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What Are Seraphim Angels

What are seraphim angels? Are they angels in the Bible or some New Age fad?

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 ---Jessica on 3/23/07
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No sir, Seraphim angels are not a new age fad. They worship the Person of God. They have six wings. Two are used to cover their faces, Two to cover their feet, And two are used to fly. [Isa. 6:1-7]
---catherine on 4/10/07

Eloy, thank you so much for your reply. God bless.
---sue on 3/27/07

.sue, scripture reads that angels minister to man, but man is made lower than the angels, not above them. And scripture also reads that man is God's charge, not Satan's charge; Satan was not able to command man to do anything, so he tempted man into disobeying his God. We read that the reason Satan rebelled is because he desired to take over God's throne and be in charge rather than God Almighty eternally being in charge.
---Eloy on 3/26/07

No new age fad.Seraphin Angels--The burning ones. They served as messengers for God. They had six wings [see Isa. 6-2]. When Isaiah was called to the prophet ministry He saw these celestial beings standing before the enthroned Lord. They had hands, faces, and voices, of men and stood upright. This is the only mention of these creatures in the Bible. [look alike in EZEKIEL 1. 5-25 and Revelation 4. 6-8].
---catherine on 3/25/07

** They are not mentioned in the Holy Bible.**

Are you saying that your own copy of the Bible doesn't have Isaiah 6 in it?

That's one place you find the seraphim mentioned.
---Jack on 3/25/07

First of all Seraphim are mentioned in Isaiah 6. They hover above the throne of God facing each other and celebrate the holiness & power of God. They are also used as messangers between heaven & earth.
---Richard on 3/25/07

Earl, I thought we were superior to the Angels and thats why satan rebelled, because God made man above the angels?
---sue on 3/25/07

Are seraphim angels just ministering angels?
---Mackey on 3/25/07

They are not mentioned in the Holy Bible.
---Lloyd on 3/24/07

greetings.Seraphim are ministering spirits.They normally work in pairs.By designation the pair consists of a refered negative and a positive in like manner the human race consists of male and female.They neither marry or are given in marriage.There is little that they are not involved in.They are supeorior to man.they automatically know how many hairs are on our heads.Jesus spoke of 12 legions of angels(seraphim),that is a 'host'= 2,985,984 pairs,an angelic army commanded by an archangel.
---earl on 3/23/07

The archangel is the highest angel, not the seraph, nor are the seraph named after fire. Satan is not a fallen seraph, but a fallen cherub. And the seraph are named seraph for their six wings which Jesus gave them.
---Eloy on 3/23/07

They are Angelic Beings of the highest order of the celestial hierarchy.Isa.6:2,3,6,7, Ezek 1:5-25, Rev. 4:6-8.
There is also a counterfit for every good thing. So try the spirits and see if they be of God.

---leona on 3/23/07

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