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Integrity And Spirituality

Does integrity and spirituality go together? Can some be spiritual and have no integrity?

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 ---kay on 3/23/07
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It is impossible to have integrity without God in ones life. This is why so very few people have it, although unbelievers may boast of it, they have it not.
---catherine on 5/26/08

No.They are linked. Psalm 7:8 The LORD shall judge the people, judge me, O LORD,accrding to my righteousness, and according to mine integrity that is in me. Psalm 11:3 The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of the transgressors shall destroy them. The funny thing is you can have no spirituality and still have integrity.
---Danosaur on 5/26/08

In all Loving Candor...Do you people have a dictionary? Integrity means: Honesty, without compromise or corruption...You all are so funny.Just being a Christian does not mean that every Christian is going to walk in "Integrity"...Integrity is a choice.
---Elisabeth on 5/26/08

A person can be spiritual and into witchcraft or any other false religion.

Can a person be Christian and true to their calling without integrity? NO
---Pharisee on 5/26/08

What are men and women in Congress doing making and passing laws and they have no integrity? Does any of them belong to God?
---catherine on 3/24/07

Act4:12.they perceived the disciples had been with Jesus because they spoke as He spoke and did what He did the way He would do it.Integrity is having a sense of values so it is impossible to be truly spiritual and have no values that will lead others to comprehend your spirituality.Your spirituality will not be evident until your values and principles (integrity)can be seen, tried and tested both in private and public.
---achie7757 on 3/24/07

I think the two deffinitely go hand in hand. If you are a Christian and follows the Holy Bible and applies all it says, regarding how you as a Christian should conduct yourself, then you have integrity.
Of course we all make mistakes for we are human, but that is when you need to apply that integrity. I am sure there are a lot of people who think or like to believe they are spiritual and therefore "have integrity". It comes to, what spirit are they following?
---Junia on 3/24/07

I think the two, integrity and spirituality go together.Being spiritual is depending on an ultimate reality, who is God and having a track record of doing what God has spoken in his word and not doing anything contrary to His words is integrity.Spiritual will bring us to the place of integrity.So as Christians we have to be obedient to God's word so that we will do what is expected of us at any point in time and we will be called true christians born of the Most High God.
---isaac9436 on 3/24/07

There are a lot of people with a good healthy dose of integrity. They never lie, cheat, or steal. They help feed the poor, quench the thirsty, clothe the needy. They have a "firm adherence to a code of moral values. There are three types of people having integrity - non-Christians, "Christians," and Christians. The first two Jesus will turn away.
---Steveng on 3/23/07

The amswer is no. To be truly spiritual you must have integrity. And integrity is sorely lacking in today's world. It is almost nonexistent. If you looked up the word in the dictionary you would know what I am talking about. Integrity is much more than just being a good person. If you love God you had better strive for it.
---catherine on 3/23/07

Are you speaking of Spiritual, or a child of God? Spiritual can be foreign to God also. Intregity is moral uprightness, decency, honor, honesty which are atributes of Godliness. The devil does not have these.
you can't be moral and immoral or honest and dishonest (you get the picture)no more than you can be a sinner and a christian at the same time. You are either on one side or the other. You don't play for both teams.
God has the winning Team and why serve the devil?
---leona on 3/23/07

First Question = Yes Second Question = NO
---Lloyd on 3/23/07

Of Course. You are talking of spirituality. If you rephrase that to Christianity, a God fearing Christian serving the Lord will show integrity in all he/she is envolved in.
---Jody on 3/23/07

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