urge is there to continue. And I don't even know WHAT to pray for.
---ljt on 3/22/07

If I've chosen to wait on God to send me a mate, what do I do while waiting? I know I'm supposed to be obedient and live my life. I don't date anyway, but by waiting am I supposed to be looking for someone? Does God expect me to look?

---ljt on 1/16/07
---GetWell on 3/22/07

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What if God doesn't want me to ever get married? Will I know it? I never even wanted a relationship for the past 25 years and now its all I can think about. Surely, if he doesn't want me to be someone's wife, wouldn't he expect me to not have the longing to be one?

---ljt on 1/28/07
---GetWell on 3/22/07

My honest opinion is that "love" is the driving force of our lives. Everyone is searching for it (if they don't already have it). Even when you get people together that are just friends, I think, because of God making us male and female, love/romance becomes a factor. I have never had a male friend that was just a "friend" (acquaintance, maybe). There was always some element of romance or flirtation in it.
---ljt on 1/10/07
---GetWell on 3/22/07

---I realize that being married is what I always what I wanted. I've not thought about me for so long, that I've no single friends. They are all married---even the people at church are all married or attached.

--I thought if someone is waiting for God, they were supposed to leave it alone and let God take care of it. I have tried it on my own w/no luck and thought I was supposed to wait.
---ljt on 1/31/07

The answer is .... Fall in love with Jesus Christ and stop obsessing.
---GetWell on 3/22/07

You don't say why you can't contact this person right now. It would probably make a world of difference in our answers if you told us why you can't contact him.
---Susie on 3/23/07

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When I pray about this man, I do hear my voice and it is very clear with the message. Yet we are apart. I'm making myself sick thinking about it.
---ljt on 12/24/06
Have had no relationships for 25 years, prayed for someone,God sent me him. Now we're apart. I'm confused, does that mean it's not the right relationship? Why would God make me wait 25 years for someone, send me him, then take him away?
---ljt on 12/24/06
---GetWell on 3/22/07

----may I ask how long have you been away from your male friend? For me it has been 3 months. I've gotten several signs after praying, but for some reason I keep wanting more validation---does that make sense?
---ljt on 12/26/06
---GetWell on 3/22/07

Getwell... you state God's answer is No. Please cite chapter and verse. Personally I would keep praying until you feel the burden lifted. Sometimes I think some people here read more into things than what is written. Pray what is in your heart to pray. If it is wrong, God will show you.
---Betty on 3/22/07

ljt, keep up the good work.
---someone on 3/22/07

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No we can't pray to much, but one can pray for so long on a person. The bible tells us to do all we can do and stand still. The bible also says after so long of praying for someone, if they don't hearken unto you, then dust you feet on them and go to someone else. Mk 6:11.
---Rebecca_D on 3/22/07

The Holy Spirit doesn't "Compell" or "force" anyone to pray for someone. The Holy Spirit "leads and guides" us into all truth. So if you're still being "compelled" you are being driven by demonic forces. Command them to GO in Jesus name. Do this only if you are a Christian and know your authority in Christ Jesus or else the demonic force won't go anywhere.
---donna6598 on 3/22/07

If this is a former boyfriend whom you can't contact because he doesn't want to hear from you, leave it alone. Get yourself involved in something constructive and positive instead of dwelling on this obsession. You have too much time on your hands if you are constantly thinking about this person.
---Susie on 3/22/07

GetWell---I have never posted this question before, so I don't know what you are talking about.
---ljt on 3/22/07

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I beg to differ here also GetWell. The person IS a Christian (as I stated), just not walking the walk right now. So you can't say "he is not really a Christian". You & I don't live in his body or know his heart.
---ljt on 3/22/07

Praying too much, noway. An urge, go ahead and pray. You know praying is work. Also, it's serving God.
---catherine on 3/22/07

You have this person on your mind for an important reason, when this happened to me, it came with an impression in my heart that said, pray this second or else he will die, I did it a few times as all three times this person was close to death, each time he told me it was a miracle he was still alive. I knew for sure, that it was because I prayed for him.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/22/07

you can never pray to much for a person, expecaily if it is on your mind all the time. that means that you love this person so much that you will want to see him saved and safe. GOD says that we are to pray for each other. Prayers of a rightous man avails much.
---ghost_eagle on 3/22/07

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We are called to pray without ceasing. Every waking moment should be a prayer. So no, you can't pray too much.

And if you feel compelled to pray for someone else, he probably needs your prayers. Someone who cares for him is calling out to you to help him.
---lorra8574 on 3/22/07

This is a complete obsession with someone who's not really a Christian. You've asked us before and now it's time to fall in love with Jesus Christ.
God's answer is NO. If you keep praying for another year or so, you will have wasted your year. Stop obsessing over this person, let him go. It's not healthy for all parties concerned. Men really do run from women that are obsessed with them. They don't like it, even the unsaved ones.
---GetWell on 3/22/07

(i)There is nothing wrong with always keeping someone in your prays! God wants us to share our faults one with another and pray one for another. But dont pray out of worry, because the Lord wants us to cast all our worries on him! We do this by speaking over those things that are worrisome to us in the name of Jesus Christ.
---Shawn.M.T on 3/22/07

.(ii) Do not be overly concerned with the needing to contact them to feel reassured. Let your confidences in knowing the Lord has heard and answered your prays be your reward. For happy is he who see and believe but Blessed is he who believe and see not.
---Shawn.M.T on 3/22/07

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Yes...James 5:16
---AlwaysOn on 3/22/07

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