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What Is The Nature Of God

Who is God? What is the nature of God? Where is God?

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 ---Ed on 3/23/07
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The nature of God is found in His ten commandments..for it is a transcript of His Holy Character we followers all need to conform to to be christ like. Read 2Cor 3:2,3..and we can see God in you go into nature sometimes to experience the peacefulness of God? it is awesome..I always do when I am stressed or tired.
---Pam on 1/26/08

Well, it is not LOVE. It is Holiness. Where is God? You can not escape Him.
---catherine on 1/22/08

Question one: Jesus Christ.

Question two: Benevolent love. God made us in his image, to love social interaction, virtue and beauty, God did that because he desired us as his own people. Jesus proved his love when he was crucified to release us from the penalty of sin (separation from God)

Question three: God lives inside of Christians here on earth, there is no other place we can point to physically to find him. His Servant Spirit is everywhere, and the ball is in your court.
---Pharisee on 1/22/08

God made man in his own image and after that he breathed the breath of life into him. So man, before he had life and spirit, looked like God. Because of this, I don't believe the image and likeness refers to the spirit but it refers to the physical.
Col. 1:12-17. Jesus is also the image (physical manifestation)of the invisible God.
---john on 4/10/07

(cont.) The noun also refers to humankind in 6:1, 5-7 and in 9:5-6.
---JohnE on 4/10/07

Genesis 1
26 Then God said, Let us make humankind in our image, after our likeness, so they may rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move on the earth.
27 God created humankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them. (NET Bible)
---JohnE on 4/10/07

Translators notes: The Hebrew word is adam, which can sometimes refer to man, as opposed to woman. The term refers here to humankind, comprised of male and female. The singular is clearly collective (see the plural verb, [that] they may rule in v. 26b) and the referent is defined specifically as male and female in v. 27. Usage elsewhere in Gen 1-11 supports this as well. In 5:2 we read: Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and called their name humankind.
---JohnE on 4/10/07

I was totally wrong.
God made man and woman in their (Gods) image. Gen. 1:26-27
---JohnE on 4/10/07

Apologies. You are right. Jesus took park in Creation.
At the end of the day this all comes down to the mystery of The Trinity.
What is the Trinity exactly - in the sense, to what degree does the The Trinity contain masculine and feminine natures? What does it mean to be masculine / feminine in a spiritual sense.
---Ed on 4/8/07

god is the supreme being,he is from everlasting to everlasting he has no beginning and have no end.he is our provider,our peace and our defense. his nature is love but his love is more then we can give without his holy spirit it is agapa love.his home is in the heavenly places,high and lifted up far above what our carnal minds can comperhend.
---mae on 4/7/07

Ed, the creator is Jesus Christ (John 1:3 and 1:14) And Paul says all things were made by Him and for Him. He has arms, and is alive, seated at the right hand of the Father, and is coming again soon!
---Edward on 4/7/07

But the Creator made us. The Creator doesn't haven't arms, legs and feet like us. Surely this means that we are like God in nature and spirit. Surely it is the spiritual that the Bible is refering to here, not the physical. We are surely spiritual beings, ultimately, not physical?
---Ed on 4/6/07


Woman was not created in Gods image.
Man was created in Gods image and woman was made from man to be a companion to man.
Gen. 1:26
Gen. 2:18-23
---JohnE on 4/6/07

God is -- love, perfect, holy, pure, Judge, soon-coming King; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all three in one; Saviour of mankind. God is everywhere at the same time!
---Helen_5378 on 4/6/07

Who is God?

The Father is Eloi, to whom Jesus called out from the cross.

The Son is Jehovah, who identified Himself as "Almighty God" in Exodus 6:3, and in Isaiah as the only Redeemer, the only Savior and the Creator.

The Holy Ghost is the Comforter, the "invisible God, if you will.

Jesus is not His own Father. That would be silly. Inasmuch as He Created our bodies, Jesus is our Father, but Elohim created our spirits first, and He is the Father of all spirits.
---Robert on 4/5/07

1. Who is God? God being manifested in the flesh is Jesus......He is Alpha Omega the beginning and the end.....He is the mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.<>He has many titles but Jesus is his name.
There is one Lord.....and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord....
2. Nature of God, Love
3. Where is God? He is Spirit and fills all space. Heaven is his throne and earth his footstool. God was in Christ. Jesus said. I and my father are one ...
---Bernadine on 4/5/07

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Every word, every verse, every chapter in the Bible proclaims who he is, what he is and where he is. The foundation of the NT is the OT, without the OT there is no NT. To set a strong personal foundation in God is to read the Bible from beginning to end, unlike most Christians who study a verse here and a verse there. The entire Bible is God's resume. The more you read the more you understand, the closer your walk with God. Remember: a Christians isn't a religion, but a personal relationship with God.
---Steveng on 4/5/07

Who is God?--Answer is, Jesus Christ. "God with us". Through the prophet Isaiah, God says, "For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy one of Israel, thy Saviour...I, even I, am the Lord, and beside me there is no saviour. [Isaiah 43: 3,11]. It was God, not Moses, who sanctified the Sabbath day and commanded His people to observe it....God has not [changed His mind]
---catherine on 4/5/07

Who? God is our Father, Creator, The Word, Provider, Healer,etc... Nature? God is Love and Just, Holy and Pure... Where? He is everywhere. If you believe in Him and have accepted Jesus as you Savior, He lives in you. Look at creation. You will find Him there. Look into the eyes of a child, you will find Him there. Look into your heart. If Jesus is your Lord, you will find Him there
---betty8468 on 4/5/07

C. Many make mistakes in reading because they contradict who He is with what they believe in a passage. God is Spirit and is everywhere, and we say, "He is in me" because He now has a personal relationship with us, where before we were separated from Him. We love Him because He first loved us.
---frank on 4/5/07

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B. As the new believer begin's his journey, he begans to understand this God we worship. His, Incomprehensibility, His Self-existence, His Omnipotence, His Omnipresence, His Immutibility, His Omniscience, His Holiness, His Goodness, and also His justice. Each passage gives information on who He is and if we understand who He is we can read passages a whole lot better.
---frank on 4/5/07

Brother Ed, those are good questions. I love to hear when someone ask those questions because in order to understand God's word, "Bible" we have to understand Him first. A new believer does not understand who God is because he comes to Christ by faith, but as he continues in his walk, by faith, he is moved by God and convicted by Him in his life to walk close to God.
---frank on 4/5/07

God is--The eternal one without beginning and without end. One who created everything and everyone. He is one yet He reveals Himself to us as three in one.Holiness is His central character. Nature-- Is intolerant to sin. He is all-powerful, all knowing,all-present, and all-loving. Everything in the universe is immediately in the presence of God. ---God is everything we can only dream to ever be.
---catherine on 3/24/07

I will need much more space to answer this question, but I will be as short as it allows me. I recommend you pray to God asking Him to open your spiritual eyes and to fill you with the Holy Spirit. Then go and read your Bible and underline everything where He says who He is. The first book of the Bible tells you a lot about the character of God. He says ..' I am the creator.." God is all around us, all over at once, omnipotent, omniscient. God is love, our Protector, read Psalms as well.
---Junia on 3/24/07

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Ed, The precepts God set aside for his people in the desert are eternal.

There doesn't need to be new rules or laws to govern the changing face of human culture because there is no way to invent new sins, just ways to combine, compound, and tweak the method.

Women are an indispensible and integral part of God's creation, their place of honor is clear because without Eve there'd be no more men; I don't get the point you're making, but I'd like to continue the dialog.
---Pharisee on 3/23/07

God does communicate through people. This is how I got saved: I was reading a Bible verse as I closed the bible in disbelief and said "if it were only all true" (1John 5:14)and I went to sleep.
Three months later my radio turned itself on to a Christian channel (really loud BTW) and the preacher on the radio was preaching on that exact verse explaining my questions without me asking.
It took a whole month of this for me to pray to Jesus and I found out it really was true.
---Pharisee on 3/24/07

"If He made us in His image that means He has both a masculine and a feminine nature?"

In His image has nothing to do with gender, but rather mental & emotional attributes. The nature of The Father references His mental disposition.

"Why is it that all the important figures in the Bible are mainly men?"

Men are not more important, man is simply the head of woman as Christ is the head of man. Man is held accountable for his headship & thus called upon more often.
---joseph on 3/24/07

Jesus- Isa.9:6; Revelation 1:8. Forever Existing- Heb.11:6. Creator- Gen.1:1; Rom.4:17; Col.1:16,17; Heb.11:3. Is Spirit- Gen.1:2; John 4:24. Worshipped above all- Mat.4:10; Philip.2:9-11; John 9:35-38. The I AM- Exo.3:14; John 8:58. Is One- Deut.6:4; Isa.45:5,21,22; James 2:19. Is Love- I John 4:8. Is Perfect- Mat.5:48. Pure- I John 3:3. Holy- Lev.19:2; Mat.12:32. Omniscient and Omnipresent- Psalm 139. Almighty and Eternal- Gen.17:1; Isa.9:6; 57:15; Mat.28:18; Revelation 1:8.
---Eloy on 3/24/07

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Who is God? The sovereign, supreme, foundation, source, creator, sustainer & controller of all existence.
What is the nature of God? LOVE
Where is God? Omnipresent
"If God resides in men does that mean God can communicate to us through others?" Of course
"The Bible is our core faith, But is it possible God adds to the Bible about specific issues that crop up with time?" Nothing needs to be added, an answer can be found for any question we may have.
---joseph on 3/23/07

If He made us in His image that means He has both a masculine and a feminine nature? Why is it that all the important figures in the Bible are mainly men? Or is it that women are just as important but their roles are not so public?

If God resides in men does that mean God can communicate to us through others. The Bible is our core faith. But is it possible God adds to the Bible about specific issues that crop up with time i.e. abortion, just and unjust war, and so on?
---Ed on 3/23/07

I'm wondering what religion if any you are to ask this? Simplified, God through the word of Jesus Christ and the Power of the Spirit, is the Creator of all things and controls all things in eternety which is where we live. He is Love which includes fairness, giving, gracious, merciful and Holy. Because He Is Holy,He hates evil and is jealous of His children falling into evil or worshiping what is false. He will judge all evil and punish those involved in it including the demonic. He is everywhere.
---Jody on 3/23/07

God is our Father in heaven, Jesus said, if you have seen me, you have seen the Father in Heaven,the nature of God is love, John3:16
God is everywhere, once you accept Jesus in your heart He comes in and dwells within us guiding and leading us closer to Him.
---Lillian on 3/23/07

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