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Daniel The Prophet

Why are the prophecies of Daniel the Prophet more popular than the other prophets such as Isaiah the Prophet?

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 ---Joe on 3/26/07
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Rebecca is spot on.
---duke on 12/18/07

the book of Daniels ties into the book of Revelation. God gave him visions and prophecies about the end of days. Mt 24:15. He had wisdom, and courage.
---Rebecca_D on 11/4/07

joe, well, daniel shows us how to understand revelations, I believe like so many others that we are in the end of days, now i'm not saying i know exactly when he is comeing it could be 20 50 60 100 years from now god is not on the same timeline we are. noone knows the hour but the father. We can only look at the signs and try the best we can to follow them. Joe- I recomend you get some help with understanding daniel then try to read revelations after you gain an understaning of daniel.
---ramona on 3/29/07

Daniel 550 years in advance foretold the restoration of Jerusalem & Temple, the Exact Year of Christ's Baptism, death, resurrection. Declared the fall of Babylon, rise-fall of Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, Divisions of Europe, Rise of U.S.

Daniel is important because Prophecy shows a Faith in the Word that's not Blind. Many miss a huge dose of inspiration avoiding it.

Daniel declares Christ's Kingdom is next to come! Belief in this makes one an Adventist...regardless of denomination.
---TS on 3/28/07

i have i say we need to focus on daniel and revelations and lets not forget ezekiel, because those are the times we are in alot of people feel it. im not saying the other prophets don't have worthiness or that you should just read those and nothing else you have to read the whole bible to understand it. i say that these prophecies pertain to us so we should focus on them.
---ramona on 3/28/07

What prophecies of Daniel the prophet apply today? Do any other prophets in the Bible forthtell of today?
---Joe on 3/28/07

Was Daniel the prophet the only one in the Old Testament that had visitations by angels?
---ben on 3/28/07

man will popularise what they feel is important for them. Yet before God all the prophets were important. note the difference between how man and God reason, man looks at popularity, God looks at importance. Make a point of reading about all the prophets, they each had a unique calling and message that is essential. focusing on only one may cause you to miss out on what God is saying altogether. Strive personally to see as God sees not man.
---achie7757 on 3/28/07

I think that daniel is more popular today because these are the messages we need today god does nothing without revealing it first and he gives his people an oppurtunity to hear his message
---ramona on 3/27/07

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