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Purpose Of Worship

Is the purpose of worship on Sunday to get energized and filled up for another week or is the purpose of worship not about us but giving God the glory? Are most Christians missing what worship is really about?

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 ---HenryC on 3/26/07
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Most Christians are full of themselves. Pride and arrogance prevent a lot of so-called christians, from giving God His true praise and worship. Then some are just plain ignorant of the basics of the christian life. Praise and worship is what we(christians) do. It should be second nature to us when we realize what Christ did for us at Calvary. And how blessed we are to just be alive! Some believe being a christian is mumbling some prayer and then we are assured a place in heaven. Not so my friend. Its so much more than that. Father wants our honest praise and worship. It is how we show our love and honor to Him. We bow be fore him, we humble ourselves, we open up and fill ourselves with His glory. Worship is awesome.
---Robyn on 12/13/10

"Worship"/praise is not to be PERFORMED. Worship is not an act/verb, it is your attitude of love and devotion.

When I speak of The Lord, it is obvious that my heart worships Him. My tears, the crackling of my voice, my heartbeat and my wimpers because He takes my breath away happen because I "worship" Him.

Worship is not forced, rehearsed, or a planned/momentary action. It is a constant 24 hour a day attitude of love.

God doesn't need or value RESPECT. He is not a gloryhound. Each persons' independence, strength of self, courage, and love for Him glorifies Him (because all of that is impressive)...if only we would use our brains also and understand scripture and His WILL instead of INTERPRET commands.
---more_excellent_way on 8/11/10

A lot of Praise to God is lip service.
Where Worship to God In Spirit comes from Way down from your inner most being, the seat of your understanding.
---Lawrence on 8/9/10

Calhoon, If you have an audio internet, your answer is god tv with Rory & Wendy Alec, I promise you will be incredibly blessed by this websight. I understand you I went to a church for eight years that left me upset, depressed and drained every Sunday, I live outside of the United States, so for me the internet, has blessed me with these preachers who come streaming through over the oceans.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/1/07

Calhoon, I don't know what churches you have been going into, but the Catholic Church has always had the Word proclaimed in it. One of the Pillars of our service is the Liturgy of the Word. Every day, we hear the Gospel proclaimed, along with an OT passage that leads into it. On Sunday we also hear from the Epistles. Between the readings we hear the Psalms, often sung. During the service we also pray The Lord's Prayer, as taught to us by Jesus Christ.
---lorra8574 on 3/30/07

"Are there any real Christian Churches out there?"

Yes there are, starting with yourself. The church are the called out of the Father collectively & individually. Be all you can be & seek out others of like faith for fellowship & a stimulating intellectual exchange of spiritual concepts & ideas. When one yields to the divine inspiration of the Father without preconceived notions or hypocrisy, one unites as 1 in Him which honors Him & signifies worship.
---joseph on 3/30/07

(Psalm 29:2):

HenryC, [True] worship comes from a clean & sincere heart(Matthew 5:8), so most in the Church don't worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth. The Word says that God [hears] the righteous, not the lukewarm/unrighteous, unfortunately MOST of the Church is lukewarm/apostate. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/30/07

I go in Churches and yearn for the Gospel, but I hear no Gospel. It seems most sermons begin, continue or end on tithes and offerings. I want food (word), I need song and worship. I leave worse than before.
Are there any real Christian Churches out there?
---calhoon on 3/30/07

Catherine, I am all for what you are saying. Do you know when Christ returns for the Bride without spot or wrinkle. There will be ENTIRE CHURCHES left behind. except for the children they will be immediately taken up. I am sure that people will bash me for what I just wrote, yet, so be it... I just happen to know better, and truly have my thumb on the pulse of the church where I reside also, they can be 1000 strong, and only 1/2 inch deep. Truly the sleeping church, Laodecia.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/30/07

Goodness, people that are truly saved are not offended. Is the problem in the church of today that bad?WE go to church for only one reason to worship God. The Bible is full of scriptures.. I am not judging, although God gives me that right. Hold on here, God is really the one who is judging you. God does not take notice of your praises, keep your hands down. You are an abomonation to the Lord thy God, if you are not truly His. My heart bleeds for God.
---catherine on 3/29/07

On another blog you stated that "you suspected sinners who went to church were mocking God", now you state "most church going worshoppers are not saved".
Your statements are judgemental, and selfrighteous. How do you propose to know the status of other peoples walk with the Lord and so blatantly state such a thing? Where is your faith in Gods, abilty to draw, and keep? If you see problems, pray.
Saved or unsaved, the Lord the alone is our judge.
---lynet on 3/29/07

Dear Catherine: 2 me " The Purpose of Worship" is 2 learn about God. Learn who a friend is, God is our best friend, so why not learn everything about him??
---S.C._ACHESON on 3/29/07

Henry: alot of people want to be called Christian but don't want to do the work of a Christian. People lost their desire to go to church but yet, they want all the blessings from God without doing anything for him. This is called a lazy christian. Catherine; I somewhat agree with you. Some people have said the sinners prayer and repeated after someone else and they think they are saved. They are if God was convicting them before they prayed. But yet have no idea that they are lost. Alan: read Jn 7:24.
---Rebecca_D on 3/29/07

Amen Catherine, you are absolutely right, those whitewashed tombs, the Bible talks about it. Demons even watch the services, and are laughing at them. Did you know that?
Did you know that their are some worship leaders that go and get high before they come out singing for a more relaxed feeling? Its time to wake up church.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/29/07

catherine ... How can you know that most people in church are not saved?
How can you know their hearts? Perhaps God has a special line to you telling you how to judge others?
---alan_of_UK on 3/29/07

If one is praising the Father with the traditional wisdom of man, and are jumping, shouting & having willful emotional outburst in the guise of praise, when actually one is trying to show man how spiritual they are, it must be realized that praise confine to a certain place, among a certain people & on a certain day is only a hollow mockery. True worship occurs within. "Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
---joseph on 3/29/07

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Lets face it. Most people in church has no business praising God, because they are not saved, and they are mocking God, in which I cannot stand.
---catherine on 3/28/07

I go to a church that seems to miss out what worship really means. To worship your giving all the praise to God, it is not about us..But it sure makes you feel good when you do praise and worship God inside, but we should do this daily not just on Sundays..mary4964
---mary4964 on 3/28/07

Sounds like everyone knows the purpose of worship, but if what you say is true, then why are the churches not filled every Sunday and people are complaining about the sermons or not getting anything out of the worship music?
---HenryC on 3/28/07

To worship God is to glorify,praise and giving God always on the top in all our priorities. The Sunday worship includes an activity to have fellowship with our brothers and sister in the household of God to strengthen our faith in God.And continually honor our most High God the Father.
---Edna on 3/28/07

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Romans 12 tells us what worship is. The purpose is to glorify God. PERIOD. We will receive spiritual blessings and benefits if we worship with pure intentions.
---Madison1101 on 3/26/07

True praise and worship is to give God glory but also for our benefit. It reminds us of how great our God is, how much He loves us, and what He has done to show His love for us. I do think a lot of churches have missed the mark in this but some have not and others are catching on. It does also revitalize us. It renews our spirits and refreshes our souls.
---Betty on 3/26/07

the purpose of worship is to give God the glory. Most people don't know what worship means. Praising God means to thank him for what he done, or has giving you (house, car, clothes). worshiping God means to thank him for who he is and what he's doing for you spiritualy.
---Rebecca_D on 3/26/07

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