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Born Again Christians

Do you think that born again Christians are extremists and cause Christianity to be viewed negatively?

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 ---Jimmy on 4/9/07
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Whoever this person is Shiela, he/she sounds like an extremely negative (malevolent) & tormented soul. I ask all "born again" CN bloggers to join me in prayer that the Lord will deliver him/her (Mk. 5:2-20, Lk. 8:30) so he/she too may be born again.
---Leon on 8/17/07

Leon, you're smart. Robyn, Marcia, Andrea, Kathr uses everyone else's names when she gets very, very mad. Which is a constant thing on these blogs, each and every day.
---Shiela on 8/16/07

Within the last hour a person in my home has said to me, you know you have really turned a lot of people off by asking them the question," are you sure of your salvation" I realized many people have been led to the Lord by your witness,but don't you think you are responsible for turning the others off? My answer is, I have merely delivered a message of how people can be saved their answer to my question or message depends on their listening to the Holy Spirit.
---Mima on 8/16/07

Are there Christians who are not BORN AGAIN? Why keep lumping a group of Christians as "born again" when all Christians should be?
---Susie on 4/10/07
What about the thief on the cross?

I know scriptures about born again -God is unchanging and those that lived under the law are judged by the law - those that were not under the law are a law unto themselves and are judged accordingly.
---Andrea on 8/16/07

Moderator: The comments attributed to me on 8/15/07 aren't mine. Where did they come from? Thanks for your time & attention in this matter.
---Leon on 8/16/07

Oh leon your so funny.

I happen to agree with you but don't tell anyone.

We are all Christians under construction - in this walk hand and hand with righteousness it may be natural to step into the flesh and try to do it ourselves.

Still beats the alternative!
---Andrea on 8/16/07

Born again Christians are the most prejudiced and the most judgemental people I have ever talked to. Many born agains think they are the only ones going to heaven, they are wrong.
---Leon on 8/15/07

People think that the on only way to heaven or to become born again is to go through a big journey to become the nicest or the best but what they don't get is that the only way to heaven or being born again is through Jesus christ.also they belive that they have to clean there self up first before comeing to Christ but wat they dont know is that the only way to clean your self is being baptize in Christ blood and thats what being born again means.
---marcellus on 4/15/07

Please read the Third Chapter of John where Jesus says that we must be born again. You cannot be a follower of Christ unless you are born of the Spirit. Jesus said it!
---Susie on 4/13/07

m.p.a, that is simply what you believe. I do not believe the same thing.
I do not wish to enter into aggressive debate but i wish to talk to those who have hearts to hear and debate at a reasonable level.
I'm simply stating i believe in the Roman Catholics institute of baptism and i am born again in it. THE WORDS OF JESUS
John 3:5Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.
---johnlovesginalyn on 4/13/07

To answer the post question. No. If Christianity is viewed negatively it is the result of those advocating a legalistic or moralistic conformity to abstract rules of conduct. To put it in the words of Jesus "For they (advocators of these rules of conduct) bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men shoulders: but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers". These are those that are referred to by some, christian or otherwise, as "Holy rollers":o)
---joseph on 4/13/07

johnlovesginalyn, sadly there are many people who have been baptised who are not born-again, just as there are some who are genuinely born-again (in the way Jesus spoke of this) who are not baptised. Genuinely becoming born-again comes first, then the person wishes to be baptised. Those who were baptised then became born-again often ask to be re-baptised, but baptism in itself proves absolutely nothing except 'you got wet'.
---m.p.a. on 4/12/07

Susie: I agree with MPS. There are many who believe they are Christians, because one definition of Christian is "follower of Christ." That is not the same as born again. It is necessary to distinguish, and as MPA has said, using the term "born again" opens the door to sharing the gospel and leading someone to the saving knowledge of Jesus.
---Madison1101 on 4/12/07

There are two forms of born again which are being discussed here, one, as referred to Johns gospel, two, the category some Christians use to label themselves in.
I am Catholic but i do believe at baptism i was born-again so ---donna6598 on 4/11/07 please do not squeeze Christians in the little boxes you have fixed for us.
I believe the words of Jesus.
You DO have to be born again, if you were ever baptised into Christ then you already are born again
---johnlovesginalyn on 4/12/07

Joh 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
Joh 3:7 Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.
1Pe 1:23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.
---MARK on 4/12/07

Many people believe that they are Christians just because they go to church every Wednesday and Sunday and have their name on the church book. Some people go to church because mom, grandma or a friend goes. And in their eyes they are a born again christians because they do good deeds. I know people that do good deeds but are sinners. And it is sad to say some of them treat me better than these so called christians.
---Rebecca_D on 4/12/07

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Susie, I am not sure if your question was specifically for me but I'll answer anyway. I personally use the term born-again Christian because there are many, many people who are not actually Christians but who believe that they are. By using 'born-again' if often prompts questions regarding the meaning of the term and that opens up possibilities of explaining how some 'Christians' are actually different from other 'Christians'. Without an explanation some will never know.
---m.p.a. on 4/12/07

We read in Joel 2:13, Rend your heart and not your garments,saith the Lord;
A born again Christian,is one who takes off the old "man of Natural desires and lust",and is renewed in the Spirit of Life.It is changing a person,in Mind,Action and thought.
---rosem4839 on 4/11/07

Susie, I say this with humility. In response to your question: ***Are there Christians who are not BORN AGAIN? I don't think so***

Catholics, Lutherans, some Baptists, Episcopaliens, etc., believe they are Christians and are NOT Born Again. Does that answer your question?
---donna6598 on 4/11/07

We are supposed to be like salt, if the salt has lost its savour wherewith shall it be salted. We are suppose to mis fit our selves not fit in. though we should shine, the only way that can happen, is to remain in Gods manifest presence, less of me and more of YOU GOD is what I pray for. All too many Christians, do not have a speck of salt.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/10/07

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The genuine Christian life is a graceful experience.
---Pharisee on 4/10/07

Who saids these are true Christians? It is hard to tell the Righteous from the Unrighteous. The devil is out to destroy God's people anyway he can. So how do you know these are trues. My guess is the devil is using you to place a bad name on the few chosen.
---catherine on 4/10/07

Are there Christians who are not BORN AGAIN? I don't think so. Why keep lumping a group of Christians as "born again" when all Christians should be?
---Susie on 4/10/07

I agree with Donna. There are many Christians who are an embarassment to the Church. They are rude, arrogant and unloving. They are condemnatory to believers and unbelievers, and treat people with unkindness.
---Madison1101 on 4/10/07

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We born-again Christians cannot win can we? Well, what I mean is that we cannot win with human beings. If we say what we know to be the truth we are called extremists but if we dilute the word to appease people we are told that we are shallow Christians being ashamed of God (or we make many 'friends' who will do us no good at all). What a good thing it is that it is not human beings that will be judging us - eventually.
---m.p.a. on 4/10/07

Yes, people are turned off because born again Christians are extremists and definitely cause Christianity to be viewed negatively. Why? Because they are self-righteous, full of pride, thinking they know it all and have all the answers. Gosh, I'm describing some of my Christian
Jesus was, "Gentle and Humble in heart." God is full of compassion not controversary. We must remember God is LOVE and we must LOVE one another or else we aren't doing the work of a Christian.
---donna6598 on 4/10/07

It is not how the world sees us that matters, but rather how God sees us. Many christians water down the truth to make it more acceptable, a lack of trust in God. The Word is powerful and sharper then a two edged sword...and ABLE to accomplish that which it was sent out to do. We CANNOT compromise and expect God to be in it. As the world becomes worse, it is only natural that we see a greater divide, and it should be extreme.
---Christina on 4/10/07

I believe that born-again Christians need to be extreme in what they believe and how they live their lives. The road to Heaven is narrow and that is the path we should be on, not the wide path of the world.
---Helen_5378 on 4/10/07

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many people follow the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. they are seen as evil or led astray. Why? For leading by example? Oh what an evil world we live in. Millions prefer to follow teachings of men. they preach everyone is saved regardless what evils they commit. Others confess to priests and say ten hail mary's. they should be on their knees asking forgivness from God for committing evil acts. Never doing them again. it is called comfort zone. many do not want to hear truths. it condemns them.
---ashley on 4/9/07

Yes I believe that Jesus in His day, was also considered an extremist by the Religious people, who were living then. It has not changed today also, and its these
Religious people who view Christians negatively. Brian 6933
---BRIAN._STAFFORD on 4/10/07

If you read the Third Chapter of John, you will realize that the only Christian is one who is born again. That's what Jesus said. YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!!!!
---Susie on 4/10/07

The answer is, mabe. Most TRUE Christians don't know what it means to be Christ like. We must be careful. Watch your countaince. Body language, Be nice, How you walk. a whole lot of stuff we have to be aware of. Eyes on Jesus and off people. Remember, where you came from before God got you. Christ like, it's work
---catherine on 4/9/07

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Every real born-again Christian is an extremist, because Christ Jesus is an extremist, he Commands us to Love our enemies, to turn the other cheek when hit, and to be perfect, be righteous, sin not, be holy, and judge righteous judgment. But only the nonbelivers and hypocrits cause Christianity to be viewed negatively.
---Eloy on 4/9/07

I didn't know there were any other kind of Christians other than born again. How can you be a Christian and not be born again? You may be able to act like one and not be born again but unless you are born again I can't see how you can be one.
---john on 4/9/07

Born again Christians who do their best to follow the Word and be Christ-like are definitely seen as extremists, because that kind of lifestyle goes against most of what the world is like today. A lot of that way of life is seen negatively because the world tolerates every kind of life style except a godly one.
---betty8468 on 4/9/07

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