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Christian Witnessing Obsolete

Where is the Christian witnessing? Christians are called to be Christ's witness to the world. Pastors rarely preach sin and repentence followed by an altar call. What can we do?

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 ---worried on 4/13/07
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I am not a fundamentalist like Susie and others here. I have an issue, as best expressed by a maxim I employ, "If ones faith cannot stand the test of free inquiry its finished." When fundamentalist used to come to me I did listen, question, and vigoriously debate. They insisted I accept what they offered at 'face value.'_The trouble is God, in His infinite wisdom endowed me with a mind, a mind they openly declared must be put on hiatus to be a Christian. Who had the problem, they or I?
---MikeM on 11/8/07

Christian witnessing is alive and well at our house. My husband preaches sin and repentence as well as gives an altar call at EVERY service we do, whether in jail, prison, homeless shelter, or church. There are still preachers who believe that God is a loving God as well as a God of wrath.
---Susie on 11/7/07

..........Amen Laura................
---duane on 4/16/07

Narrowing our sights is a good thing. The prosperity preachers are becoming bolder in their demands for more money.
It's making merchandise of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
There is always an offering plate attached to the prosperity/word faith teacher.
Remember multi-level marketing companies?
You sell and they reaped if they were at the top. You did the all legwork and the top saw the profit.
---Laura on 4/15/07

When the offering plate is the central theme/message, no Word preached, it exploits the laborer.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ looses the bonds of wickedness, removes the heavy burdens, and lets the oppressed go free. Jesus breaks every yoke.
Jesus shared His bread with the hungry
Jesus covered the naked
---Laura on 4/15/07

The Lord's hand is not shortened
The Lord's hand saves
The Lord's ear is not heavy
that He cannot hear

Do not trust in empty words that speak lies
They conceive evil and bring iniquity
They weave a spider's web

When the offering plate is the altar
A beg-a-thon instead of God's Word
Run, before they make you a prey.
---Laura on 4/15/07

Christian witnessing is on the endangered list for two reasons. One, greed on the part of almost all pastors and, two, fear on the part of most Christians. Any questions?

What can we do? Teach each person the way the early Christians taught (hint: no church buildings, no religion). Any questions?
---Steveng on 4/14/07

Lastnight, I was watching a spring-a-thon on TBN. This Preacher said, "You pledge x amount of money and God will move in your life within the next 24 hours". Then he said, "I'm putting a time limit on God that if you pledge I will tell God that he has to move in your life within 24 hours". I got so upset with these people. Like anyone could put a time limit on God, and tell him that he has to move in one's life because they pledge money. That is so sick, and shameful.
---Rebecca_D on 4/14/07

The church as a whole is in an apostate condition with very few pastors talking about sin and repentence. Most pastors talk about what God can do for you.
---Tommie on 4/14/07

Your right. There are very few Preachers that will preach on sin. Because the congragation wants the Preacher to tickle their ears, and don't step on their toes with the word. No one wants to hear what they are doing wrong, especially when it comes from God. Because once they know that God knows what their doing wrong, they feel it is a "task" to change their ways. Many people are content in where they are in the Lord. And don't want to strive to get closer.
---Rebecca_D on 4/14/07

The dead in Christ will rise first, and then all the witnesses of God's chosen people.Because he lives, we can face tomorrow, I challenge any doubter to read the end of the book. Which by the way out sales any and every book year in and year out on a consistent basis. I think your ideas about obsolete, is obsolete. *Amen to witnessing.*
---Michael on 4/14/07

We need to Pray daily, that Pastors, Preachers, Laymen etc, make Acts 1:8, become flesh in their lives, only then the Power to be His Witnesses will be manifested. Brian 6933
---BRIAN._STAFFORD on 4/14/07

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