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Is Suicide A Sin

Is suicide a sin? Can you be forgiven of committing suicide? What is a mortal sin?

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 ---larry on 3/28/07
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We are forgiven before we ask...Jesus died for the forgiveness of sin, its finished. HE never asked our permission to forgive sin, HE just did it because HE wanted to. Thats what you call a gift. If we had to ask for a gift, then it would not be a gift.
We had to be forgiven before we could even come before God(reconciliation). To say a Christian is not forgiven is non-sense.
---duane on 10/25/07

Mima: you make a great point. Did Jesus die for all our sins? Or just the ones we already committed? He died 2000 years before we were even born, so I suspect he died for them all. Although I wouldn't want to test your theory. Also, what about people who are mentally sick, yet have recieved Christ at some point? What if they commit suicide while suffering from severe depression? I work in a metal health facility and this has happened before. I wonder...
---j._the_nomad on 10/25/07

Mima: No one can be forgiven of any sin if they don't ask. No one can be forgiven of sins they haven't committed yet, because first they haven't committed them yet and second, they can't ask God to forgive them over something that they haven't done yet. If I do something to someone in the future, and don't know it yet, I can't ask them to forgive me over something that hasn't happened yet.
---Rebecca_D on 10/25/07

In bible we see only two people who have committed suicide and they were Soul the king chosen by god and Judas iscariot The Desiple chosen by Christ. Both of them did not in their mental strength but out of emotional behavior and depression. Surely God would have forgiven them coz they never did more than David but he got that fogiveness but these people never.So, Our lord will forgive anything we do only if we live and ask for. Else Nothing can save a restless life after death
---mosea on 10/24/07

People who know they are loved don't kill themselves. We need to love the unloved.
---John1944 on 10/24/07

Rebecca D. you are correct, people can not go back and redo what they have done wrong. Neither them(the ones who commit suicide) nor you nor me.--- However, we all can be forgiven. Can you be forgiven for sins before you commit them? In a somewhat similar vein, Do you believe it is possible to sell something before you own it? In the market it is known as Shortselling. If you understand that you can understand a sovereign God, granting forgiveness before the event occurs.
---Mima on 10/24/07

Yes suicide is a sin. God says thou shalt not kill, and yes he also says sins can be forgiven. But if a person is dead, how can they ask to be forgiven? They can't. Once a person dies there is no second chance. They can't go back and re-do what they done wrong.
---Rebecca_D on 10/24/07

Alot of people try to reason with sin and the question their minds is will I be forgiven.

The only thing I'll tell you is you have to repent and follow Christ to find out, and if that's too much to bare, trust me, you don't want to kill yourself.
---Pharisee on 10/24/07

Hebrews 10:26 states in a nutshell that if you willfully sin after receiving the much worse do you think the punishment you'd receive because you have trampled underfoot the Son of God and
insulted the Spirit of Grace...
Suicide is a willfully committed sin...
---Patty on 4/10/07

Though shalt not murder. Is a sin. Take the sin and repentance quiz above.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/29/07

Yes suicide is a sin. Yes suicide can be forgiven. A "mortal sin" means, "a wrong done by one whom is able to die". All sin is wrong, and all unrepented sin is death. Since a suicide person may repent while they are dying, this sin may be forgiven; and also if they are sick in their mind to the point of suicide they may not be held accountable or guilty for their action of death, since they had no rational controlling ability to prevent it.
---Eloy on 3/29/07

The Lord does not allow us to get away the life He lend to us. Definitely it is a sin. But if you have the Christ in your heart never and never will you think of a suicide.Life is worth a living for Christ. There is such thing as mortal sin. All sins God deal it as wrong doing against the will of God.edna8476
---Edna on 3/28/07

In that most suicides are done by people who are not emotionally stable, I believe that God's grace is more than sufficient for the mentally ill who are suicidal.
---Madison1101 on 3/28/07

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