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Call Out False Prophets

Is it good to tell a false prophet that they are false if I know some?

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 ---waniiilka on 3/26/07
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You better know it is. Ofcourse as always let God be your leader. Somebody needs to do this ugly job. Why not you?
---catherine on 5/23/08

Only if God is telling you to. Why am I saying that? Because you need to do it in the right spirit and that takes a special touch. Remember, a false prophet believes what he is saying is true. It's a spirit of deception you're dealing with and that demon can devour you if you are not being led by God to tell them. Don't play Holy Ghost Junior unless God tells you. Pray for them instead of confronting them.
---donna6598 on 5/23/08

Prophet: a declarer of future events, but most important primarily a preacher of righteousness for his day. 1Cor14:32-37,2 Tim4:2-4, Mat 24:11&24,Mark 13:22, IIPeter2:19, Matthew7:15-23, Matthew24:11-13, Deu 13:1.

You KNOW the difference between a false and true prophet. Unfortunatly you won't recognize any. Most churches today do not allow true prophets to preach to their congregation. Most Christians today don't want to hear anything bad. Micah3:9-12,Isa30:9-14,Jer5:31.
---Steveng on 4/19/07

Hello Bob>>> The scripture is Ps. 94-20. Not 93-20. Sorry about that.Part one> Here is what that scripture means.---Inquity is daring enough even when human laws are against it, which often prove too weak to give an effectual check to it; But how insolent, how mischievous, is it when it is backed by a law. These workers of iniquity condemn the innocent blood for violating their decrees. >>>Daniel's enemies, they framed mischief by a law >PART TWO coming up.
---catherine on 4/19/07

Part two>>> when theyobtained an impious edict against prayer. Condemned his innocent blood to the lions. The best benefactors of mankind have often been thus treated under colour of law and justice, as the worst of malefactors. [criminals]>>> I thank you for asking, and have a great evening. +++
---catherine on 4/19/07

Say what, catherine. Would you explain what that meant, please.
---Bob on 4/19/07

A good PROPHET is always going to PROPHESY about peace. Do not judge. Ask the Lord. If he wants you to tell this people something the Lord will send them a warning thru you or somebody else. Unless you have the Discerning of the Spirit Gift very strong and is the Holy Ghost whom is guiding you to the RIGHT PATH. Elia
---Elia on 4/19/07

But you are opposed to dishonest LawMakers who gang up to murder innocent victims. >>>PS. 93,20.
---catherine on 4/18/07

Jack: Are You on the same Spiritual Level as Elijah? Moses, Joshua, Jesus, Daniel, Jeremiah,, al. Who all rebuked those in Apostacy.

God's Word is clear. "To the Law and the Testimony, If they speak not according to this Word it is because there is not light in them."
---TS on 4/18/07

** YES!!! Elijah Did!**

Are you claiming to be on the spiritual level of Elijah, TS?
---Jack on 4/17/07

I agree with Donna. Call out a false prophet as the Spirit leads you to. Without Him on your side you are depending on your own human spirit to battle the lies of the demon deceiving the false prophet. Our human spirit is powerless against the forces of darkness. So we need to let the Holy Spirit guide us.
---Matthew on 4/17/07

YES!!! Elijah Did!
---TS on 4/17/07

if you focus on the false prophets long enough you will become a critic of even those that are true.Focus on finding your own truth in the gospel and let your life rebuke the false prophets. in short let the light of God shine so brightly that it will put them to shame and force them to realign themselves to the will and call of God in their lives.Heb4:12 for the word is sharper than any two edged sword. Let God's word deal with them not you.
---achie7757 on 3/28/07

One should tell the false prophet right at the time he is wrong "if" the prophesy is for them,then tell the Pastor. If the prophesy is given to the church it is the Pastor's place to call that person down from the pulpit where the whole church will see the person is false. A Pastor should be anointed of God enough to catch and call out the false prophet. God speaks to His people's leaders that they may guide in truth and expose fake.
---Darlene_1 on 3/27/07

Confront a false prophet. This happened recently when an evangelist who thinks he is a prophet told me God told him that we had borrowed money to get to the revival. He handed me a $20 bill. I told him that we had not borrowed the money and that he was wrong about that. He handed me $20 anyway and we put it back into offering. My husband also confronted him when he said from the pulpit that he had never backslidden since he got saved and that he was perfect. We didn't go back to the revival.
---Susie on 3/27/07

The true Cristian way of dealing with people is not only to give importance to good ones but also deal the bad ones in a manner which God teach the true gospel in His time.We tell all people the true gospel for a mission not to the good ones only.
Show them some biblical references about false prophecy if still he will go on with his belief then he only loves to argue with you and not a Christ believer.edna8476
---Edna on 3/26/07

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I would be very careful with this. Even calling someone a fool has it's consequences. If you are absolutely positive and know that God wants you to then go ahead and tell them. And do it for the Kingdom of God not just to make yourself look wise.
I've seen many people call false prophets only to find out later that the prophecy was true after all.
---john on 3/26/07

Robert, you would talking about Joseph Smith.
Yes, we all know he's a false prophet.
The gospel didn't need to be restored, it was and is perfect.
No false BOM bible for us.
---MochaChokaLatte on 3/26/07

Simple Answer is Yes. You have to know the Bible very well to see the falseness. By your asking the question I am sure you do. God Bless you.
---Lloyd on 3/26/07

I would never call out a false prophet and tell them that they are false, rather it is better to talk to them about the issueings of why you think they are false...b/c what if your mistaken...Oh yes you'll probably never get to tell any prophets that they're false, w/out having a sweet attitude
---mark on 3/26/07

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It is right to call out those prophets who testify in their church that they are men of god, while they demand a stipend or wage of any sort. These same prophets usually follow the tritarian god, who is incomprehensible. Since eternal life equates to knowing both God and Jesus Christ, I call out every traditional false prophet and demand the support of the living prophets in the Restored Gospel and Church that is the Lord's.
---Robert on 3/26/07

How do you know you're not mistaken, waniiilka?
---Jack on 3/26/07

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