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Doctrinal Purity Still Exists

Do you think doctrinal purity still exists? Where?

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 ---Karen on 4/11/07
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I will tell you where you WON'T find it. You won't find it in any Protestant, and especially dispensationalist or pop-evangelical church.

There is only ONE Church where the pure word of the Lord is preached without fear or favor and worship is offered as is pleasing unto God, and it's nothing Western Christianity has to offer.
---Jack on 12/9/07

karen, too answer your question .yes the truth is there .it is in jesus.he is the truth.he never cahnges. he is the same yesterday ,today, and,s within the minds ,and hearts of men where mistakes are made.we doubt,we sin,we murmur,complain.yet God still loves us.and his word is truth.
---tom2 on 5/2/07

what is our hope anchored in? who is our peace anchored in? why do you think jesus told us not too worry about anything?seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.thats the real issue today. not many are seeking.many are questioning,complaining,murmuring,gossiping,me me me me in prayer to God constantly,never asking God what he wants them to do,never listening always talking.
---tom2 on 5/1/07

catherine, I think many people evn christians live as though they need to explain jesus too people ,and in many cases too themselves.the pure truth that our lord spoke was not accepted by many,as it was then it will be rejected today.the problem I have is believers claiming salvation thru=ough jesus then questioning everything.
---tom2 on 5/1/07

agast: I'm not angry. The Bible canon comes from the time of the Apostles. John was around when the 66 Books were set, rather than the 72 prefered by Rome since 14th century.

"Sola Scriptura" defined by the Bible set in the days of the Apostles. What part of this answer are you so offended by and fein being so agast?
---TS on 4/30/07

tom2 I agree. But people think, unless you are quoteing the Bible word for word all day long you are a fake . And that just is not true. It certainly is not what a true prophet is all about.
---catherine on 4/30/07

any doctrinestaught by man are meaningless, unless they line up totally with the bible.jesus never taught doctrine, he taught spiritual truth in parables.TRUTH.NOT DOCTRINE.jesus taught totally through spirit ,and his father , and prophecy about himself.
---tom2 on 4/30/07

agast: The Doctrines taught are from the Bible"

TS, I asked repeatedly to show me your church's teaching PRIOR to the bible. Is there a reason you can't understand this question? and why questions make you so angry?
---augusta on 4/27/07

agast: The Doctrines taught are from the Bible...The same Canon that the Apostle John was around to see compiled in the 1st Century...not the make believe Canon the Romans created in the 15th Century against the advice of the Papal Historian.

Visit the SDA's website "Sola Scripture" my Jesuit fiend.
---TS on 4/27/07

TS writes: agast.

I noticed you did this with Reuben too, TS, addressing him as "Rubarb" (sic). Interesting.

"The SDA post complete doctrine online supported by multiple scriptural references from the Scriptures...."

I didn't ask you for Scriptural references. I asked you to show me evidence of your doctrines being taught in history prior to the canon of Scripture. Or, I'll even settle for Pre-Ellen.

So I take it none exists?
---augusta on 4/26/07

agast: The SDA post complete doctrine online supported by multiple scriptural references from the Scriptures, not just one spurious reference here and there.

So yes...the doctrine of the SDAs matches Scripture and therefore does match the Apostolic faith.

Sola Scriptura...the same test the Apostles used.

Rome can not do that! She has to change the Commandments to suit her desire for supremecy ;)
---TS on 4/26/07

*Yes, doctrinal purity does exist they just keep looking to the traditions of Rome instead of the Bible.
---TS on 4/25/07 *

Did it not exist before the bible, TS?

I specifically asked you to show where the church taught the unorthodox beliefs of the SDAs prior to the Bible, and you couldn't do it.

Is there a reason for your lack of evidence or was Ellen the first SDA who could write? ;o
---augusta on 4/26/07

Yes, doctrinal purity does exist they just keep looking to the traditions of Rome instead of the Bible.
---TS on 4/25/07

Yes doctrinal purity still exists. People just keep looking for it in all the wrong places.
---lorra8574 on 4/24/07

Without defining which doctrine you have in mind, the Q is empty.

For example, only those agreeing with the vicious, venomous women here are "pure" in their eyes.

Likewise only those agreeing with Jana, Geoff or Jerry in the SDA blogs are "pure" according to their beliefs.

Likewise, Calvinists, Dispensationalists, etc.

Without definitions by original poster, there can be no sensible discussion here.
---Observer on 4/14/07

The doctrine and teachings of Jesus Christ are pure. He taught us how to become perfect as He is. Over the years, many simple truths have been corrupted by men. They twist everything to deceive many. We are like children. We learn line upon line, precept upon precept. If we do not swear, lie, kill, steal, indulge in evils of the flesh, Our actions and thoughts perfect us. We pray, repent, study diligently and love each other. False doctrines of men condemn us if we listen to them.
---ashley on 4/14/07

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Yes, I think it exists, but I think it depends on each individual to bring his/her side and together to strive to the likeness of Christ and to follow the Word.
---Junia on 4/14/07

Bett::What I am saying is we are accountable for the stains of imperfection in our lives, not of our neighbours or people we meet,each has to render an account.So your striveing for perfection lies within each of Us. Hence the advice By Jesus "Be Perfect as your heavenly f
Father is perfect".That is the yard stick - He did it: So can you & I.
---Emcee on 4/13/07

Emcee... as I said we are to strive for it,but do you honestly know of any Christian who is 100% pure? I know I don't, tho I know some who are better in that area than others. Even Peter and Paul were at odds over different, but they kept striving towards the mark.
---betty8468 on 4/13/07

Betty::If you agree that is what Gods plan is to be true pure;then we must also agree that HE showed us the way to obtain that purity in this life before HE comes:we may not be around to be partakers of that era.But HE left us definite tools in the shape of Laws & sacraments to achieve that Perfection. He says & challenges us If I as a MAN did it Then You as a follower can do it too,through the simple process of LOVE.
---Emcee on 4/13/07

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Emcee, I agree with what God's plan was but because of Satan and man I don't believe that there will be anything pure on earth until Jesus comes to set up His Kingdom. Yes, we are to strive for purity, but the simple fact that we are human, means that true purity will not be reached. All we can do is our best to rely on the HS to help us in this and be as pure as we can be.
---betty8468 on 4/12/07

Yes it does. Pray, study the word and obey the Lord and He will show you. When you find truth you will know it. And your faith will soar.
---augusta on 4/12/07

It is not being taught in churches today. I don't know what is being taught in churches today, since most preachers are lost. I tremble to think of how many preachers are preaching without the power of God on them and in them. And most church members are lost themselves so how are they to know who is real or fake? do they even care? NO. Blind leading the blind.
---catherine on 4/12/07

Jack, I'm sorry but you are a mere man and do not hold the patent on pure Truth. Neither does your church. Man, because he is not God has always misinterpreted, and misunderstood some of if not all the things of God at one time or another. There is not one church in this world that is pure because they were all formed by man and his doctrines. If man could perfectly interpret Scripture as God intended it to be, there would only be one church, but that is not the case and won't be until Jesus comes again.
---betty8468 on 4/11/07

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Yes. In every real born-again Christian resides doctrinal purity.
---Eloy on 4/11/07

Betty:: sorry to disagree with you Gods plan was to make Perfection for His beatification.Man & Satan have decided not to engage in this plan, although some do try & attain the perfection he asks for."Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect"some who are insufferable guffaw & deride.
---Emcee on 4/11/07

Yes it exists. In heaven where the Giver of the Word is enthroned.
---betty8468 on 4/11/07

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