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Financial Ruin Is Causing Pain

I have been through 3 years of hell; from divorce to job loss to financial ruin to family death and health problems. The most important thing I need now is a job but can't find one. Why would God continue to let me suffer when I am trying so hard to help myself?

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 ---sandra on 4/10/07
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I have been in your situation, so I do understand what your'e going thru. Your answer is in your question. You are trying so hard to help yourself. Why not let God in and let Him help you? Matt. 6:25-34 and 7:7-8. Trust God to be faithful to perform His Word. He will. I know this for a fact. If you need to talk contact me on penpals. betty8468. I'll pray for you.
---betty8468 on 11/19/07

I have been where you are. It's difficult, but the only thing I know for SURE is GOD is faithful. I was so hard on myself, I nearly broke down, I was not sleeping, or eating, I was irritable, and began to wait for the loses. But at my bleakest moment, I realized even if I lost everything there was nothing "I" could do about it. So I said forget it, let God do whatever it is that needs ot be done. He has everything I don't, and I told God, turned over and went to sleep.
---lynet on 4/12/07

I could'nt believe how easily I let go. I never knew how to do that.
God blessed me to be able to handle things, and maintain my sanity. No everything is not perfect but all is not lost.
You, are only a moment in God's time away from deliverance.
Trust in HIM, he will not let you down. Only He knows for sure why you stand where you are.
But I promise you, even in the midst of a desolate situation, you can be free.
I'm praying for you ...,
---lynet on 4/12/07

I can empathize with you sandra, I've been out of work for almost a year and a half.

I think its a 'lesson in humility' for me.
To teach me to be thankful for what we had before and to know that all things come from God.

Thank to all of you that posted here, lots of good 'points-to-ponder'.
---NV_Steve on 4/12/07

I don't know the why, and I feel bad saying this, but I know God has a reason, even when you find it so hard to beleive.... There MAY be something you have done, but many times there is some other lesson for you or even for others around you (like Job). I feel sorry for you, but cannot think of more to say
---Peter5448 on 4/11/07

If you are Christian there are essentially two parts to life.

Discipline for disobedience (designed to make you lament and despise your own condition) and the blessings of repentance through obedient faith into fellowship with God.

Think through those 3 years and think of how you didn't obey God, write them down and do your best to set em straight- put the emphasis on how your poor financial stewardship has hurt others. What would you do if Jesus were with you in person?
---Pharisee on 4/10/07

Study Christ's crucifixion and see how the Lord suffered and did not deserve it.

Read the Psalms and see how David prayed to the Lord in the midst of his suffering while trying to flee from Saul who was trying to kill him all the time.

God is with you, and will supply ALL of your NEED. Go to your church and ask for help in the meantime.

---Madison1101 on 4/10/07

How close are you to God? When someone gets close to God in prayer and praise and worship, He is always there to help. Complaining, God abhorrs. Try being more thankful. Praising Him, God loves it. If you stay faithful to God He will deliver you. But don't expect anything from God if you don't have time for Him. Do not expect God to. come running.
---catherine on 4/10/07

I will be praying for you. You will be much stronger when this trial is over. God has a way of making us into the kinds of people that we need to be to serve Him. Have you tried the temporary employment agencies? They usually have lots of jobs that need to be filled right away. God also has the right job for you. Hopefully, you are in a church where the people are there for you while you go through these times.
---Susie on 4/10/07

I say this in love. When a person goes through hell they say poor poor pitful me. And blame the things they go through with on God. God helps those whom helps themselves. What have you done to look for a job? You can't look through the help wanted ads and say, I looked everywhere. The bible tells us to do all we can do and stand still.
---Rebecca_D on 4/10/07

**Why would God continue to let me suffer when I am trying so hard to help myself?**

Sandra, this may not mean much now, but God is with you in your suffering. It's the objective truth of the matter, though you may not "feel" it.

I have been in a comparable position, and I admit it's no fun, especially when the super-spiritual people tell you, "Get right with God and all your troubles will be over."
---Jack on 4/10/07

Why don't you knock on your church door to see if anyone there do not have a job for you. Pray and make sure you lead your life by God's will. We don't like hearing this, but difficulty in life builds character and keeps us closer to God.
---Junia on 4/10/07

We are asked to love the Lord with all our hearts and our fellow man as ouselves. If you have been doing that then I believe you will come out of this and be all the better for it. I don't know you, but in case this is the result of rebellion and selfishness then you need to repent and let God put things back together for you. He will.
---john on 4/10/07

sandra - First, cast ALL your anxieties upon Him for He careth for you. Tell Him you desperately need His help and what your willing to do for Him in return. He wants your heart, to love the Lord thy God with ALL of thine heart, mind, and soul. Praise Him every day for who He is, the Lord of Glory, Your Glory and the Lifter of your head. Pray and cry out to Him, God responds to the cries of the righteous and he hears them and answers them. I will be praying for you too. Love you (((huggs))).
---donna6598 on 4/10/07

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