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Prayer of Salvation

When did you say the sinner's prayer of salvation? At that time, did you really understand God's plan for salvation?

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 ---Lisa on 4/3/07
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One of the problems is that people are not discipling others like they should and that some who are discipling and teaching are teaching lies. This topic reminds me of the 'Roman Road to Salvation.' A careful look at the context of many of the verses used in that 'Roman Road' speak of repentance unlike the way that man has formed the Roman Road plan.
We are to become new creatures in Christ. These things are hidden to people when they should be so obvious, simply because some of the leaders in Christendom are without understanding. May they learn Truth.
---chria4685 on 7/23/10

The prayer of a sinner ( Not the sinners prayer. Just like easy believism etc, there's No such a thing from God, there is from the devil 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15. )

The prayer of a sinner in repentance Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20.

The Man - made trin relig - org's churches beginning with the rcc find use scriptures for their own salv - plan & go All the way around Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20 to use for salvation.
S U R P R I S E , It will Not happen.
---Lawrence on 7/23/10

I was witnessing to a colonel from the Pentagon when I was interrupted by the statement. I have prayed to God many times to save myself and nothing has happened. Oh I said, your problem is you do not believe God when he tells you, any man that comes to me I will in no wise cast out. The colonel's face suddenly changed and from that moment on the colonel enjoyed salvation eternal security salvation. Oh what the Lord can do!!!
---mima on 7/6/10

I do not think that saying the sinner's prayer is a problem. I think the problem is when the people who 'lead' the prayer teach that salvation is now 'at hand' just for saying that prayer. The parable of the seed and sower clearly shows that the planting the seed can result in spiritual death..

The sinner's prayer can be the start of belief, but it does necessarily mean salvation. After all, it is not our prayer that saves, but it is Jesus Word.
---aka.joseph on 7/6/10

Where do you find this sinners prayer?
---michael_e on 7/5/10

When I was a youth, and then again when I was a man. Yes.
---Eloy on 7/5/10

\\When did you say the sinner's prayer of salvation?\\

This is one of many Protestant traditions and precepts of men that they hold in opposition to Christianity.

\\ At that time, did you really understand God's plan for salvation?\\

To say we have to "understand" for God to work is nothing but the heresy of Gnosticism.
---Cluny on 7/4/10

The actual prayer of the sinner Is at alter of prayer, Repent, Lord I'm sorry forgive me for all I have done against you & even mankind. It continues on to Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20, living a clean & Holy life from then on. ( staying away from the devil & his worldly pleasures ) For he & or she that endures to the end, the same shall be saved.
---Lawrence on 7/1/10

When I was 10 years old. I thought it was a free gift I felt clean and happy for one week. Fell all to many times after that however, Yes, I understood John 3:16, I would not perish, and have everlasting life if I beleived on Him.
---Cynthia_1 on 12/22/07

I wish they would go away, other bob.
They are the perpetual thorn in the side.
I find all of their split personalities mean, rarely do you see any light there.
---Bob on 5/9/07

Yeah, I've noticed the Romans over and over.
Idiolect, word selection and grammar, or words, phrases, idioms.
They deny like some kind of crazy, when it's there, plain as day.
---Archaeologist on 5/9/07

1.who would speak against Calvin?
who speaks against unconditional election?
2.who would space the paragraph?
3.who would say, Romans over and over?
4.who has used someone else's name?
5.who is good one day and mean the next?
think hard people, we all know the answer.
---bob on 5/8/07

Mrs. Morgan, friends come and go.
There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.
People sling insults - that's blasphemous, I'm rebuking you, you pharisee, blah blah blah. Everyone uses each other names, and does it really matter in the big picture. Kids throwing dirt in the sandbox. Use another name, unless you're attached to your votes. Some are, that is apparent. But some answer and move on. Next.
---Gummybears on 5/5/07

That last post about "unconditional election" wasn't from me, once again someone has deceitfully used my user name, The only advice I can give to this person is to examine yourself to see if you are IN the Faith (2 Corinthians 13:5-7), that is, if you even [care] at all.
---Mrs._Morgan on 5/4/07

What can wash me white as snow? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!

that is all that is needed. Unless one takesa daily bath in the holy elixir, the sinless blood, the blood that flowed from Calvary like a river glorious there is salvation for none, including John Calvin.

He refuses to acknowledge Romans 6, insisting that some are elect before the foundation of the earth.

Prayer can't save you, that is a work. It is unconditional election that saves some lucky people.
---Mrs._Morgan on 5/4/07

Sister Morgan, you wrote but didn't answer my question, "Who does the saving?" very simple matter of faith. Doesn't have anything attach to it. Did the blood of Christ save you? You yourself said once, that the blood of Christ saved, and spoke for a long time about the blood, had me convince that you believed it did, and now you come back with all kinds of excuses how a person has to work to earn that salvation. If that is not a contradiction of terms, I don't know what is.
---frank on 4/21/07

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B. Morgan: Of course it is our duty to be obedient, our duty to preach the gospel, our duty to repent when we sin, our duty to walk in the spirit, our duty to love others, our duty to study God's word, our duty to bless others in the name of Christ. That is the duty of all who believe. Our duty to love our children and wife's, our duty to be good examples for others, our duty not to lose time, But does everyone do all of them complete? And if they don't which one will cause him to lose salvation?
---frank on 4/21/07

"Does the blood of Christ save you,or does your works..."


You REPEAT the same question.Do you know the difference between works of the SPIRIT& man's works?The precious Blood of Christ isn't for those who willfully resist the Spirit,Grace/the Blood don't work like that.God said this about those who trample His Son's BloodGrace underfoot:(Heb.10:26-27,29-31)(2Peter2:20-21)(Rev.21:8).
---Mrs._Morgan on 4/18/07

Sister Morgan, if it is as you say that Christ came to save, why do you insist they have to work to get that salvation, that you said He came to give? Why not all the lost people just work hard and they too can make it? Who is really saving who? Does the blood of Christ save you, or does your works save you? Very simple matter.
---frank on 4/18/07

(2.)A word of wisdom to the double-minded/lackadaisical Christian: God is NO respecter of persons. Christians that don't feel they MUST keep the Lord's sayings & teach other's to do the same, will have to give an account for that. Jesus promised if a man KEEP His sayings, they will never see death(John 8:51), That's God's condition, whether one chooses to believe that or not. Paul said preach the Word(not fables) He did just that & declared this:(Acts 20:26). (1 Peter 2:11). God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 4/4/07

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(1.)God wills that none perish, but that all come to His saving Truth, Jesus said He didn't come to condemn but to SAVE(John 12:47), Jesus also warned that those who don't KEEP His words, will be Judged by those same words/the Truth(John 12:48).
---Mrs._Morgan on 4/4/07

"John 6:37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. "
---Pharisee on 4/4/07

I believe the Holy Spirit draws us and we answer from what many like to call the "sinners prayer". The power of conversion happens by the Holy Spirit. Some say the "sinner's prayer" and don't get converted. The question is why? Were they sincere? Did they understand they can't still live in their sin(repent)? I said my "sinners prayer" but it wasn't because of the prayer I was converted. It was because I accepted Jesus as my savior and teacher and submitted to His will.
---Matthew on 4/4/07

2) Before my conversion I prayed many sincere "sinner's prayers" with no change. I would always say what's different? The answer was absolutely nothing. When finally the Lord revealed to me why. Through His word He convicted me of my sins and told me to come to Him in repentance and submittance. I did so by praying. Call it a "sinner's prayer" if you want. I just know the power of conversion isn't in the prayer, but in the Holy Spirit.
---Matthew on 4/4/07

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Plagerism is stealing or at the very least dishonest. How does that go together with your claims of piety? Did the Holy Spirit teach you that too?
---BRUCE5656 on 4/4/07

I was a child. How old I don't remember but young enough that I was excited to tell my teacher in public school the next day and could not believe she did not know what I was talking about. As others have mentioned, I knew I was lost and going to hell if I should die. I knelt beside my bed with my mother and yes I prayed a sinners prayer. Call it what you want, a "sinner's prayer" is simply a sinner asking for God's mercy and forgiveness of sin.
---BRUCE5656 on 4/4/07

Jack... the sinner's prayer is simply Romans 10:9-10 believing and confessing that Jesus is Lord. I was saved on June 3, 1986. Yes I did understand God's plan for salvation. If I didn't, I couldn't have been saved.
---betty8468 on 4/4/07

When the bible says three different times, in three different scriptures," whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved". Do you think it could possibly be referring to a sinner's prayer or something similar?
---Mima on 4/4/07

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Sept.17, 1967 at 1 AM. in my bed.
The change inside was immediate and I've never been the same. I'm in the ministry as a pastor and evangelist now for over 20 years. I didn't understand everything but I did understand I was lost and needed a savior and that it was Jesus alone who could save me. I still don't think I understand it all but Jesus invited even children so it can't be all that difficult.
---john on 4/3/07

Jack. I understand what you mean by formula. But how would one leave the darkness of being lost and repent and enter into the light of the Lord without some kind of communication? How would you personally do it?
---john on 4/3/07

God is never weary of hearing the prayers of the upright, but soon weary of the costly sacrifices of the wicked. Sin is hateful to God. So hateful that it makes even men's prayers and their religious services hateful to Him. [Dissembled piety is double iniquity] You can find this and read about it in Isa. 1,12.--[There are many who are strangers and enemies to the power of religion and yet seem very zealous for the show and form of it.]
---catherine on 4/4/07

Not really. When I got up that June morning I felt good. Later was sitting alone. I felt what I know now was the Holy Spirit. I knew I was lost and I would die and go to Hell.And I didn't want to. So I called out to Jesus to save me, because I don't want to die and go to hell. The sinners prayer followed. It was all orchastrated by the Holy Spirit. All of it.
---catherine on 4/3/07

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The Sinners prayer-- I do not like mockers. Use to be ignorance that I could not stand. Now it's mockers. We call it the Sinners prayer God orchastes it. We do not want to go to Hell. So we call out to Jesus to save us. Everything is by , through the Holy Spirit. God have mercy on you.
---catherine on 4/3/07

I was on my death bed, and I knew for sure that if I shut my eyes that night, I would not be awaking the next day. Yes, I understood full well of God's power, and I was afraid to really call him all the way, for I did not know what he was going to do. But thank God I did, thank you Jesus. We serve an awesome God.
---Eloy on 4/3/07

.jack, Ask and you will receive. Luke 11:9-13. Receive the Spirit of Christ in heart. Romans 8:9-11,15; Galatians 4:6; Psalm 51:10. ASK JESUS INTO YOUR HEART. Both testaments tell us that: "Whosoever will Call upon the Name of the Lord will be saved": Joel 2:32; Zechariah 13:9; Romans 10:9-13. And by asking him into our lives, "God will send the Spirit of Christ into our hearts, crying Papa, Father": Galatians 4:6. Please read Psalm 51:1-17; 32:3-5.
---Eloy on 4/3/07

Jack. "say a sinners prayer for salvation" Luke 18:13-14 "God have mercy on me a sinner" I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other."
I would say that is a sinners prayer to salvation.
---john on 4/3/07

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Please tell me where in the Bible you find the formula "say a sinner's prayer for salvation" or anything similar.
---Jack on 4/3/07

My husband and I was in church with my parents one night. And I felt God tugging at my heart, drawing me to him. I got up, walked to the alter and God met me there. I asked God to forgive me and to come into my heart. And he did. What really is the sinner's prayer? Anyone can Lord forgive me, but if his spirit isn't drawing you close to him, (convicting you) you can't get saved.
---Rebecca_D on 4/3/07

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