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Reasons Against Abortion

I need some Christian reasons against abortion. I tell my friend abortion is wrong, but he insists I supply facts against abortion.

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 ---MikeC on 3/23/07
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God is pro-life. that's why he created life.
Your mother was pro-life. That's why she had you.
Life is a gift from God and should not be killed for no reason.
Obey the Lord your God. "Thou shalt not kill"
---lisa on 11/27/07

Let God answer that question. Read - Exodus 21:22-23. God says even if an unborn child is injured or lost by an accident, the person responsible is given the death sentence - THAT is how protective God is over the unborn !
---Carrie on 11/27/07


And just what is the impact of a child being "sanctified" vs. "unclean"?
---StrongAxe on 11/26/07

Ask him to type Abortion in Google and tell him to research it for himself and if he is still has the contents left in his stomach or of the same opinion after seeing the evidence don't bother with trying to convince him although It is certain he will see your point of view and understand not everyone knows theres a God and vengeance belongs to him.
---Carla5754 on 11/24/07

Tell your friend:
1) Thou shalt not kill is in the bible and because life begins at conception, aborting a baby is MURDER.
2) Ask your friend, "What if your mother aborted you?" You wouldn't be here today.
3) God says, "you are fearfully and wonderfully made, why should anyone kill something God made?" That's MURDER.
---donna6598 on 11/23/07

Abortion: Read Exodus 21;22,23..Ex20:13 thou shalt not kill: Lev24:17:18
---jana on 4/5/07

I have a realproblem with this scripture and the idea that babies are not about when 2 non beleivers get married and have children?I beleive these passages may refer to living under the law in old testament times.
---tom2 on 4/4/07

Isn't it curious that if a driver hits another driver who is pregnant and the baby dies, they will be put in jail for 'manslaughter.' Yet that same woman could have her baby killed (abortion) with no consequences?
---NVBarbara on 4/4/07

juania, actually it says BEFORE I was in my mothers womb you knew me.God knew me before time started.he knew you,he knew us all.
---tom2 on 4/3/07

Just to set the record straight from the first day, every trait, eye color hair color, personality is already made though you are not aware of it God is. How would you like it if you were not born, that little baby could be one of Gods Major Prophets, or A future president, or the most compassionate human, like Mother Theresa....Who are you to play God, the decision does not belong to you, the decision is Gods, it is no different to go walk out in your neighborhood and shoot someone.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/3/07

alan you are wrong, I Corinthians 7:14 says that children are unclean if the marriage is not sanctified by a believer. The issue is not up for debate the bible says it I believe it case closed.
---Ryan on 3/29/07

Ryan "It is sad that the children of non-sanctified marriages are deemed unclean"
No need to be sad, because it is only people who deem it that way.
God does not judge those children in any way because of the circumstances of their birth..
---alan_of_UK on 3/29/07

It is sad that the children of non-sanctified marriages are deemed unclean. If you die in an unclean state your eternity is questionable.
---Ryan on 3/28/07

According to what the Bible says:(I Cor. 6:19-20) Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Therefore it is a murder. A fetus bears life and has the right to live to glorify God.No one can get the life of one because we are God's wonderful creation.
We have to meditate God's words day and night.God bless you and more power from the Holy Spirit.
---Edna on 3/25/07

Jeremiah 1:5
Exodus 21:22-23
Psalm 51:5; 139: 13-16
Luke 1:41 and 44
Hope this will help you with your friend wanting facts.
---Lloyd on 3/24/07

People define christianity differently what he needs is God's word on abortion and it simply, thou shalt not commit murder (Exodu20:13). A child in the womb is a child and a life. In the olden days if you killed anyone, your own life was demanded of you because they followed, honoured and revered the word of God.Today as religious as we are, people fall pregnant, have an abortion and are in church on Sunday. Morality comes to question in the issue of abortions.
---achie7757 on 3/24/07

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In the Bible it says;.. "for I knew you, while you were woven in your mothers womb..." God is the only true creator and from the moment of conception, that baby, or call it a medical term, is human, has a personality and already has a future that God has a plan with. Who is any man/woman to be so arrogant to interfere with God? It is murder, no matter how soon or how late abortion is applied. It is a human being. God has put the breath of life into that little 1 minute old human being.
---Junia on 3/24/07

Hello, I am thoroughtly against abortion because God said that we shall not commit murder and abortion is murder.The moment conception begings in the womb. Its a life that that starts to form and develop. So, I would encourage not to even entertain the thought of abortion because it is a sin and you will have to answer to God for it.
---Shelly on 3/23/07

This may sound cruel but abortion is cruel. Tell this man, just wait until the baby is born then kill it. It is the same as abortion. Murder. In Ex 21:22-23, explains about what happens when abortion is done.
---Rebecca_D on 3/23/07

One reason it is a sin to kill.Having an abortion is a sin and it is as I said killing and taking alife.Just because a person doesn't see a baby developing doesn't mean it isn't a life. It is alife as soon as you are pregnant no doubt at all. A baby in any form is a gift from God.
---debbie24574 on 3/23/07

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Try google for information on how abortions are performed. Live unborn babies ripped apart and pulled out piece by piece, others injected with salt so that they shrivel up and die, others having a pair of scissors pushed into their skull and their brains sucked out etc. etc. etc. That is enough reason surely, even for non-bible believers, BUT add to that God's words THOU SHALT NOT KILL and how can anyone condone such an act?
---mpa on 3/23/07

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