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Wild Mood Swings

My husband has mood swings which make him the devil, yelling at everyone so that they cringe when he is even near. Othertimes, he is loving and miserable. He has started taking Prozac to help with the mood swings, but it is not working, possibily they are even worse.

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 ---Debbie on 4/7/07
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It may seem harsh, but why do the mentally ill keep having children. The children suffer when the parents are suffering.
Mental illness can become less severe in old age, but by that time, the children are long gone. I don't think that mentally ill parents should adopt children either.
---Jhonny on 5/12/08

Listened to a testimony from an adult that came out of terrible abuse. She's made great progress with her life, but her siblings suffered terribly - in and out of foster homes. This person was still suffering, even while trying to be brave for her family, all of the telltale signs were there of terrible abuse. Parents will be held accountable for abusing their children, regardless of their mental illness.
---Jhonny on 5/12/08

I can ascertain this much, if he treats his family this terribly at home out of the public eye - he certainly should not be in a position of leadership for other children of any kind in any other role. God tells us that we shall know them by their fruits. No fruits at home, rotten apple behind the scenes, not fit to lead other children.
---Jhonny on 5/12/08

Prozac has been shown to be harmful when taken by persons with Bi-polar disorder. If he has this illness, prozac will cause mania which may be the problem. I would suggest that he be reevaluated for a change of medications. Might need to change doctors:). My prayers are with you:)
---jody on 5/12/08

He could be depressed, mentally ill or demon possessed, or all of the above.
Don't have any children and pass it on. Let the buck stop with your husband. I don't think these characteristics should be passed on for further misery in the family tree. It has to stop somewhere, children shouldn't have to suffer. It only intensifies if both parents are mentally ill.
---Jhonny on 5/12/08

Recent medical research shows that a mentally ill mother is at greater risk of having autistic children. Mental illness in both parents is an even greater risk of having autistic children. Austistic children pass on to their children.
---Jhonny on 5/12/08

Two mentally ill parents are not the best examples of stablility for children, especially if there is this type of verbal abuse. At some point even the mentally ill should take responsibility and admit that they are not parent material. So much misery does not make a stable environment for children to grow up in. It's tragic to keep passing the misery on down the line.
---Jhonny on 5/12/08

Hi princess, were you addressing my post or the other Mary's post? Mine talks about how prozac can help a lot of people, it's not bashing anyone, just my own 2 cents worth as someone under mental health treatment--thanks :)
---Mary on 5/11/08

Part 2: just so you know, incase it was my post you were addressing, I do not have any imaginary friends lol! :D Darn good REAL friends but no imaginary ones :D
---Mary on 5/11/08

The drug lords are not on the streets of the US cities peddling illegal drugs ...sure they make money and ruin lives too ...but the real drug lord is the pharmacuetical industry ...killing more than 100K people a year with "legal" drugs ...making many trillions of dollors legally ...and the real kicker is the residual income they make by having doctors tell their patients they NEED to be on these drugs the rest of their lives if they want a normal life
---Rhonda on 5/10/08

...the legal drug industry is finding and developing more "issues with people" to jack them up with more chemicals and "discovering" more new drugs to help people "cope" many people live in a perpetual drug induced state today numbing out their lives with legal drugs too
---Rhonda on 5/10/08

...many studies have been done indicating more than 95% of all people who are given drugs for "mental issues" do not belong on them ...there are hundreds of coping strategies ....but in our "fast food mentality society" ...a quickie fixer upper in our pill popping culture is to put a bandaid over it with "legal drugs" because it is easier than weeks of therapy that requires action and patience for the desired outcome
---Rhonda on 5/10/08

...we live in mixed up world where people who behave outrageously are now catered to as having a problem and those who live and work with them must make adjustments to their deviant behaviors ...working for a large employer in HR with more than 40K employees it's interesting how many employee's who have "mood swings" at home NEVER have them at work
---Rhonda on 5/10/08

witnessing mood swings is terrifying to those who are subjected to that abuse ...often "mood swings" are a form of control (adult temper tantrum to get their way or rule over people around them) most don't look to obvious

...there is no mention of talking with a minister or counselor or taking any other action other then drugs
---Rhonda on 5/10/08

So what can you expect. Besides, who in their right minds wants to be on medications their whole entire life. Jesus never promises to cure anyone, but Jesus does promise to help. Jesus, please save someone tonight from everlasting hell.
---catherine on 5/9/08

Mary dear, I'm not one of those people with imaginary internet friends and imaginary alliances to gang up on others.
RebeccaD has her opinions, and so do you.
---princess8975 on 5/9/08

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Hi Rebecca, you may be right but be careful dear because I and a LOT of people take Prozac and find it to be a blessing, helping our brain chemistry problems. I think the majority of us do well on prozac but like any drug, it has risks.
---Mary on 5/8/08

He doesn't need prozac, he needs deliverence. Prozac is known for people to commit suicide. Example, a man had a good life, just got a promotion, things were good for him. He suffered insomina and was prescribed prozac. He began to have nightmares, profound agitation, he said he felt as if his head was detached from his body. But after 5 weeks of being on this, he hung himself. Records indicate that prozac, zoloft induces suicide. Now on advertisment, it says that this medicine can induse suicide.
---Rebecca_D on 5/7/08

You guys are awfully insulting and argumentative to each other. What's with the sarcasm? It doesn't exactly make me want to find a church to attend. Fear of people with your attitudes is what keeps me away from Christianity. If I want to hear this kind of bickering, I can hear it anywhere, so why bother to stick with Christian forums?
---Mary on 4/14/07

Madison: I wasn't referring to spiritual bondage for deliverence. I do agree, that God can deliver a person from spiritual bondage and still have physical pain and half to take medicine. I am an example of that person. But what I was saying is if God delievers a person from physical pain/illness, they will be set free from that pain or illness. I know that Jesus doesn't heal everyone for many reasons. He didn't heal everyone when he was in the flesh, as Jesus said, he only healed a few sick folk.
---Rebecca_D on 4/11/07

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Madison, you have described it well.
Which is odd, because there are those who take meds for the mind/emotional states and consider themselves totally free in every way. I want to know why they consider themselves above reproach and everyone else is in error.
---Dan on 4/11/07

Madison, if the sociopaths, psychopaths,etc. were all on the loose without meds, crimes would increase. Not everyone is going to go to a deliverance service and be set free.
Not everyone is going to give up compensation benefits for freedom, either.
It's a trade-off for some.
---Dan on 4/11/07

Cynthia: I cannot imagine why you would oppose me, and if so, what you would want to teach me. Feel free to e-mail me privately if you desire to educate me somehow. Madia3794
---Madison1101 on 4/10/07

Rebecca: I have only used the word deliverance in reference to spiritual bondage, not physical illness. I believe the Lord can heal, but I also believe He can choose not to, as that could be part of His perfect plan for someone. I also believe that a person may need to be on medication for physical or mental illness, and that they could still be delivered from spirtual bondage and still need medication for their illness.
---Madison1101 on 4/10/07

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Anti-depressants take time to work. And not all work with all depression,it can be a frustrating time of trial and error. Also counseling is essential, medication treats the symptoms, therapy finds out why and how to cope. Don't let people scare you, talk to your husband when he's not angry, talk to doctors, therapists, ministers. And take care of yourself, this is scary for him, but it's scary for you to don't invalidate your own feelings and concerns. Write to me if you need someone to talk to.
---grace3869 on 4/10/07

Madison, I speak from 20 years of experience, and I am experienced enough in the school of hard nocks to write volumes of books on my experiences, I strongly oppose you, I could teach you many things, but I am sure that God will teach you in time, if you keep an opened mind to what His Spirit is saying. Medicine simply covers a much larger problem. Like Hiding a bomb under the ground. Its still there.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/10/07

Madison: First of all I am sorry to hear about your illness. Second, no this wouldn't be of the devil. Things just happen that we don't have control over. Just like my having my left kidney removed. It hadn't worked for years and it was rotting while still inside me. Deliverence means to be set free from. God doesn't do anything halfway. If God delivers someone from a illness they won't need to take any more medicine for that illness. If they do, then God didn't deliver them in the first place.
---Rebecca_D on 4/10/07

Rebecca: I never said the man didn't need deliverance. I said you should not tell people they don't need meds. Reread my posts. A person can be delivered and possibly still need meds.

I have just learned that I have a brain cyst that could cause wild mood swings and hallucinations. Is that of Satan? Some mental illness is organic and should be treated by medical professionals, not arm-chair theologians on the internet.
---Madison1101 on 4/10/07

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Rebecca2: Deliverance from God does not guarantee that he will not need to take medication.
---Madison1101 on 4/10/07

I suggest you and your husband go and see a Neurologist and have propper tests done. It might even be Bi-polar and need correct medication. Pray for him and pray together kneeling as one in front of God. Hope you find the answer soon.
---Junia on 4/10/07

Madison: So your saying that this man should not worry about getting delievered from God and continue taking his medicine? I may not have a medical degree, but I have a spiritual degree, and with that I can say he needs delieverence from God Almighty. Just because you claim to be on your meds for the rest of your life that doesn't mean that this man will. Like I said he needs delieverence from God.
---Rebecca_D on 4/10/07

madison1101... If what you are taking helps you, then take it. Celexa helps me so I take it. I believe Jesus heals today. But I also believe that God gave man the wisdom and ability to do what they do in the medical field. I have tried many times to wean myself off of the drug and trust God for healing, but was unable to do so. Do what you need to do to stay healthy. Don't let these opinions sway you from doing what you believe God has led you to do to maintain your health.
---betty8468 on 4/10/07

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Madison1101 - Do you believe that Jesus Christ still heals today? Do you believe that Jesus Christ took all the ills of humanity on Himself on the Cross?
---Helen_5378 on 4/10/07

Is your husband a true Christian? I no longer believe in professional counselors. Mood swings is caused by the Devil. There is no cure. Only Jesus Christ. It takes time for God to get the job done. He changes you little by little, but He is always avalable to counsel you. Also,it is alot of work for the Believer, but well worth it.
---catherine on 4/9/07

Jesus Christ is the only answer to this person's problems. A doctor is alright, but the doctor can only medicate the problem, which is like putting a big bandage over it and it is still there. Jesus Christ took all problems on the Cross and He is well and truly able to set the captives free for that is what He came for.
---Helen_5378 on 4/9/07

Rebecca: I only know what I read in your post. You said "He doesn't need prozac, he needs deliverence." I was addressing your statement that a person does not need psychotropic medication. Don't give medical advice if you aren't qualified to do so.

I do believe that God can heal many people of many things. I also do believe that God does not heal everyone of everything. I have been on psychotropic medication for years, and have gotten better, but may never be off my medication.
---Madison1101 on 4/9/07

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Can you get him to see a Christian psychitrist? It could be a case of needing deliverence or a chemical imbalance. I myself take Celexa for my mood swings which were brought on by the "change", so in my case, a chemical imbalance. Mine were pretty severe and occassionally violent. Now I am fine. Seek a knowledgable Christian expert in this.
---betty8468 on 4/9/07

Cynthia: Bipolar disorder is a chemical issue, not an emotional issue. Psychiatry is far better prepared to deal with it, than a faith healer.
---Madison1101 on 4/9/07

Madison; you read way to much into one's replies. I said he needs deliverence from God. Just because you work with such people that doesn't mean that you know all people. I was mentioning the problems one can have while on this medicine. I didn't say what I said to start an arguement with you. Because you of all people would agrue with the fence post. He needs help from God on this situation, he needs delivered. Do you agree with that at least?
---Rebecca_D on 4/9/07

Debbie, I have one just like him so I know what you are referring too.

A deliverance is key here, for it is a spiritual issue. Something that Psychiatry does not often have education to understand.

Find a Seasoned, and Discerned Pastor with a deliverance Ministry, or it gets progressively worse in time.
---Cynthia on 4/9/07

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Rebecca: I was not referring to your comments about Prozac, but about the person not needing it. Who are you to say whether a person needs anti-depressants or mood stablizers? You are not qualified to make such a statement, not unless you have a medical degree, and specialize in psychiatry.

I agree that there are concerns about Prozac triggering suicidal thoughts in some people who take it. I don't agree with telling anyone they don't need medication.
---Madison1101 on 4/9/07

Rapid bi-polar cycling, check it out.
Some 6 months down, 6 months manic.
Some 6 minutes down, 6 minutes manic.
---Clarke on 4/9/07

Ultrarapid cyclers (occurring every few days) and ultradian cycling (occurring during the course of a day). We do know that rapid-cyclers are more difficult to treat and that they are particularly sensitive to mood triggers, from bad encounters at work or with family to medications side effects to being overstimulated to too much caffeine to losing a night's sleep. We also know that rapid-cycling is more prevalent in those with bipolar II, that hypothyroidism is associated with rapid-cycling.
---Clarke on 4/9/07

Madison; it doesn't take a person with a medical degree to know the problems from Prozac. My mother-n-law is on this so I know the signs and what she goes through with.
---Rebecca_D on 4/9/07

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Rebecca D is right. I remember when the singer Michael Hutchence hung himself in his hotel room here in Sydney. Prozac was found in his system. Scary stuff, that and Zoloft.
---Helen_5378 on 4/9/07

Part 2:

Bipolar disorder (formerly called manic-depression) is a different issue altoghter.

And then, there can be an underlying physical condition that is making matters worse.

"Take a pill" is as unhelpful as "get deliverance"--and for the same reason. BOTH are harmfully simplistic approaches.
---Jack on 4/8/07

Rebecca: I didn't know you had a medical degree and could diagnose mental illness and determine the need for medication. When did you get your degree?
---Madison1101 on 4/8/07

Despite the simplistic answer of Rebecca D given here, if your husband's depression is clinical, anti-depressants don't start working at once. It takes a minimum of THREE WEEKS, probably longer, for them to build up the necessary level in the blood.

In fact, if an anti-depressant starts working immediately, this MIGHT (note the word MIGHT) be a sign of demonic interference.

Also, not all anti-depressants work for everybody. Sometimes, a combination is needed.
---Jack on 4/8/07

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Has your husband been evaluated by a psychiatrist, or did a family doctor prescribe the Prozac? If he has been evaluated by a psychiatrist, what is his diagnosis? If he has not seen a psychiatrist, get him to one. He should also be in psychotherapy to help him learn alternatives to acting out.
---Madison1101 on 4/7/07

It does sound like he has a rapid cycling bi-polar personality. They can turn on a dime, minute by minute.
---Clarke on 4/7/07

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