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Celestine Prophecy New Age

My daughter is 25, living with a guy and they bought a Condo. We went there Easter for dinner. I found a book she was reading, "The Celestine Prophecy". I said nothing yet because I don't know enough about it. I know it's very wrong. Anything I can tell her, to refute this false belief?

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 ---J_P on 4/10/07
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Yes, tell her to quit living with the guy.
False belief #1, that has far more implications than the book.
---T.P. on 2/28/08

I haven not read the book but I read what Eloy wrote about it. Because we are all created in Gods image, we are made of three parts, spirit, soul, and body, therefore is it any wonder that we have an energy, I beleive a persons spirit can be an energy given by the demonic spirits that they invite into them either willingly or not, or by the Holy Spirit which Christians invite in by the confession of their mouth, but when we do not walk the straight and narrow, we have given an invitation.....part 1
---Cynthia_1 on 4/29/07

2.. to the demons, It is important to be sober and vigilant knowing that the adversary goes about like a roaring lyon, seeking to come to steal, kill, and destroy the plans God has for your daughter, there is pleasure in sin for a season, but after that it will reap corruption, sew to the flesh we will reap to the flesh. I would fast and pray for your daughter at this time, Yes these occult practices have much power, but what would she have to give in exchange for her soul in the light of all eternity.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/29/07

Post should say make accussations without evidence.
---Matthew on 4/14/07

One other thing, I wasn't mad or angry. I was only trying tell those that use other peoples account, make accussations evidence, cause problems etc. Will be held accountable for it. It was just a warning.
God doesn't strive with those who embrace anger and bitterness.
---Matthew on 4/14/07

No, I don't pray to the dead.
The first Matthew was a young man, this one is a woman.
Kathr is T.S. from her bolder temper tantrum moments. She's trying to keep a lid on it which is hard to do on your own.
---TD on 4/14/07

Matthew: I don't know who TD is, another "imposter" using someone elses name most likely on line here who also prays to the dead. I wouldn't worry about any accusations comming from this one.
---kathr4453 on 4/14/07

It is New Age philosophy, which is archaic eastern mysticism. They depersonalize praying to God down to a meditating in order to increase energy and vibrations. They teach that you are not really a physical person but instead you are an energy. It's message is mindless junk, akin to meditating on a spot and lose yourself into a daydream thinking and believing that you are more than what you really are. Christ and Christianity are the truth, but New Age junk is a waste of time. Please Read Colossians 2:8
---Eloy on 4/13/07

No I'm not Kathr.
---Matthew on 4/13/07

Kathr uses intimidation/speaks curses when she's mad, and you're doing it, too.
Are you Kathr?
---TD on 4/13/07

Well, TD you won't be able to say to God "no one warned me." I am only trying to help you. People's souls are at stake here(including your own), but you look at this as a game and a playground. You will be held accountable for that.
---Matthew on 4/13/07

Matthew, are you Kathr, too?
You fling the scriptures like Kathr does when she gets furious. She uses alot of names to drive everyone else off the blogs.
It's crazy.
---TD on 4/13/07

JP you need to be warned for making those accussations without real evidence. It is assumptions and you will be held accountable for that. You will have to give an account for that before the Lord on Judgement Day. God doesn't like it when we tell others they are doing something wrong when we are doing the exact same thing. It is not the lifestyle of a Christian.
---Matthew on 4/12/07

I meant TP not JP by the way. =(
---Matthew on 4/12/07

JP, yeah,... TS or T.S., Nana, Chipper, Kathr, and one more - all very interesting.
But with one single, common characteristic.
---TP on 4/12/07

J_P, Go on the web there is plenty of information on the book and the movie. Wikipedia has a good oversight of the material, it even points out that it is fiction. And remember in approaching your loved one "be as wise as a serpent, and as harmless as a dove"
---MARK on 4/12/07

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Too often entries are posted here by people who think they know a lot more about the originator of a question than they actually do know. It is dangerous to assume that we know the reason why a question has been asked and it is also none of our business why it has been asked. We are just here to give helpful answers, or we can opt to not reply at all.
---m.p.a. on 4/12/07

Nana, Your doing pretty good yourself. Just following in your footsteps. I have read your other blogs. Quite interesting. You have a nice day.
---JP on 4/11/07

JP or J P(owner of old account),
Please note that I asked, "Did you say on the
'I Stopped Praying To Mary blog'...? Then only
did I proceed to state, "If so, why would you
expect more kindness towards your concerns and
beliefs when you are not kind to others?"

"Your assuming again." Could you tell me where
did I assume before? As for your affirmation that
"...I still mean it." I say, right you are! For
you truly "mean".
---Nana on 4/11/07

What should we do here, condem J P and his daughter, maybe call a mob and stone them, or at least get a selfish depraved satisfaction of finger pointing at them and gossiping about them, or have a joy in our hearts of someone's demise, and give ourselves an excuse to hate them or ....... love them and pray for them?
---John6747 on 4/11/07

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I just know that the only reason that J P revealed that his daughter is living with a guy, is because he wanted us to pray for that. It's a no brainer. But some look at it with an evil mind and judge wrongly. Shame.
---Marie on 4/11/07

JP, I hope you come back...I know first hand this is a difficult situation. My oldest daughter once lived with her boyfriend, and of course I did not approve, but I continued to love and pray for her. People will always be telling others what they should/should not do, but we answer to God alone. His love for you and your daughter is greater then the condemnation here. By the way, God got a hold of my daughter and she is now married to that boyfriend, serving the Lord. There IS hope.
---Christina on 4/11/07

Nana, You have the wrong J P . There are about three JP's on these blogs. Your assuming again. I am the JP that said that, and I still mean it.
---JP on 4/11/07

Susie, You don't know the facts. Maybe J P has told their daughter of the perils of living together. I am in my 60's, and have been a Christian for quite awhile, and from experience in the lord, it never fails, the ones who jump to conclusions and are quick to point the finger and judge, are the ones who are hiding the worst of secret sins. Get your house in order. The end is near.
---Foster on 4/11/07

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JP - Hi. I am really sorry you had to come up against this on here. I am afraid I have never heard of "The Celestine Prophecy" so I can't help you. I will pray for you and your daughter. How about looking it up on the web? I am sure you will find something there. Pray for your daughter too. God bless.
---Helen_5378 on 4/11/07

I found an article that may help: search the I-net for "The Celestine Prophecy all about the occult"
About your daughters lifestyle, do keep praying for her, but perhaps it would be best to take the matter up privately with an Elder in your church.

Some of you others need to read John 8:3-11.
---tracy3346 on 4/11/07

J P,
Did you say on the 'I Stopped Praying To Mary blog':
"Ruben, I never heard of anybody twisting the truth of scriptures like you do. Surely the devil has you blinded. You can pray to Mary until the cows come home but it will do you no good. Your just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. You are in a very sad state and you don't know it. Mary can't help you now!"?
If so, why would you expect more kindness towards your
concerns and beliefs when you are not kind to others?
---Nana on 4/11/07

Susie, I am very surprised at your thinking here. You without sin, cast the first stone.
J P, I was there myself. The living together is not good, but without communication and love from loved ones, they may never come to God. At least you are there for your daughter. Some people are so wrapped up in bondage that they lost there love and understanding. Jesus rebuked the religious leaders of that day for their lack of love and their eagerness to condem. I know it hurts J P. Hang in there and God bless.
---Steve on 4/10/07

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I found "the Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield at a yard sale.

It may be worth my time to read it so that I can debate these issues with the New Age people, rather than to get things second hand and often distorted.

Not recommend that people who are weak in the faith study these kinds of things.
---lee on 4/10/07

I feel like I'm entering a den of vipers here. That's it. I'm not coming back.
---J_P on 4/10/07

Jack, I see your making trouble again. Why don't you pray for J P and the family, instead of condeming. Be a part of the solution not part of the problem.
---Gary on 4/10/07

Jack who are you? You are not acting like a caring Christian. That was uncalled for. God may humble you one day. This person J P is pouring their heart out to us and you treat that person like a wrongdoer. We can't judge these people for one reason, we don't know the whole story with them. I'm sure if J P is this concerned, he or she already talked to their daughter about living together. Pray for wisdom.
---Gail on 4/10/07

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You mention so casually that your daughter is living with a guy and bragged that they just bought a condo. You visited your daugher's home where she is living in sin. Didn't that bother you at all? And, you are worried about a book she is reading. That is sad. It is obvious that she doesn't care what God thinks about how she lives, let alone what she reads.
---Susie on 4/10/07

1. Easy there Jack. The reason that I didn't tell her yet is because when I do talk to her I want to give her correct info and know what I'm talking about, so I will be more effective. Use the brains God gave you. Also, I am fully aware that it's wrong that they are living together and I have talked to her about it, but I can do nothing but pray on that. She's 25 remember? I can't force her to do anything. Before you go and judge me, walk in my shoes.
---J_P on 4/10/07

2. I am almost sorry that I asked for advice here. Two rebukes already, and I did nothing wrong. You may be in a similar situation someday.
---J_P on 4/10/07

**I said nothing yet because I don't know enough about it. I know it's very wrong.**

Make up your mind, J_P. You don't know anything about it? Or you know it's very wrong.

You can't have it both ways.
---Jack on 4/10/07

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