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Do You Need Deliverance

I beleive many Christians are opressed by demonic spirits, and have no idea they have need of a deliverance. Does any body here agree?

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 ---Cynthia_1 on 3/30/07
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Yes I agree that many Christians are oppressed by demonic spirits and are in desperate need of deliverance.
---Mima on 3/31/08

Yes, I agree. And the ones who get free are surely grateful. Many don't believe it's possible for a Christian to have demons. The demons love that doctrine because they are never challenged and go about freely to do their evil work using these people.
---john on 3/31/08

You're doing a fine job here, Catherine.
You go forth in your call. We like your style of preaching. You're God's child, and very honest.
---Bob on 3/30/07

I agree. The devil or demons, whatever, can be relintless.The Bible saids, "you have in need of great fortitude in dealing with the devil." He has weakened my body not to a degree that I cannot go forward in the call of God on my life.And [I walk with a limp.] It's from a Life time of attacks.Some of the worse I ever had came, sense I was saved. Sometimes directly sometimes through people. Just lately God has help me to understand some things. and that has made a huge difference.
---catherine on 3/30/07

Christians can be attacked by the devil. Why? because Satan hates to see God's people be successful in anyway. The bible plainly tells us that satan walks up and down the earth looking for whomever he may devour. I believe this. Satan is alway looking to attack christians. Since we know this we need to stay prayed up and close to the Lord in our walk with Him. Jesus is there to help us escape the traps that the devil has set for us..
---robyn on 3/30/07

Yes, Christians can be oppressed by demonic spirits and yes many don't even know it.
---Jimbo on 3/30/07

Yes I do agree. Many people are bound down, from something that happened in the past or now and they don't know how to let God take care of it. I have been in a deep dark hole before and I just couldn't find a way out. then I realized how much I needed to break those chains. I did with much help from Christ. Susie, I have been attacked by Satan all day long on some days. I rebuke him, but he comes back later on. the more Satan attacks me, the more I'm doing for Jesus and he don't like it at all.
---Rebecca_D on 3/30/07

I too get tired of hearing Christians say they have a demon after them or that Satan has been attacking them all day. The Bible clearly says "Resist the Devil and He will flee." There are many who call themselves Christians who are not. This might explain why they are demon oppressed.
---Susie on 3/30/07

Yes many Christians are depressed by demonic spirits. But they do not recognize this or believe it to be so. Thry have no idea how to rid themselves of demonic spirits, and when you tell them how they laugh at you. Such is the ways of some of our Christian brethren.
---Mima on 3/30/07

I know too many people who got led astray by the idea that Christians can have demons. One lady of my acquaintance blamees anything that happens she doesn't like on the demons in those who offend her.

FWIW, exorcisms are part of ALL classical (pre-Reformation) baptismal rites.
---Jack on 3/30/07

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