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What Is A Cult

What is a cult? Please list the different cults and why they are considered a cult.

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 ---Kendall on 3/26/07
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Cult leaders are often charming, figures with above-average intelligence. The "charismatic charmer" is one their personalities -- a pseudo-personality.
Many cult leaders suffer from borderline, disassociate or multiple personality disorders. Members feel honored to be with, and be seen, around them. But their personality can change dramatically in a flash.
---Bob on 2/26/08

Cult leaders are always very disturbed individuals. They are usually victims turned persecutor, having a history of involvement in other social, political or religious cults and/or suffering the effects of a traumatic childhood. Behind their strong and confident exterior (pseudo-personality) they need their leader position to compensate for a very fragile sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-identity.
---Bob on 2/26/08

This is also shown by the fact that they cannot "hack it" in the real world and need to live in a cult/sect environment to live out their problems. Their past histories show social marginality and a tendency to drift from one cause to another, one cult to another, one job to another, one marriage to another, etc.
---Bob on 2/26/08

The freemasons came from the Knights Templar, who stole remple ceremonies from under the temple mount during the crusades. The Freemasons tend to be anti-Catholic. I must admit something, I think I may be Frances, but it happens only during nocternal latin masses.
---MikeM on 2/21/08

Frances ... I think it is only the once that I have got your name spelt wrong.
I am very aware of the difference.
My Mum's eldest friend was my brother's god-mother, and a favourite aunt of mine ... she was "Auntie" Frances. She died last year
And my cousin's husband was Francis.
---alan_of_UK on 2/20/08

Alan of Uk, I like you. Please get my name correct though, I am female not male.
---frances on 2/19/08

I know from being in Britain and having heard also, from friends, that new church halls are going up. Also, to cope with all the Polish Catholics, Polish priests have had to be imported. The Police have to learn Polish to cater to the Poles. Supermarkets sell Polish food by the ton. I like Polish people, and feel sorry that they have had to leave their country to be used in this vast experiment in social engineering. I know what it is like to be exiled.
---frances on 2/19/08

Alan of Uk, I can see your next criticism lining up. The Jesuits were started four hundred years ago, but from what did they come? We know they morphed into Freemasons, and are now both, but originally, they were the guys who were plundering Pagan Temples. They were the ones who worshipped Baal. They were the idolators of the O.T. The disobedient Jews.
---frances on 2/19/08

Cult? Do you base your teachings on revelations other than the Bible? Is your main business proclaiming the Gospel? Do you believe in the Deity of Christ? Do you believe Jesus died for your sins? Do you believe in the bodily resurection of Jesus? Are you personally trusting Jesus as Savior? Do you depend on achievements of your own to contribute to your salvation? The definition of a cult depends on the answers to these questions.
---Brian on 2/19/08

Alan of UK, do you think these NWO plans have been around ten years or so. No!!! They are at least two thousand years old. The Jesuits are following a War Plan. You obviously have not read Sun Tsu's 'The Art of War' which is about building a country (or world) and studied it in detail. Scholari used it for the World Cup. The Jesuits 'discovered' it, as they 'discovered' the Protocols. You would then understand where the RCC and Communism comes in. They are not really Catholics.
---frances on 2/19/08

Francis ... "The Vatican could easily track down anyone all over the globe????"
I did not say that, but it is possible for the authorites to track those downloading unsuitable materila, and cut them off the internet.
If that's possible, they could track you too.
But it is you who has the conspiracy theory, and says the Vatican is in control of all power.
---alan_of_UK on 2/19/08

Trix are for kids.
I've been full expecting to see the "oli el groupin" reappear. They did.

But keeping up those appearances are far more important to you than they'll ever be for me. I've lengthened out my tent stakes, my vision is beyond who you really are and what you represent.
There are not two of anyone here, that's a myth, a complete fictional myth.
So long myth. Talk amongst yourselves.

I have better things to blog about.
---Cindy on 2/19/08

Frances ... I am not saying you are Cindy ... I am saying only you and she think I am other people besides myself. And Cindy, I think had some others in whose name she wrote with the same accusations (L, LL, & M for a few)
I am not MikeM.
---alan_of_UK on 2/19/08

Frances "how is the Communist (otherwise seen as Vatican) takeover of Britain going?"
I don't see any communist takeover. Although the government in its wisdom has mounted the largest ever nationalism in our history (Northern Rock Bank) which will ocst each taxpayer about 2000.
---alan_of_UK on 2/19/08

Frances "how is the Communist (otherwise seen as Vatican) takeover of Britain going?"
The history of Communist rule in Europe, where it started, is complete hostility to the RCC as to any religion, and millions of Catholics were murdered.
Under persecutuion, any religious beleif prospers, and Eastern & Central Europe was largely Catholic or Orthodox.
---alan_of_UK on 2/19/08

Frances Poland was RC, before the Communist/Russian domination. THe RCC held on secretly in the hearts of the people, and after Communism and the Russian yoke failed, there was resurgernce of the RCC.
So Poland now has a resurgent RCC.
Most of the Poles who are coming over to the UK are RC, but I have not yet heard of any new RCC halls being built for them.
---alan_of_UK on 2/19/08

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Most man-made religions by their own definitions of a cult would consider themselves cults.
---Herman on 2/18/08

Emcee, you are a heavy in that you are heavy-handed, unsubtle, straight. Rather like - an unacademic (to be polite) person hitting someone over the head with a hammer - kind of heavy.
---frances on 2/19/08

Alan of UK, if anything happened to me I would be the third British woman in recent times to be killed under suspicious circumstances in this country. It might make British people stop coming to this country (ask the manager of the site for the address). As long as I am not on my way out of the country I have a degree of security. I just dislike boarding planes intensely since 'Terrorism' took over.
---frances on 2/18/08

Alan,11. I refer to excommunication, because to the Pope, once a Catholic, always a Catholic until they either kill or excommunicate you. So it is impossible for a Catholic to escape. I don't call myself a Catholic but I am registered from birth, like the Jews. There is a lot in common except good Jews follow the O.T. You could say Catholics are just like Zionist Jews (the minority of Jews).

The Vatican could easily track down anyone all over the globe???? Are you a Conspiracy Theorist too?
---frances on 2/18/08

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Alan of UK, how is the Communist (otherwise seen as Vatican) takeover of Britain going? Are they building new halls onto Catholic Churches suddenly for all the Polish people? Will the next Pope be a British Polish person? You and Mike M are too close for comfort. Cindy and I are not even going in the same direction. We have nothing but antipathy for each other at the last count.
---frances on 2/18/08

Not telling neither, Emcee. So there. What are you going to do - waterboard me ala Alberto Gonzales (lay Jesuit). Let us say that destroying the souls of my family members, turning them into demon infested idolators is enough.
---frances on 2/18/08

Hello Franses:: ME heavy???I'm the skinny Guy about 157lbs.straight as an arrow but by Practice hits the Bulls eye
PS you haven't answered my question Hon.IZA waiting.
---Emcee on 2/18/08

Frances ... # 6 ..I'm pleased to say your accusations leave me totally unfazed, because I know that I am not MikeM, and I think that it can be only you and Cindy and her other incarnations who think that I am Mike
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

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Frances ... # 8 ..You indicate I support the Jesuits... give me one example of when I have done this? I have merely doubted that they are responsible for all the evil that you specify. I know that centuries ago, they did some horrible things, as did most of the religious groups, but know nothing of their influence now. Your resume of what you say they ahve done is pretty heavy.
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

Frances ... # 9 I have googled "Titanic & Jesuit", and come up with the conspiracy theory you have quoted here. I have to say it amazed me, and it has now influenced my thoughts about the Jesuits, their accusers, and you and your sources.
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

Frances ... # 10 I stilldon't know why you are so frightened of quoting yuor sources, and why you seem to think that if you do you will be eliminated. Did you know that web users can be identified and thier wherebouts discovered by the authoities?
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

Frances ... # 11 .. If you were such a threat, they would already have tracked you down and destroyed you.
YOu say "I wish you could excommunicate me" ... Now that shows muddled thinking! If you are jnot a Catholic, how could you be excommunicated anyway? ... And even if you were a Catholic youself, why would you want to be excommunicarted? It seems to me you have a persecution complex, and want to be excommunicated jsut to confirm to yourslef that you are being persecuted.
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

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Stephen, why should individuals who escape the brainwashing influence of hierarchical organized religion, want to repeat the mistake and make popes in their number. The great thing about the unorganized church is that it has no ONE human leader, nor do they wish to have one. By the way, most Catholics say that they do what their own conscience says over what the pope says. It does not mean they are not brainwashed. It just means that they pick and choose the desirable parts of their own institute.
---frances on 2/18/08

That doesn't throw me, frances.
Nah. Uh huh. I will El Paso on your detour.
It takes a great deal of time, must take up the entire day and night, too, for someone.
I find that part, sad.
---Bob on 2/18/08

The most seriously deceived think that they know the truth. But until God opens their eyes by study of the Bible, they will never know it. Others do know the truth all too well, and they fight the truth tellers. They cover-up for the liars.

Others know the truth and tell it and get called all names under the sun.
---frances on 2/18/08

Frances ... # 1 .. Isn't this getting fun?
You should ask Emcee about the times we have argued vigourously about Mary and the Pope. He sure knows I am not a Catholic!
I do not do my best to protect the RCC, but do take steps to point out false attacks on them ... a lie told by my "own side" does not carry credit. I have if you will graciously remember, tried to protect yuo from someone saying a lie about you, even though I was not on "your side" of that argument.
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

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Frances ... # 2 .. And whilst in bitter argument with MarkV, I challenged someone who misrepresented something he had said.
Maybe I should not hope that Christian courtesy should be one of the characteristics of our discussions here?
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

Frances ... # 4 And Mikem is no catholic ... I think he is a Mormon or at least he has stated he studies with them. I think he previously blogged under the name SLCGuy (and you will see the Mormon connection)
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

Frances ... # 5 .. You say circumstantial evidence points to me and MikeM being the same person ... I suppose that is perhaps because neither of accepts as "gospel" that the world was created in 144 hours? But I have to say that most of the scientific stuff he comes up with leaves me completely bewildered!
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

Alan, I do not believe everything you say. You once described yourself as 'we' and another time I addressed you and MikeM took it up as if I addressed him. You are the 'laughing cop' of the Thought Police. MikeM is more serious. He does the dirty work for you, so does Emcee, who is the Heavy.

If you really were not a Catholic, why do you do your best to protect and preserve their institution.
---frances on 2/18/08

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You disappoint me Alan. Circumstancial evidence points to you and Mike M being one and the same. I wish you could excommunicate me. I guess I will have to try some higher level person than you. Anyway I think it is obvious I no longer call myself Catholic.
---frances on 2/18/08

Alan of UK, I believe you are not a Catholic. (Like I should believe everything you say, because you so love the truth that you make a circus out of a serious discussion.) No Catholic could be as insincere as you. You are something else. You may support the Jesuits, be one, or support the Vatican, but you are no good Catholic. That is the truth.
---frances on 2/18/08

Frances # A.
1... I am not MikeM
2... I am not Roman Catholic
3... I have no desire to excommunicate anyone ... I will continue to talk with anyone who will talk with me.
4... When I may say those who disagree with me must be in a cult, I jest.
I know that none of us, least of all me, can claim to know all the facts.
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

Frances # B ..Most of us know the Truth, but many find the detail facts are disputed, and some go so far as to make these disputed facts divide us.
Note I say "Truth" and "fact"
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

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Its funny that non-denominational, unaffiliated christians think they are somehow exempt from the "cult" label they so often use on others. They however, interpret the bible however they personally wish, thus making themselves their own pope and make god in their own image. Such a cult might be a cult of one, but isn't it still just as much a cult if we want to use that type of definition? I still think "cult" says virtually nothing about anyone except about the bigot using the term.
---stephen on 2/18/08


too funny the catermerand to catalina're cat-isms make a good story ... would that be a cat-tech-ism
---Rhonda on 2/18/08

Frances ... I don't believe in excommunication, so I am sorry to disappoint you.
I don't know about MikeM
---alan_of_UK on 2/18/08

Rev. Herb you have proved that your words have no credibility. "Eyes wide shut" I think they say.
---Richard on 2/18/08

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I can not list all the cults I am sure to miss some.Essentially a cult is any church that teaches any way to heaven besides accepting Jesus as Savior and the only way to the Father.Also if the church teaches things like Jesus plus good works or anything else.In other works born again and you're a Christian that is the truth.Some familiar cults are Mormons,Jehovah's Witness and Christian Science,also New Age people.
---shirley on 2/18/08

MikeM., that is how I know that you are not a Mormon - by the words of your testimony.
---Cindy on 2/18/08

Ask Eloy. He's an expert on cults.
---j._nonymous on 2/18/08

A cult has a figurehead,like the Pope.A cult trains its children from birth if possible, so that those children cannot form their own opinions. A cult believes things that are not stated in the Bible. A cult does things that are contrary to the Bible. The Roman Catholic religion is a cult.
---frances on 2/17/08
LOL--SO by your logic your church and basically everyones church is a cult then because-YOUR pastor is THE "FIGUREHEAD" of your church..I believe you can make your own connection.
---emtp on 2/18/08

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Emcee-- Yesss...a voice of reason...:-)May God Bless You Also.
---emtp on 2/18/08

can someone tell me when god changed his name to mikem?
---tom2 on 2/18/08

Rhonda, Only me and my cat are in the 'right' all others are in cults. My Mittens(cat) is a catmatic Kat. We follow the truth of the divine feline, the dander doctrine. At death we cross the waters on a sacred catermerand to Catalina, one I bought, in, of course a Cat-ologue. Meow-anantha! All hose in cults will end up in disaster, a real catastrophy!
---MikeM on 2/18/08

The Catholic church cannot be considered a cult as many great men have been RC There would not have been a Reformation without priests,[Luther, Calvin] Unfortunately the cults do follow the teachings of one man . [ dead or alive]. I.e. Russelites[Jehovah witness] a man by the name of Russel. And the SDA church is a split of his group. The Catholic Church has a succession of popes. The good news is that God is no respecter of persons and that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.
---ian95633 on 2/17/08

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Yes, Mike M and personas (Alan of UK) might have us excommunicated, I hope.
---frances on 2/17/08

EMPT::JN3:3 says you must be born from "above" This means being chosen only if you follow His way.Matt,16:16-17 explains why Peter was called & given the position of such Honour.Many argue But it is Right There for every one to see.No dear I did not place you as any denom but a person seeking the truth.You have a good husband to guide you, as you both share the love of Christ. God Bless.
---Emcee on 2/17/08

That's it ...we're just in grave error??

you skipped the best part ...aren't you supposed to damn us all to an imagined hell - pits of fire or something ...tell us we don't have light, energy and superpowers ...tell us we don't have the blood and aren't saved and we're legalistic and follow the SDA??

reminds me of a customer service job I had in my 20's ...I was fired at least 2 times a week by many regular customers (every week) for 3 long years before I finally fired myself
---Rhonda on 2/17/08

"All those who have the nerve to disagree with me and my 100% correct views are in grave error and are therefore in a cult."
---MikeM on 2/17/08

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A cult has a figurehead, like the Pope. A cult trains its children from birth if possible, so that those children cannot form their own opinions. A cult believes things that are not stated in the Bible. A cult does things that are contrary to the Bible. The Roman Catholic religion is a cult.
---frances on 2/17/08

A cult is any denomination that follows the traditions of man and his interpretation of the Bible (or other source) - that includes ALL EARTHLY RELIGIONS. True Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship with God. God never intended to have leaders of His people, but allowed it because man cried for a man leader. All cults have leaders, traditions and different interpretations of the Bible. You'll never see a pastor of one denomination preside over another denomination.
---Steveng on 2/17/08

The definition of a cult is any group or person who is a follower of a man. This is why the early church was considered a cult. If you are a follower of an evangelist, preacher, priest or pope then you are in a cult. You will notice that all the mass suicides were followers of one man. Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes on to the father but by me.CONCLUSION= Read the Book, follow Jesus.
---Ian on 2/17/08

OMG... Do you people not know that Christianity was known as a cult or sect accoriding to the Bible (Book of Acts)? How about those groups that were so called "Christians" and then ended up in mass suicides. After that THEN they are called a "cult" and not christian.
---ghost on 2/17/08

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A cult is an illness. There is the dry cult, the runny nose cult, the sore throat cult, the feverish cult. They are considered cults, because it is believed that the cult comes from over exposure to cult temperatures.
---Eloy on 2/17/08

Emcee--Unfortunately this is so true. You know, it might suprise you to know that i am not Catholic i am Lutheran. My Husband is RCC and he is a faithful servant of Jesus Christ in his church and in our family. I have been reading and learning the truth about the RCC on my own and with the help of the Catholic Catechism and my husband. One only has to educate oneself to find out the truth and not lies. The RCC bears good fruit. I see my husband bearing good fruit on a daily basis...
---emtp on 2/16/08

This reminds me of the game "Pinning the tail on the donkey".There at least you are blindfolded here you purposly shut your eyes,when you are supposed to keep em open.
---Emcee on 2/16/08

BTW-Catholics DO NOT trust in Mary for their salvation nor do they trust in their works righteousness!!! GET YOUR INFORMATION CORRECT BEFORE YOU POST LIES PLEASE.
---emtp on 2/16/08

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While there is no agreeable or exacting definition for what constitutes a cult, one can identify them by many of their characteristics.

And one characteristic is their claim that God has given them a peculiar annointing, that they alone possess the truth, and that others are either ignorant or corrupt.
---lee1538 on 11/26/07

A cult is any religion that get to heaven by any other meathod than Jesus.

Church of Christ- Can't be saved unless baptized in water. Works

Catholic- Trust in Mary for salvation, worship bread. Also based on works.

JW- Get to heaven through works. Worship another Jesus.

Mormon- Same a JW
---Rev_Herb on 11/23/07

BJ, I did research on the doctrines of the Catholic and Church of Christ. I suggest you do some research yourself on what they teach. It is not one man I get my information, but from there own tracts and litature.
---Rev_Herb on 3/29/07

I sit down to eat dinner and I have set before me good healthy food, and bad rotten food that could give me food poison. The problem is they are mixed together.

If I go to church and the pastor feeds the sheep a mixture of good and bad spiritual food, won't it make the sheep sick?
---Rev_Herb on 3/28/07

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Rev Herb... you judge the Church of Christ by one man. Did you ever stop to think that God has His people in those churches to shine His Light? I left the UMC after my baptism in the HG. then after 12yrs, I have been lead back there. I don't agree with all that they teach, but I am there for a reason, to help. And things are changing there. As far as the KJV being the only translation, that is one thing you and I will never see eye to eye on. Check out the Amplified.
---BJ on 3/28/07

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.
Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.
For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ. 1Corinthians2
---scripture on 3/27/07

type carm in your browser and you'll get all the information you can handle.

I don't endorse Matt Slick's teachings because I didn't examine them all, but his information and comparrisons of known cults to Christianity is a good tool.
---Pharisee on 3/27/07

BJ, and Rebecca D. I know a Church of Christ preacher and I have read there tracts. This Church of Christ preacher is born again, (his way) not the bible way. While in the military, I have gone to Catholic services. My question is if they are truly born again why do thy stay in a cult church and follow there church doctrine? The KJV is the only true bible for the English speaking people today.
---Rev_Herb on 3/27/07

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I have been to many different religious churches and have found that the Independent Baptist stick closer to the bible than anyone else. We Baptist may not be perfect, but we do follow the perfect word. If you noticed, I did not say Pentecostals were a cult.
---Rev_Herb on 3/27/07

Rev. Herb,
Check out the ESV. Have found it to be a solid translation - and great compliment to KJV (which is what I grew up on). Just thought I'd share. :o)
---daphn8897 on 3/27/07

Why should I have to list all the cults. That is like show me all the counterfeit paintings, NO WAY!! WHEN I HAVE THE REAL THING, no counterfeit on earth has ever been able to come even close to it.

And the deception of the Leviathanical Spirit is follow this, I can just hear that ol, devil speaking to Eve, Hast God said you will surely die? Eve ate the apple. And likewise many today are eating apples out of garbage cans all over this globe, and they honestly think they will make it to HEAVEN HA!
---Cynthia_1 on 3/27/07

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