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History Of The Bible Codes

What are Bible codes and what is the history of the Bible codes?

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 ---Jacky on 3/23/07
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It's a form of stichomancy and bibliomancy, which are fancy words for using the Bible for a Ouija board.
---Jack on 5/11/08

"Decoding Bible Secrets" is a link on this site under "Bible studies". Daniel's handwriting on the wall was coded so that only he can read it. To claim something can't happen is an insult to the One who says "all things are possible". Ye stiffnecked generation, how long will ye harden your hearts and institutionalize unbelief and lack of faith as praiseworthy intellect??
---Joshua on 4/8/07

Bible codes don't work. They predicted a horrible catastrophe for 2006 and it never came to pass. I have read them all. It's a sham to make money. Computers can be good, but their not my prophet. Only the ignorant follow such vain things.
---Phill on 3/28/07

God didn't specifically mention any of us, so He can't speak thru us either?? Poor logic! If you study the Bible, it is clear He put much in the text, plain as well as hidden stuff, numerical and otherwise, things that we don't completely understand, nor can ever if we close our minds out of fear of Satan instead of trusting God is smarter than us. Do you really understand everything about the Bible that there is to be understood? Satan is the one who wants us to close our minds to studying the Word.
---Joshua on 3/28/07

I have one question. What are Bible codes?
---catherine on 3/26/07

I know of a guy who doesn't really believe in Bible codes, but he made a lot of money writting a book about it. This stuff is a hot topic today with so many being led away from the truth in droves. They will be swept away.
---Simon on 3/26/07

We should not be concerned with any kind of Bible Code. I have had a lot experiene with this in my almost 26 years with the Lord. Don't believe or follow any of them. If you do, your delving in Satan's territory. Just read the Word that God gave us, and let the Holy Spirit speak to you if you are truly sincere. God gave us parables, but not Bible Codes. Only a non- believer or a reprobate mind follows them. Stay away from people who believe in Bible Codes. They are not of God. Endure till the end..
---WendellG on 3/26/07

Ok, simple deducing. God did not mention Bible codes. Also, why would the Holy Spirit speak to us thrugh computer codes, when all we have to do is read the Word of God, and let the Holy Spirit speak to us. Sounds like dangerous thinking. I may not be the smartest person in the world, and that's ok, but at least I'm not foolish enough to believe in bible codes. I am God's child, and He shows me what He want's to, by reading His Word.
---Gina on 3/26/07

Bible Codes? The wisdom of this world will be proven to be very dumb. I do not care what anybody tells you. They may tell you "But this code is the real one, the others are not", don't believe them. These are the same type of people that will tell you that Jesus is come already and He's over here or there. Don't believe in Devil Codes.
---Roger_S. on 3/26/07

True, we should study what is clearly written on the face to get to know the Word, which many profess to do and actually do not. There are actually several different types of Bible codes which by the comments here I can tell people are equally ignorant of. Computers have proven the Bible is more complex than DNA and cannot have been written by man. But superficialists prefer to bask in their ignorance of the facts. Isaiah cited those who honor God with their lips but have hearts far from Him.
---Joshua on 3/25/07

Read your Bible and learn more about God. Do not be deceived by satan to worry about Bible codes and the like. It is Wordly.
---Junia on 3/25/07

Read your Bible and learn more about God. Do not be deceived by satan to worry about Bible codes and the like. It is Wordly.
---Junia on 3/25/07

Bible code reading is a false doctrine being pushed by some of the Pentecostal denominations.
---Thomas on 3/25/07

Originally, the Jews had a style of writing called Apocolypses, this writing was in code and was a way of giving hope in times of persecution. Daniel and Revelations are examples. The codes are known by the Jews and Christians who used them. The code key is kept as part of tradition and not in the scriptures, so the enemies could not crack the codes.

Recently, others have decided that the whole Bible is a code and have been using their own keys to decipher it ROTFL.
---lorra8574 on 3/24/07

Jack, there is a world of difference between peer reviewed scholarship, and satanically choosing verses at random to feed your passions. The latter is basically what you are doing here. Your comment only helps spread ignorance, encouraging others to substitute prejudice for careful thought and scholarship. Your comparison is like comparing DNA studies to Frankenstein. Please go study some more before bad-mouthing God's handiwork.
---Joshua on 3/24/07

The teaching of Bible codes is a false teaching and may be used to mislead today's Christians.
---Jimbo on 3/24/07

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