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Tithing Not Biblical Sermon

My pastor preached that tithing's not Biblical. Has anyone every heard this? What is the truth about tithing?

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 ---Paula on 4/5/07
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Obewan-- I don't know of any congregation that "loves" their pastor to 385K per year!

I would be led elsewhere too, to some ministry that actually needed my money for furtherance of the Gospel.
---Donna66 on 4/13/11

Re. "Set Salary"...and...
I applaud your pastor for his great honesty. Most pastors know the truth and won't tell their members, for fear of losing that money. .---Robyn on 4/12/11

I visited a church once when I was new in town and looking.

A person I met told me that the pastor was not on a set salary and only took "love offerings."

Well he drove into the courtyard every week and proudly exited a new $85,000 BMW, was said to have a $585,000 house, and made over $385,000 a year!

My acquaintance only said the pastor was "blessed" and to not give if not "led".

I was "led" to never go back!
---obewan on 4/13/11

Our church doesnt pass around an offering plate. They kindly remind us from time to time that churches have expenses and they ask for us to help out to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
All "tithing" is done via credit card or checking acct automatic deductions.
---Jasheradan on 4/12/11

I applaud your pastor for his great honesty. Most pastors know the truth and won't tell their members, for fear of losing that money. Now, this pastor may be on a set salary, so he does not mind teaching this, because he will get that salary,regardless of the tithes given to the church.
I don't know which is which. A lot of pastors will do and say things to members of their church, that they know are not correct. Especially concerning money matters.So, if we(members) are not prayed up, and studying the Word of God, for ourselves, we will be taken for everything(especially money) we are worth. Sad but true.
---Robyn on 4/12/11

When you give ten percent of the increase in your crops and livestock to the Levitical Priesthood, you are following the biblical law of tithing, else you are not.
Christians follow the Royal law of love and liberty through their giving, not of necessity, nor of a certain percent, but as the Holy Ghost leads them into all righteousness and discernment thereof.
---micha9344 on 4/10/11

//My pastor preached that tithing's not Biblical.//

Tithing is biblical, be cause you find it many places in the OT.

But it doesn't apply to the Church the body of Christ, or else Paul, our Apostle, given to us for a pattern, would have at least mentioned it.
---michael_e on 4/9/11

I am yet to read any part of the Holy Bible where Tithing was cancelled or modified. I feel people are preaching against it based on personal feeling and opinion. Please ask your Pastor for Biblical reference to his statement. The Lord Jesus blamed the Teachers-of-the-law in those days for tithing more than following other instructions Matt.23:23. HE did not instruct cancellation of tithing.
---Adetunji on 4/6/11

You cannot live by bread alone, but by the whole word of God.
If we can cut out the parts of the Bible that we do not want to live by, then why live by any of them at all? Does it make us feel better to play Christian? Live it_! Pay your tithes while you do so... How else is the church going to pay its bills? All of them.
---rev on 4/4/11

i couldn't have said it better than L.Will
---micha9344 on 12/4/10

Tithing is biblical because it is a documented practice and principal noted in the Bible.

However, under the new covenant regarding the "church" is not something that has to be practiced as a commandment under the old covenant...but it is practiced in principal to the 100th degree. Under the new covenant we are told to love one another..the Christ loved us. He gave himself for us and so as His follower's we are to give of ourselves to one another as God leads and we see need.
---L_Will on 12/3/10

Cluny, you err. Yhwh is Yeshuah: Jesus is God: "Know you all that Yhwh, he God, none else. Who will give Yeshuah up to Israel out of Zion: when Yhwh turns the captivity of his people, Iaakob will rejoice, Israel will be glad. He will call on me, and I will answer him: I with him in distress, I will rescue him and honor him. Length of days will I satisfy him, and will make him see my Yeshuah. Note, God my Yeshuah, I will trust and not fear: for Yh Yhwh, my strength and song, he also is become my salvation. Note, Yhwh has proclaimed to the ends of the earth, Say to the daughter of Zion, Note, your Yeshuah comes: note, his reward with him, and his recompense forward by him."
---Eloy on 11/30/10

\\Jesus condemned tithing:\\

These words cannot be attributed to Jesus, as the Logos had not yet been incarnate and given the name Jesus in His human nature.
---Cluny on 11/30/10

Jesus condemned tithing: "All their wickedness in Gilgal: for there I hated them: for the wickedness of their doings I will drive them out of mine house, I will love them no more: all their princes rebellious. It is written, My house will be called the House of Prayer: but you all have made it a Den of robbers. But woe to you Ministers, because you take tithes of the mint and the rue and every plant, and pass by the discernment and the love of God, these befits to do and them not to leave aside." Ho.9:15+ Jn.2:14,15+ Mt.21:13+ Lk.11:42.
---Eloy on 11/30/10

Jesus did not condem Tithe giving.
Mat23: 23 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.
Luke 11: 42 But woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass over judgment and the love of God: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.
---dowanor on 11/27/10

* Romans 2:21-24 - Do You Rob Temples
* 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 - God Gives The Increase
* 2 Corinthians 8:1-7 - You Don?t Have To Be Rich To Give
* Galatians 6:7-9 - Sowing Seed Always Brings A Harvest
* Ephesians 4:11-16 - Everyone Doing Their Part Causes Growth
* Philippians 2:12-13 - Carrying Out God's Plan Of Giving
* Colossians 3:18-4:1 - Give Whole Heartily As Unto The Lord
* 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 - Increase And Abound In Love
* 2 Thessalonians 3:6-12 - Working In Order To Eat
* 1 Timothy 5:3-8 - Providing For Our Own House
* * Philemon 1:10-19 - Paying Debts For Others
* Hebrews 6:10-12 - God Remembers Our Giving
---Lea on 11/26/10

ROMANS 12:1 I beseech you therefore,brethren by the mercies of GOD,that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice holy,acceptable unto GOD, which is your reasonable service
( The NT is asking a lot more - Time - money - what you got to get the gospel out.)
---RICHARD on 11/26/10

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Does ALL SCRIPTURE include the books written before jesus was born, or only after his death?

2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

This should answer ALL TITHE questions
---francis on 11/24/10

If you truly want to follow the example of giving found in book of Acts, then look no further than Acts 2:44-45 -

"And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common, and they began selling their property and possessions and were sharing them with all, as anyone might have need."

The true heart of the giver was to take care of his fellow brother, even if that meant giving/selling everything he owned. It was not pinned to a percentage or a number. I am willing to bet that if the church today did this, we would give much more than our legalistic 10%.
---Brittany on 11/21/10

You have a Pastor that really understands what Jesus meant by PAID IN FULL!

AND Galatians 3:13 Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law
3:14 so that the blessings of Abraham can come on us by faith.
Faith in what? Faith in the payment Jesus made when he fulfilled the law in our place all 613 not just tithing!
---Sue on 11/20/10

Do churches really empty their coffers every three years as taught in the OT?

Every third year all the tithes were distribruted to the widows and orphins and poor. That would mean a church would need to sell all it had to distribute to the poor above described persons.

How many churches keep war chests?
---stephen on 8/5/09

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Tithing IS Biblical and found thoughout the Bible. Genesis 2:17 (first tithe), Leviticus 27:30-33 (God's command), Malachi 3:8-12 (God's command, not robbing from God to be blessed), Matthew 22:21 (Jesus' command to tithe).
---Leslie on 8/5/09

Tithing is an old testement law. If you really want to live by the new testement example sell all you have and give it to the church.
---Pastor_Herb on 8/4/09

My understanding is that the tithes and offerings referred to in Malachi 3:10 equated to about 37%. There were four tithes and then offerings. So, make sure you keep the letter of the law. If you are only giving 10% then you can't claim this promise. I think I will depend on my savior and let the Holy Spirit lead. I have tithed for years based on this scripture and in reality found it totaled 37%. So, I never met the conditions realy. But I have been blessed in huge ways probably because of sowing and reaping not because I have fullfilled any law.
---Edward on 8/3/09

Tithing is voluntary today and not mandatory. It is mentioned in the bible and spoken of. So that makes it biblical for that time and era.We have discussed this many times on this blog.Opinions are split about 50/50. I do not tithe anymore but I do give generous offerings.
---Robyn on 5/4/08

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"My pastor preached that tithing's not Biblical." I am sure the pastor knows that tithing is biblical, what he probably teaching is that it is not mandatory under the new covenant. The sermon was most likely meant to free his flock from the burden and condemnation of thinking that if they do not tithe, the Father will curse them. Bless him for that. Let no man compel you to give what you do not have, give what you do have, to give, out of a love for your Father and compassion for those in need.
---joseph on 5/4/08

This is why you must read your bible. Tithing is obviously not for Christianity today. Anyone teaching tithing today is making most of his teaching up. The tithing spoken of the in Bible is particular, 1) given to levities, 2) only done by landowners, 3) every third year given locally instead of nationally, 4) can use for a family feast, etc. If you don't read your bible, you'll be easily deceived by some legalist's bullying with Malachi 3 curses and promises.
---Jedi on 5/3/08

As Paul argues in Galatians we are not under the law, but are children of Abraham who was 430 years before the law was given. But since Abraham tithed to Melchizedek (a type of Christ BTW) I think we should as well. This is something people who are grateful for God's blessings have always done. Jacob "surely paid a tenth". It's in the law, but it didn't start w/ Moses. Since we are now under grace and grace is superior, I hope you plan on giving 11% or more.
---Chris on 5/3/08

If Pastors want to teach O.T. law as doctrine for now, then Jesus death was for nothing. He said he came to fulfill the law. If other laws were modified in the N.T. seems to me this one would be to. Besides, if you get what you need from a church you will want to give to see it continue. We get it already, you want please do us a favor and shut up about tithing already and go save souls.. you know, that thing you are supposed to be doing?
---Chris on 5/2/08

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Tithing was for the Levitical priesthood. Do we still have the Levitical priesthood?
Do we still have animal sacrifices, and burning of incense? Do we still observe feast days.

In the New Testament we are instructed:
2cor 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give, not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.
Tithing was of necessity!
---trey on 4/12/08

Tithing is biblical but not mandatory for today. We are under grace and not under the law. I feel preachers should make mention of this. They won't because most people will know the truth and will choose not to tithe. Therefore they will not have enough money to support their luxurious lifestyles. They also need to keep their mouths shut on how large their mansions are, how much their cars cost and what large gift they bought their wives,lately. I barely can afford gas to come to church.
---Robyn on 4/12/08

Prosperity churches will tell you to tithe 10% for your 100 return.
The pastor prospers because of the tax exempt status. When that ends, you'll see an exit of prosperity preachers, so they are busy gathering their prosperity now.

Giving is New Testament, tithing is Old Testament. Givers do not give to get.
Prosperity churches still want your 10% tithe but it is for the pastor's prosperity.
---Monique on 4/11/08

Prosperity preachers are very excited on payday which is usually 3X aweek.
They brag about their big car, the big house and the big paycheck, tax exempt.

But there is a final payday, called the Judgment that they've overlooked.
---Monique on 4/11/08

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You are going to get all sorts of answers here. Some for tithing, some in line with your pastor. Read the Bible and ask God for wisdom and discernment as to what the truth is. The Holy Spirit will instruct you better than anyone here.
---Madison1101 on 4/11/08

Tithing is Biblical, but it has been done away with in Christ.
---Helen_5378 on 8/12/07

1) said: Tithing is Biblical--it's in the Bible. Old Covenant-10%. New Covenant-100%.

Tithe means 10%, so how can 100% in the NT mean 10%? Then that no longer is a "tithe", since 100 does not equal 10. It's funny, when the Lord gave me revelation regarding tithing being of the Old Covenant and not required in the New Covenant and I stopped tithing, 9 months later I got the biggest raise I ever received at any job ever!
---Holly4jc on 8/12/07

2) I give as led by the Lord, sometimes more, sometimes less and alot of times directly to someone in need. He directs, I obey. NT giving is having an understanding that EVERYTHING we have belongs to the Lord and we need to be willing to be obedient to do anything He tells us to do with it. Pray and obey.
---Holly4jc on 8/12/07

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Paula...I praise God for your Pastor, who is willing to preach the truth and not be led by the fear that most Pastors preach tithing out of...that is the fear of not having enough money to meet the church's needs. Sounds like your Pastor has a great amount of faith in the Lord to be able to pray and trust HIM to provide for ALL the church's needs. God is more than able to lay it on people's hearts to give as is needed without them being beat over the head with guilt during another tithing message.
---Holly4jc on 8/12/07

If you keep part of the law you are duty bound to keep all of the law. Give to your local church, give to charities. I think a tithe is an excellent way to budget for my offerings but I'm not required to tithe. The Lord has blessed me beyond measure but I do not try to bribe Him.
---Andrea on 8/11/07

Tithing is Biblical--it's in the Bible. Old Covenant-10%. New Covenant-100%. If we are giving because we want to be blessed or we want not to be cursed, we do not love God with all of our heart. We are still living for ourselves. Romans says the law is for them that are under the law. The law came by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. There is greater freedom in the New Covenant but it comes with a greater responsibility. Are we Moses' disciples or Jesus' disciples?
---Becky on 8/11/07

Four tithes.1)The Levitical tithe- those who raised crops gave 10% 6 of 7 years. Those that raised 10 or more animals gave each tenth animal.2)The Levites in turn had to give the best to the priests.3)The festival tithe required that those who raised crops or animals to set aside 10% for the annual festivals.4)The Poor tithe occurred only in the 3rd and 6th years of the seven year cycle. This was given TO the poor.tithes were always food and NEVER money.
Christians are NOT required to tithe.
---George on 4/25/07

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This whether or not to tithe, is stupid. You shall obey God in everything including what to do with His money.
---catherine on 4/21/07

Tithing was required in the OT. The word "tithe" is not in the NT. Christians are not under the old covenant (law) because Christ paid the ultimate price, Thank You Lord!!! In the NT Jesus cites the example of the widow and the two mites. She gave her ALL whereas the rich men gave a small portion of their wealth. Jesus gave His all and expects our all too! If we call ourselves Christians we are to be Christ-like. Give all you can!
---Scott on 4/20/07

Ryan, Paula is stating that her pastor is preaching that tithing's not Biblical.

Fact: Tithing is Biblical

You said I can not give scripture, You are sadly mislead, and very mistaken.

I want to make it perfectly clear to all you pastors out there who are reading this. Make no mistake, God Himself is watching all your erronious teachings, to tickle your peoples ears, But this is Gods Gospel NOT YOURS, I am tired of LIER Pastors. It infuriates me how they mislead the innocent sheep.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/8/07

Cyntha_1, you are making a judgement call of anothers salvation without knowing the mans heart or what exactly he preached. Any learned student of the bible can effectively and conclusively prove that the tithe does not apply to the Christian. You claim this man is lying yet you were not in attendance during this mans service, how can you possibly know the particulars of his sermaon to make the claim he is going to hell?
---Ryan_Z on 4/7/07

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#2 Cynthia_1, You say it is not Cynthias law that condemns this man yet you have no scriptural proof to condemn him; I ask you, who is walking on dangerous ground?
---Ryan_Z on 4/7/07

I know for myself that when I didn't pay my tithes, all hell breaks lose financially. And when I start paying my tithes regular, things start to go smoothly. I learned that lesson the hard way. A person doesn't pay bills, buy this, buy that and leave God out. I help people along the way, that is what I call seed money. That is totally different than tithes.
---Rebecca_D on 4/7/07

He means is tithing is not commanded in the currently inforce New Testament Judaic Law. Any one who asks for tithes is cursed, and any one who gives tithes is cursed. You can never buy God, and he is insulted by all who try. Tithing is robbery and sacrilege. And the Lord has cursed many because of it. Wrong so-called churches teach titheing and the keeping of other abolished O.T. laws; and Right Christian churches teach generous giving and the keeping of all currently inforce N.T. laws.
---Eloy on 4/7/07

He means tithing is not commanded in the currently inforce New Testament Judaic Law. Any one who asks for tithes is cursed, and any one who gives tithes is cursed. You can never buy God, and he is insulted by all who try. Tithing is robbery and sacrilege. And the Lord has cursed many because of it. Wrong so-called churches teach titheing and the keeping of other abolished O.T. laws; and Right Christian churches teach generous giving and the keeping of all currently inforce N.T. laws.
---Eloy on 4/7/07

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If this pastor does not come to his senses, if he were to die tonight he would go to hell, for lying to his church, as severe as this sounds, this is not Cynthia, this is the Bible, and he is ON DANGEROUS GROUND. Many of you are angry at me right now for writing this WARNING, SHALL A MAN ROB GOD, and teachers will suffer more in hell because of what they knew and did not preach.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/7/07

Tithing is part of the OT. law for the purpose of the Levitical Priesthood which has been done away with. The NT. does not teach that the church tithe because we have been freed from these laws. Read Hebrews 7.
Giving from the hear as the Spirit leads is the NT. way. In either testament, when you give you are blessed but it's not compulsory like it was in Malachi 3.
---john on 4/7/07

People who teach that Malachi 3 is an instruction for the Church do not understand the New Covenant. If you are going to be under that one law why don't you place yourself in bondage to the rest of them?
The same law says for men not to shave and for ladies to be sent out of the congregation when they mestruate. Why do you claim freedom from those and not the tithing law?
---john on 4/7/07

read Malachi 3-8 to 10 If we don't tithes we have a curse on us and you money doesn't go as far as it would if you did tithe if we tithie we have blessings on us
---betty on 4/7/07

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Your pastor is incorrect. It makes me wonder what else he is incorrect about since tithing is very basic. As basic as the concept of Christian love. They go hand in hand. I dislike saying this, but I'd find a new pastor. Blessings, Jody
---jody on 4/6/07

Amen Madison1101! Personally for me I know tithing works. I had to prove it out for myself though. Malachi 3:10 God says to prove Him in this. I did and He is True. Before I tithed, I had lack. After I began tithing, even when I was out of work, I never lacked in anything that I needed. God is Faithful to perform His Word.
---betty8468 on 4/6/07

To say tithing is not Biblical is not correct because tithing was a part of the Old Covenant. However, Jesus abolished the Old Covenant on the Cross, so tithing has been done away with. "God loves a cheerful giver" "..not grudgingly or of necessity" (2 Corinthians 9:7) is the New Covenant.
---Helen_5378 on 4/6/07

Tithing is found in the book of Malachi 3:10
God challenge every believer to give the tithes and He will open the gates in heaven for you as a blessing for being obedient.

A teaching of the Lord which is the God of yesterday, today and forever.What does this means a Lord of all days.

Giving is a practice which believers should be aware for the fullness of God Holy temple, a place where we worship Him in Spirit and in truth.
---edna8476 on 4/6/07

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If you mean that Christians are bound to tithe, no, it's not Biblical.

If you're looking for a Biblical standard, only two are given: the 10% in the OT and the 100% in the NT.

People who believe the false Gospel of Holy Prosperity are not going to go for the latter.
---Jack on 4/5/07

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