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Where Is Peter The Apostle

Where is Peter the Apostle? We always hear about Paul the Apostle. What was Peter doing while Paul was on missionary journeys and being imprisoned?

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 ---ken on 4/5/07
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I think Peter stuck closer to home. Paul went to visit Peter at one point in his mission work. However obviously, he ended up in Rome. He was crucifed, although he was hung upside down on the cross.
---grace3869 on 5/3/08

Jerry et al: The Canon that Catholicism claims to have created was established by the Authority of John the last living Apostle during the 1st Century AD. Papal historians based Catholic Cannon upon these 66 books until the Reformation and then Added the Apocryphal books to justify Mary worship etc., against advice from Chief vatican Historian. "The falling away" has occurred and her doctrines established at the point of a sword.
---TS on 4/17/07

Lorra: I hope you're not implying that the NT is not inspired.
---jerry6593 on 4/16/07

Jerry, the writings of the early Church were not inspired and were not always correct in everything, but you would have to presume that they were all liars to dismiss them. You would not know what books belonged in the Bible were it not for those early members of our Church. They gathered them and helped to decide which ones were canonical and which ones were not. They were privy to information and resources that we are not. Before there was a Christian Bible (including the NT), there was the Church.
---lorra8574 on 4/15/07

Jerry6593--Is correct. There is no final NT evidence that Peter went to Rome. First Peter 5-13 says that the epistle was sent from "Babylon," and it is doubtful that this was the literal Babylon,It is probably a crypic symbol for Rome, the "Babylon of the West." It is most likely that the "Babylon" of Revelation 14-8 and 16,19 is also a symbol of Rome. This would fit the strong tradition in the early church that indeed Peter did minister there.
---catherine on 4/15/07

greetings.jerry.the bible is not the only valad point of reference.Through the centuries man is taught the bible is the last word.Revelation has never ceased.For those who seek 'shall find.For those who ask ,it shall be given.Example:Man has asked God for centuries that he give insight in knowing more of Jesus'life and teachings.There now is a valid point of reference for those who have so honestly asked to know increasing truth and has been for many years.
---earl on 4/15/07

Earl: If not the Bible or opinions, then what else is there? Remember, the sayings of the early "church fathers" are only the opinions of men - unless they are inspired by God to a real prophet. If they are inspired by God, then according to Isa 8:20, they will agree totally with the Bible - which brings us back to the ONLY valid point of reference - the Bible.
---jerry6593 on 4/15/07

greetings,jerry.I am not exchanging opinions with you.The bible may be your only common point of reference but as i said if the bible was the the last word then revelation has ceased for all mankind.Jesus does not leave us hanging.Again,man is intellectually growing therefore man is reorganizing his thinking.Man is asking and he is recieving.The jews in Jesus' day also thought and taught "do not add or take away 'the same is in the n.t..God is a never ending revelation
---earl on 4/14/07

Earl: The Bible is the only common point of reference we have. If our discussions are not centered there, then we are only exchanging opinions; and opinions carry no weight of authority.
---jerry6593 on 4/14/07

greetings,jerry.Do you mean to say that for whatever comes to be,if the bible cannot give the answer then there is no answer to the posted question and never will be?If the bible was the last word then revelation has ceased from that moment on.
---earl on 4/8/07

earl: Scripture please. All else is blowing in the wind.
---jerry6593 on 4/8/07

Acts was written by Luke who accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys which is why we hear so much of him. Peter had his own missionary journeys, but ultimately built up the Church in Rome and served as its Bishop until his execution. 1 Peter 5:13, Peter signs off from the church in Babylon, but this Babylon refers to Rome. To my knowledge there was never a Christian Church in the actual Babylon, as it had been almost completely destroyed more than a century before the time of Christ.
---lorra8574 on 4/7/07

greetings.Peter visited many churches that Paul did.He traveled far and wide as Paul did.Peter was crucified in Rome with the request that since he was unworthy to die as Jesus with his head up but to be crucified with his body upside down and his wife who traveled with him on most all his journeys died also in Rome when her captors threw her into an arena of wild beasts.
---earl on 4/7/07

I can find no scriptural evidence that Peter ever went to Rome.
---jerry6593 on 4/7/07

*Please show in scripture where Peter ended up in Rome. Thanks.
---Anne on 4/6/07*

---augusta on 4/7/07

Please show in scripture where Peter ended up in Rome. Thanks.
---Anne on 4/6/07

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I think Peter was the involved in the church in Jerusalem. He had his share of persecution and hardships just like Paul. You can read about him the book of Acts.
---betty8468 on 4/6/07

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